Today, the Ogres invaded the land of Minecraft again on Kit’s special server:). Like every Wednesday at 3:00 PM Central time we Livestream the Event or our Twitch channel at This weekly event is affectionately known as Ogre Game Time at We normally spend time in a wide variety of different games including Neverwinter, Dungeon Defenders, Asura Force, RaiderZ and many others. However, the Ogre bunch has now set its sights on the creative world of Minecraft. Although it lacks the head bashing of more action-oriented titles such as Neverwinter and RaiderZ. Minecraft allows us Ogres to create most of whatever we want. Of course the game still does have some limitations, like not being able to make a spike-adorned club or make a zoo with lions and gorillas. We have been able to make a nice looking Ogre HQs complete with a greenhouse and zombie infested hills. You can see the replay of the Event today at The most fun, at least for me,  came not from the building but the roaming on the zombie infested hills at night. The hills were illuminated by torches so all sorts of creatures like Zombies, Endermen, Spiders and Skeletons were lit up quite well. We also made a little makeshift zoo next to our Ogre Headquarters:). If you want join us, stop by the Game Ogre forum or our official Livestream channel.


  1. I played it somewheat short time with a friend, but I didn’t really like it. I do have to try it out again… 🙂

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