by Implimian

? no need to look for a fight
? relatively fast leveling

? lack of journal updates
? story could be improved

The Bottom Line – One of the best modules for getting instantly involved in combat.

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If you do not like to go around talking to several other characters to find some action then of the Yellow Fang may be what you are looking for. From the very beginning of the module you are right in the middle of an all-out invasion by the Yellow Fang goblins. You will have to withstand such powerful enemies as goblin bombers goblin elite (semi-powerful) hobgoblin champions and hobgoblin shaman. Since the side you are fighting on is rather small most of them are killed rather quick. When their leader falls you have to open the north gate and go find reinforcements. In addition a “boss” makes a rather quick appearance. These events lead to an intense and action-packed gaming experience.

However the module does not maintain this same intensity throughout the game. After you leave by the main fighting area you will still encounter pockets of enemies through out the rest of the game. The only downside to this is that some spots spawn goblins goblin elite and goblin bombers constantly. Killing an endless line of goblins gets old substantially faster than it would if spawning was turned down in some areas.

In addition the game does not always take journal notes when it should. This issue can turn into a major problem if you have to save your game at a certain point because you may forget the exact words. For example you meet a wizard in a cave who has to have a journal from a young boy to open up a passage that lets you continue with the game. The wizard tells you where the boy might be one time and that is it because the journal does not record this all-important conversation. Without this journal for the wizard you are stuck. That said an otherwise action-packed module is bogged down to a crawl. Nevertheless War of the Yellow Fang offers an hour or two of exciting game play that should not be missed.

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