A free strategy game that could be played right on GameOgre.com’s forum. Forum members choose between one of three nations to join. Players in a nation have to work together in order to defeat the other nations. Each nation has their own advantages and disadvantages.

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Post Date: 16:16 05-03-2015
Rating: 9
Author: brankomiljus20
Comment: Casual and rly simple game, but somehow u get addicted to it and wana play more.
When i started to play it, i wasnt convinced that i will continue to play, but more i played i got more addicted.
On beginning we can chose 1 of 3 nations: Stompers, Ironheads, Gold beasts, every nation gives us some specific bonuses (attack, defense, money income, or intel)
Limited number of turns and cap on 100, force u to play it every day if u wana be one of the best.
In game we have 100 turns, taking money consume 5 turns, getting troops consume 4 turns, also if we want to attack we need 3 turns to do it, and if we run spy mission we need 1 turn. With that limit, u rly need to think how i will u spent it, will u maxing troops 1st or u will build defense and offence so u can protect yourself or attack some one. More troops we build more gold we get, but we arent protected vs enemy. Attack makes u lose troops and money and that is good way to keep some1 behind u. More defense we have less troops and gold will we lose.
Adding defense and offence can be dont in armory where we can buy armorand weapons. In barracks we can buy spies or train troops to increase off and deff stats.
I started to play this game few weeks after i came to forum and i still play it.
I recommend it to all pll who like casual games
Post Date: 21:03 11-02-2015
Rating: 9
Author: axwellshm
Comment: This is a great game. You combine investing money for better gear, you train troops, and than you combine that all that in a perfect browser strategy game. Really great game. 9/10.
Post Date: 17:46 15-12-2014
Rating: 6
Author: gavrilo3
Comment: omg on this picture i see some good champs or whatever is this guy how 😀 i play couple of times ogre wars but it’s not all clear for me what to do i try to understand game and more play idk what to say now for gameplay and players 😀 i think this game is like a travian idk what to give for this game rate lets one 610 i maybe post there againt if i like it and start more to play for now it’s nothing more 😀
Post Date: 18:01 05-12-2014
Rating: 8
Author: arZ
Comment: Ogre wars is a turn based browser game.
Its a strategy game where you need to Recruit troops and when you got enough troops you need to invest in work to get gold. For gold you can buy defensive or offensive structures or weapons. You can attack different enemies and send spies to scout them. Really interesting game, and popular on gameogre.com. I rate this game with the note 8/10!
Post Date: 09:55 05-12-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Sle91
Comment: Trully interesting Ogre game with a lot of participants atm.
It’s based on strategy and carefully balancing your resources. The game lets u choose among three classes – Iron Heads, Gold Blasts and the stompers, with Iron Heads being most played right now. Every players has a max of 100 turns to invest in either training troops for their village or gathering income (training troops using 4 of your possible 100 turns, and gathering income using 5). U get 50 spies when u start the game but u can train some more if u want. When u think u r ready u can start siege on other villages. One attack raid consumes three turns and it can either be a succesful one or a failed mision. U can also send spies to gather some intel before u attack. In the game u can access your armory and baracks. In armory u can spend the gold u gathered to buy armor or weapons for your troops. U can go to baracks to train your troops or gather some more spies if needed. Think this game is really, really interesting and every Ogre should give it a shot. 🙂
Post Date: 12:10 14-09-2014
Rating: 9
Author: Garagos
Comment: For me this is the best Ogre game 🙂 It has nice idea, three ”rase” and fight between them. Love that buying stuffs, like weapons, you need more golds for better weapon… Other thing, for me are not important number of troops because I have sometimes 4-5k troops and won someone who has more then 10-20k… You just need to have good weapons, Armory and Barracks to max level.
Nice game, you should try it…
Post Date: 15:14 01-06-2014
Rating: 10
Author: 420Hairlyman
Comment: Really simple and free startegy game for GameOgre.com members. Its really nice game where you can choose between 3 nations. You have to co-operate with other people to defeat other nations. Its an really fun game and deserves 10 out of 10 rating.
Post Date: 11:43 01-06-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Aki013
Comment: Ogre wars is a great game, i play it and its a lot of fun,you need to play and attack with other allies if you want to win.You need to attack and def too,it can be very hard.I love game so 10/10
Post Date: 05:10 23-05-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Mordekaiser
Comment: new season started also i still love this game none of my views on it have changed
Post Date: 09:39 27-03-2014
Rating: 7
Author: AdcProPlayer
Comment: Great game preety much!
Post Date: 13:40 25-03-2014
Rating: 10
Author: ivekvv256
Comment: I like this game preety much. It’s best game around here. Much fun and everyone can learn how to play it. I hope more people joins in Ogre Wars!
Post Date: 15:47 28-01-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Mordekaiser
Comment: Great game the best on the forum for forum made id say its simple fun and almost everyone plays it not much else to say really pick a nation and get your troop score up raid other people get gold buy armor/weapons and become the best
Post Date: 15:49 08-09-2013
Rating: 9
Author: littlejoe
Comment: ogre wars is VERY fun to play! it’s very simple but you have to use cordination with your team members to really be succesful. overall a very fun game 🙂
Post Date: 18:56 03-09-2013
Rating: 10
Author: ufbre
Comment: Ogre Wars online game
the game is small but very interesting i like it a lot.
Need a lot more infos on how to play.
chuse your nation and play with team against the enemy nations:)
very fun game but you have to think like in chas:)
if you dont think you will be killd 🙂
make you mouvs with brain:)
exelent game and you dont need more then 5 min per day to play it 🙂
Post Date: 02:47 03-09-2013
Rating: 7
Author: Hawx1990SRBIJA
Comment: Game is good, it reminds me on Travian, but with much less options, which is good. But the game needs more graphic details, and more info on how to play and game goal would be good.
Post Date: 14:35 02-09-2013
Rating: 9
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: Ogre Wars is a online game in which we need to breate our own great army. We can choose bettwen 3 nations: Ironheads, Stompers and Gold Beasts. Each nation have their unice characteristics different then others. One can have bigger incomes and other offense bonus. Main aim in this game is to creat the biggest and best armed army in game and defeat all other playes 😀 😀 😀 Game is preety col and give big fun from playing it 🙂 I recmmande this game to all online players :)My rate is 9/10 😀
Post Date: 23:06 19-05-2013
Rating: 9
Author: Webber
Comment: The season depends a lot on who your team mates are. A good team can dominate easily while a bunch of individuals will get slaughtered. I want to see real alliances.
Post Date: 02:15 18-04-2013
Rating: 8
Author: FoxWMB
Comment: Ogre Wars is a teamwork based textual turn-based strategy game, with its longest season so far, season 4, coming to an end at the moment.

