Neverwinter Nights Module Reviews

These reviews are intended to identify the top NWN modules online since there are so many user-created quests out there. To see what reviews Game Ogre will do next, go to In The Eye Of The Ogre. To see a more comprehensive list of the modules that Game Ogre covers, go to Modules of Interest

Lord of the Rings: The Dunedain Module Review 
Finally! After many failed attempts there is finally a quality NWN module based on Lord of the Rings. 

Metal Of Honor
The sequel to the best NWN module focused on thieves, Grand Theft Otto. Does it continue the great story of GTO or does it fall short of high expectations?

Against The Giants (G1 and G2)
Based on the AD&D pen and paper module series by Gary Gygax. Contains two out of the 3 modules of that series.

Dreamcatcher 1 
Possibly one of the best modules so far with an extremely innovative beginning and a great storyline. The quality of Dreamcatcher is not surprising since it comes from the same author of the vaunted Shadowlords series. 

Avatarship Polished
After giving the original Avatarship a low score based mainly on bugs that plagued an otherwise great module, it is now time to review the cleaned up version known as Avatarship Polished.

Grand Theft Otto
One of the influences for this thief-focused module came from Raymond E. Feist's Riftwar novels.

The Sunless Citadel
Not only does this module rekindle memories of Dungeons and Dragons' golden age (even though it is based on a 3rd Edition module), but it utilizes the best system for henchmen yet. 

Steading of the Hill Giants 
Based on one of the greatest D&D module series ever, Against the Giants.

Elegia Eternum
The author of the popular Penultima series delivers another blockbuster module with this story-based masterpiece.

Avatarship: Ultima 4 Remake Final Module - A remake of one of the best computer role playing games (CRPGs) of all time.

Shadowlords Series
The best series of NWN modules thus far.

The Dark Ranger's Treasure
Module by Bioware that has not been received well by NWN's online community but has a few important uses.

War of the Yellow Fang 
Easily one of the more action-packed modules out there. 

Lake Linaria
MMORPG-style game play that is actually executed well.

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