Ogre Adventures is a forum game where players get to go on adventures in the Game Ogre forum that are similar to D&D paper modules of the past. The main difference is that forum members gradually increase their stats by rolling directly on the forum without the need for a dungeon master for every single game. Instead, forum members can play anytime they want so they have time to play other games elsewhere online, view casino offers, or post in others areas of the forum. The choice is fully up to each player. The ones who steadily play the game rise in level and improve their overall stats. Players can improve their pet damage (their are pets and mounts) by simply finding Moglins in other areas of the forum by playing those different forum games.

However, player damage is the most sought after stat because it helps in battles with rolls over 90 (1-100 dice). Besides leveling and finding special weapons in some adventures, there has not really been a way to consistently raise that stat by a large margin until the Ogre Steel Weapons were introduced. These weapons are acquired by rolling a Red 100 with the number after the 100 determining the quality of the steel weapon.

These are currently available for red rolls (rolls over 100) in Forum Games and Ogre Adventures. After the next two big forum events (one is about to end), these weapons will be available for sale in the Ogre Adventures Shop with gold from the game.

Roll 101 to 133 = Ogre Steel Dagger with a damage bonus of 60

Roll 134 to 166 Ogre Steel Sword with a damage bonus of 80

Roll 167 and up for an Ogre Steel Mace or Ogre Steel Spiked Club bonus of 100

So far, quite a few players have taken advantage of these special weapons to significantly increase their damage. A few have even increased their damage by 100 by rolling above 167. Due to time constraints, forum members are responsible for reporting these high rolls to get the Ogre Steel Weapons.

With the general success of these weapons, further weapons like this are possible in the future. One great possibility for this in the future is special Ogre Knives for those roll of 200 or over. The highest roll ever was around 290 so this is still possible because 2 Red 100s have been rolled several times in the past. In fact, one such future knife would have to be a big Ogre Bowie Knife.