This is a relatively simple game at the moment, with not too many options, but that doesn’t mean it ain’t interesting. Players of this game are divided into nations, and can work together on making a nation grow, or other nations fall in a battle for supremacy. They can do so by defending their players from attacks from opposing nations, allowing them to grow, or by attacking opposing nations together.

There are several ways to make a player’s own village stronger in this game. For example, a player can recruit more troops, which gives it a basic increase of attack and defense for the cost of 4 turns. In order to further increase attack or defense, gold can be used to purchase weapons for troops, which will increase village’s attack rating, or that very same gold can be used to purchase armor for village’s troops, increasing defense rating of the village. Those ratings can further be enhanced by training village’s troops in the village barracks, where a one time sum of gold is used to permanently increase village’s attack or defense ratings, depending on the chosen training.

Another aspect of this game that should be considered is spying. Normally, when a player looks at villages of other players, they’re only able to see their troop count, but not their attack/defense ratings, nor the amount of gold they posses. In order to see this, a player need to conduct successful spying operations at the cost of a single turn.

Spies are special troops that don’t count in overall troop count of a village, which are recruited for a small amount of gold, and which also cost a little bit of gold each turn. They are used both for spying operation and for defense against opposing players spying operations. It should be noted that spies can bring inaccurate information as well in case when they manage to overwhelm defending spies, but not by a big enough margin.

Opposing villages can be attacked by simply clicking on attack raid button. When this action is performed, game calculates the outcome of the battle based on the attacker’s attack rating, and defenders defense rating, and a bit of random factor (the actual battle attack rating can be anywhere between 50-150% of attacker’s attack rating, and actual defense rating is 50-150% of defender’s defense rating) . The one with the higher rating wins the battle, and in case of it being the attacker, gold is transferred from defender’s village to attacker’s, in the amount of troops that attacker has. In case of defender winning, no gold is transferred. In both cases, both sides are going to lose in between 0-20% of opposing side troops, the exact number depending on the outcome of the battle.

Nations provide bonuses to attack, defense, income and spying, and are ranked according to 3 parameters. Main one is the overall troop count of all villages in the nation, while the other 2 are the overall amount of gold, and number of villages(players) in the nation.

