This week I’ll be reviewing O-Game! O-Game is a strategy game set in space. Players have to manage resources, build upgrades and space fleets, and ultimately do combat with other players to further their empire.

The number one part of O-Game I have to praise is the graphics. O-Game, despite being a browser based game, has beautiful graphics throughout the game, unlike a few games that only manage to give the player an eyesore. The graphics fit into the game, although at times they seem superfluous and take up a great amount of screen space doing absolutely nothing. But they are still great, and I praise whoever the artist was that made them.

O-Game mainly revolves around your resources. Without resources, you can’t do anything.The game is quite slow-paced. Even on the 4x speed world, it took me longer than expected to even get through the first step of the tutorial. If you are looking for a fast paced strategy game, O-Game is most definitely not for you.

Despite the slowness, O-Game has a great deal of strategy involved. Players must decide which troops will be more effective, which upgrades to buy, and which resources they should collect first. Dealing with attacks from other players and the losses of much of your things can be frustrating, but it typically isn’t too difficult to get back on your feet and plan a revenge attack (unless said attacker is stronger than you by a good deal. Then your just out of luck.) You can get attacked when you are offline, and logging on later in the day to find that you’ve lost nearly everything can also be a downer to your day.

Overall, O-Game offers a great amount of strategy and is a great game if you can devote time and you are a person who can play the same game over weeks and months. It may take a long time to gain a good deal of power, and dealing with the attacks by other players can be a pain, but O-Game still manages to be entertaining and a good time killer.