Here is a list of various modules with an interesting theme or storyline. These modules may be a re-creation of a popular game from the past or the present like Avatarship and Ever-Quest may be based on a great Dungeons and Dragons’ module like the Tomb of Horrors or may just have a clever theme or storyline of its own like Dreamcatcher. These modules may or may not be reviewed by Game Ogre in the future.

Against The Barrow King
Beware of the bugs and the hardcore rules in this conversion of a classic.

B3: Palace of the Silver Princess
Based on one of the classic D&D modules available for free from Wizards of the Coast.

Barbarians at the Gate
A hack-and-slash module that is a little like Diablo and Dungeon Siege.

Interesting concept. You have to thwart the Lord of Cats from becoming a Goddess and conquering all.

Solid module based on the beginnings of the author’s own D&D world.

(DD1) Dwarves in the Woodwork
The first installment in the ‘Legacy of Daggerdale’ campaign. Great story-based module for a new character.

(DD2) Teshmere
The second module in the ‘Legacy of Daggerdale’ campaign. This one requires a hak pack and needs your version of NWN to be 1.27 or greater.

Diablo – The Remake
Any clue what this one is based one? Be prepared for a HUGE download with this one (almost 92 MB).

Dreamcatcher 2
Just as good as the first one if not better. Get the Hak Pak for it here.

No need in describing what this module is based on.

Final Fantasy 1 – Prologue
Besides the game that it is based on this module is interesting because it is an improvement of another author’s work.

Four Demons
Great looking module with an engrossing storyline. This one definitely deserves a review soon.

Kung Fu Master
One of the few if not the only along with its sequel that is only for weaponless monks.

Kung Fu Master 2
Sequel to the module that tries to be like an old Hong Kong martial arts flick like Shaolin Master Killer.

LOTR: The fellowship of the ring
Don’t get your hopes up too much on this one. It is a solid effort from a first-time author but it is not the module that Tolkien fans have been yearning for.

Penultima Series
Probably the most well known series of NWN modules with a heavy mixture of combat and humor.

Pool of Radiance
Based on the old SSI game of the same name. One of the best modules for developing a character from scratch.

Prophecies of the Dragon
The best NWN module based on Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time fantasy novel series thus far.

Queen of the Demonweb Pits
Based on the classic D&D module of the same name.

Great way for a group (4 to 6 people) of level 1 characters to get started. Expect a lot of game play here.

Ravenloft – The House of Strahd
Based on the classic D&D module but apparently took the controversial route of going away from the original theme and adding Christianity.

The Green Knight
Quality story that offers several different ways to complete the module.

Tomb of Horrors
Based on the old D&D module with the same name. This is one module that is definitely for higher level characters only.

Tomb of the Lizard King
Also based on one of the old D&D modules.

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