Although there are two ways to rank players, according to village size and gold amount, the nation ranking is by far the most important, as this is a team game. In order to be victorious in it, your team (nation) needs to be victorious and achieve supremacy, by the time season ends.

Overall, ogre wars is a good game, although quite simple in design, limited in options, it’s still able to provide a good amount of entertainment to players, whether they’re forum regulars or not, which has room for further improvement, and therefore potential to become even better than it is already at this moment.

Current rating – 8 out of 10

Post Date: 20:46 11-01-2013
Rating: 7
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: This production is a very nice strategy game. We need to have good enagination to have fun from playing it 🙂 We cant see our army fighting with other players. We can see only simple statistics. We have ability to recruit soldiers wiith many types of weapons. Higher price of weapon give us better stats. Overall game is simple to play and even nice. I must to say that Im playing it few months from now 🙂 For me this game is preety ok 🙂 I rate this game 7/10.
Post Date: 11:12 04-07-2012
Rating: 9
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: A lovely strategy game you play in GameOgre’s forum. It’s a really challenging game since you play against other GameOgre members so you will never know when they will attack you but they won’t know when you will attack either. There are four nations in total right now, Ironheads, Gold Beasts, Wompers and Steelskulls. A little con about this game is that every new player that starts to play the game mostly picks Gold Beasts or Ironheads since those are the top two nations and are kind of dominant. But this game is still more about the active players. So the nation with the best and most active players is probably the most dominant one. I wasn’t really playing this game when I was new in GO. But once I started to play it I couldn’t stop xD Pretty addictive game but a lot of fun too. So let the wars begin 🙂
Post Date: 17:30 23-04-2012
Rating: 10
Author: buzzsaw
Comment: The Ironheads are still in second place! Its fun that the Goldbeasts are not easy to beat. There is a goal to overcome touch opponents. Not bad for a game that you can play for minutes at a time.
Post Date: 07:26 20-04-2012
Rating: 9
Author: funnygamer
Comment: OgreWars is a pretty nice game since it’s very simple. You can just allocate around 5-10 minutes every day to play this game. What is also interesting about the game is that it really requires the cooperation of the team members. One or two active players in one team, no matter how strong, cannot carry the team to victory if they are against a lot of other players. As such, teamwork is also essential.
The only downside that I see here is that it can be pretty routinary. There are times when the standings don’t really change that much, and declaring a winner is quite hard since there’s no definite duration for a single season of OgreWars.
Overall, however, OgreWars is still a fun game to play.
Post Date: 23:07 17-04-2012
Rating: 9
Author: mmowiz
Comment: i always play ogre wars when i first log into gameogre. you have to build your troops in order to be a force against other players. my steelskulls suck, but i still play for the fun of it.
Post Date: 13:48 06-03-2012
Rating: 10
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: I absolutely love this game xD It can be very hard in the beginning because if they get too much troops, they are gonna be attacked. So before you get up you probably have to get more defense too. I don’t really remember what I did though. Still a great game xD
Post Date: 11:58 04-03-2012
Rating: 10
Author: Dmt_2000
Comment: This game is awesome takes some time to Get good and have enough stuff to start attacking i think for people starting out they should only get troops and armor and weapons and money and upgrade the training all of the way and wait till you have a massive amount Resources then raid everyone and win
Post Date: 19:05 22-01-2012
Rating: 9
Author: buzzsaw
Comment: I am on the second place Ironheads this season. We are awesome on defense but lack on offense. The Goldbeast domination has been stopped by our defense.
Post Date: 02:19 22-01-2012
Rating: 9
Author: Webber
Comment: I like Ogre wars despite being on the 2nd to last nation. It is fun to build up your troops with wierd items like the Ogre Cage of Doom :D. Tip: work on defense first so you are not destroyed when you first start playing.
Post Date: 05:39 20-01-2012
Rating: 8
Author: squid
Comment: OW is a good time killer while you are browsing the forum. I wish I had more troops to cause more damage.
Post Date: 22:52 14-01-2012
Rating: 9
Author: buzzsaw
Comment: Ogre Wars is a GO game that you can play while you are already on the forum. Ogreman took a standard fantasy game and ogrized it xD. Every season one nation usually dominates due to playing everyday and working as a team with the rest of the nation. This year, the Gold Beasts have been the best. Overall, I rate Ogre Wars a 9!
Post Date: 15:58 09-11-2011
Rating: 10
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: This game is an awesome strategy game 🙂 It’s very funny. Great that you can attack other players in GameOgre 🙂 It can be hard though, but that doesn’t really matter. So I’ll give it a 10/10 🙂
Post Date: 22:29 01-11-2011
Rating: 9
Author: champking5
Comment: I love that ogreman created this game for us on the forums. I also enjoy playing with others to test how strong my team really is. This is one of the best forum games out there so far.
Post Date: 16:34 01-11-2011
Rating: 10
Author: KuroTsuna
Comment: This game is awesome and wonderful. The beginning of this game is slow, but once you reach the top. It will go faster than you think.
Post Date: 14:19 01-11-2011
Rating: 10
Author: dmt_2000
Comment: This game is fun if you like games that you can only do a little bit of stuff a day then you should try this game out
Post Date: 22:11 31-10-2011
Rating: 9
Author: lumlehsumleh
Comment: this game is fun. well not really a game, up still fun. this game makes you go on everyday and update your troops/income
Post Date: 09:06 26-09-2011
Rating: 9
Author: funnygamer
Comment: In Ogre Wars, you have to choose one of the four nations. Each nation has its own set of bonuses in terms of offense, defense, income, and intel. Choose whichever nation fits your playing style.

