has just started its latest Forum Event where forum members compete for two months for forum points and game cards. If you think you have what it takes, take a look at Ogre Battle Clash. You have to be tough like an Ogre to finish in the top seven participants. Usually, the steadiest members who maintain the best pace usually walk out with the top prize.

This Event lasts from November 25, 2013 until January 25, 2014. The focus this time will be on Online Game Battles such as the MMORPG Showdown 8 tournament. Also covered will be voting for the year-end awards, our forum game Ogre Wars, and various online game battles in the forum. Being a part of the community helps alot because other members are always willing to help. We usually activate a double point possibility a little later in the Event. This allows those further down the leaderboard a great chance to catch up.

Most Forum Events have a clear leader out front for most of the time, but there have akso been surprises and many lead changes. Starting out fast is good only if you can maintain the pace. Playing a wide variety of online games really helps here though a case can also be made for knowing one or two games very well. Quanity helps, but it needs to go along with a healthy dose of quality to make the most of the competition. Good luck to all who participate.