Once every couple of months, GameOgre.com’s forum has a big event at https://www.gameogre.com/forums/game-news/69265-ogre-mobile-moba-event.html where all the members can compete for some very nice prizes including game cards and Steam games. A total of 10 places can get at least get forum points. This Event functions by rewarding points for certain items such as reviewing, posting, and playing arcade games. Those who earn at least 20,000 points get double rewards.

Each event has a particular theme and name. Only a select few have been repeated like Ogrefest. Most of the others may have one or two topics that are combined. This particular event focuses on the new design and structure of GameOgre. Since both mobile friendliness and a new MOBA section are major features of this design, they will be the cover topics this time. Of course, this should be an opportunity for players of those genres to do the best.



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