The main objective of the game is for your nation to have the most number of troops, which is considered as the nation’s dominance. The number of troops of your nation is equal to the summation of all troops owned by each and every one in that nation.

The mechanics of the game is pretty simple. You have a total of 75 energy (which is similar to many Facebook games like Mafia Wars). Energy refills by 1 every 15 minutes. It is used to train more troops, getting more gold, or launching an attack. You need 4 energy to hire troops. The increase of troops per click is 1% of your troop count. On the other hand, you need 5 energy to acquire gold. The increase of gold per click is 10% of your troop count. Lastly, you can launch an attack to kill enemy troops and possibly loot gold, or launch a spy attack to get intel, which costs 3 energy.

Gold in this game is used to buy weapons and armors. Weapons increase your power when you’re doing the attack, while armors increase your power when you’re defending against an enemy attack. If you notice, the attack power of the more expensive items are better than the combined attack power of cheaper items of the same price. It’s kind of hard to explain but once you see the prices and the corresponding attack power, you’ll understand what I mean.

Another thing that you can do with your gold is to recruit spies. By using 3 energy, you can send your spies to an enemy territory to get intel like number of troops, amount of gold, etc. The more spies you have, the higher the success rate and the more info you can obtain. Hiring spies also help in preventing enemy spies from gathering info about your town. Spies are pretty cheap, but they take one gold every 15 minutes. Thus, if you have a lot of spies, they eat up a lot of gold every 15 minutes.

Lastly, here are some tips that I would like to share.
– The more troops you have, the higher your income will be when you use your energy to get gold, since as mentioned, it’s 10% of your troop count. However, higher troop count means you are more prone to attacks. As such, balance your troop growth by getting gold every once in a while to buy weapons and armors. If you have a very high number of troops but with no armor, the number will easily dwindle down when you are attacked by an enemy.
– Check the “largest villages” and “richest villages” tab to get an idea of who have a lot of troops and who have a lot of gold. This will give you some prospects on who to attack.
– Weapons are needed if you are attacking and armors are needed for defense. As such, if you want to play a defensive game but still contribute to your nation, you can generate troops, which adds to your nation’s dominance, and invest on getting armors to prevent your soldiers from dying.
– There is a forum section for ogre wars. In particular, there are sections per nation, which is a good way to communicate with your allies.
– You can keep a low profile and not talk too much so that other enemies may not even know that you’re contributing a lot to your nation.

Post Date: 21:00 24-09-2011
Rating: 9
Author: mmowiz
Comment: the screenshots should be updated with the new nation banners. i have been playing ogre wars for years. imo it is fun to attack other go members.
Post Date: 02:14 18-05-2011
Rating: 10
Author: Webber
Comment: Season 4 has been tough on the Wompers. I had to build up my defenses becuase I kept getting attacked:(.
Post Date: 21:43 20-04-2011
Rating: 5
Author: sasuke2490
Comment: great game love it.
Post Date: 12:41 16-04-2011
Rating: 10
Author: KuroTsuna
Comment: Awesome! and a good way to visit the forum and play Ogrewars.
Post Date: 02:02 12-02-2011
Rating: 10
Author: sharp102
Comment: Cool
Post Date: 19:45 03-08-2010
Rating: 9
Author: Noche
Comment: Whoever said a text-based game has to be simple?

Ogre Wars appears very basic up front–players can raid each other, purchase items, recruit for their armies, hire spies, and train their ogres. However, the game isn’t about just the one player–it’s about working with the other members of your nation in order to gain dominance. There are also many different strategies implemented, ranging from pinning down smaller armies to staying strictly on the defensive to fend off attacks. In order for one team to reach the top, all of the players must cooperate and work off each others’ strengths and cover each others’ weaknesses. The number of players is growing steadily, too.

Also, the game isn’t like other online games that require hours of time. Ogre Wars’ turn system keeps people from over-exploiting resources and options; as a result, players can log in, use up their turns, and log out in a timespan as short as five minutes.

Currently there are three nations to choose from, but (I pose this to older players) whatever happened to the fourth?

Post Date: 03:16 29-04-2010
Rating: 8
Author: logen9
Comment: I have enjoyed OgreWars ever since I joined GameOgre.Teamwork is a must if you want to be one a leading village.
Post Date: 10:18 25-04-2010
Rating: 7
Author: jared
Comment: Awesomely cool x] its complicated but you get used to it and its really awesome how you can work with your team mates to own the other nations!
Post Date: 03:44 22-08-2009
Rating: 7
Author: ltap
Comment: Not bad and not great since a few players like to farm newbies far too much. Besides that, I enjoy playing a light strategy game like Ogre Wars.
Post Date: 04:17 19-08-2009
Rating: 8
Author: webber
Comment: Awesome game to play every time you visit the forum! The screenshot above needs to be updated with the latest flags cuz they have changed alot since then. You gain troops and money while u are away so i always enjoy seeing how many troops i have when i log in and who i can attack. A fellow ogre member does the artwork. A 4th nation is coming soon.
Post Date: 17:31 09-08-2009
Rating: 9
Author: buzzsaw
Comment: Much better than the generic conquest system that is pictured. Most everything has been customized to fit ogres:p. Over 60 players are playing now instead of 20.
Post Date: 10:14 27-07-2009
Rating: 10
Author: blue tiger
Comment: I would rate Ogre Wars 20000000!
Post Date: 18:42 17-07-2009
Rating: 5
Author: cyan101
Comment: This game is supposed to be about strategy, but it is really luck.
Post Date: 18:22 13-07-2009
Rating: 8
Author: mmowiz
Comment: cool game to play with friends on the forum. the last game got stupid with too many troops but i think ogreman may have this season set up to where that won’t happen again.

easy to sign up
good community
15 minute turns keeps the game changing

needs new graphics.
can be too simple

Post Date: 21:07 29-06-2009
Rating: 9
Author: awesomedrako
Comment: This is a text-based game, however, I think I may even stick to this one, because it has SUCH a simple system! Unlike OGame, which has various researches, defenses, weapons, and buildings to build, this game just has troops to recruit, armour and weapons to buy, and training to perform for troops, simple as.

Plus, you can really play this game in your spare time, like just a few minutes a day. The only con is that it has a tiny community (about 20 people currently), though personally, I consider this a good thing.

Post Date: 15:40 28-06-2009
Rating: 9
Author: joker
Comment: Fun game! This game is like Kings of Chaos. Come join so I have more people to beat lolz.

Ticks are only 15 minutes so the action is fast. You can build up an impressive army in no time! I play it a little bit everytime I come on GameOgre. You can play it in your spare time and talk to other villages in your nation.

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  1. Very good free to play video game playable on Gameogre.com it used to be strategy video game which reminded me on Travian.Now it is dice video game based on rolling a dice.You have to roll a dice and say what you want gold or troops and then later when you get enough gold for War Machine you can use your second roll for attack.

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  2. Ogre Wars is a fun game on the GameOgre forums, a lot like a turn-based strategy game with some interaction among players. What’s really great about Ogre Wars is that it is an easy game to understand and play, not a game that’s too convoluted with a lot of rules set. This game is mostly about luck as dice rolls will always be random, but there is slightly a bit of strategy, like deciding on what the rolls will be used for. Overall, it’s a fun daily game, especially for its unique category as a forum game, but it is too simple, so I would give this game a 3.75/5.

    SnowyAE did not rate this post.
  3. I very much enjoy participating in this game. The use of the dice and other things are very fun and entertaining for a forum game. Normally forum games are not nearly as well done as this one. It’s a very easy to understand and easy to participate game for everyone. All you need to do is roll a dice everyday. It’s just another way to enjoy hanging out with and beating up your friends on the forums. The only issue I have with this game is my lack of luck. xD I give the game a 4/5 rating.

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