For Ogre Game Time this week, we tried Chivalry Medieval Warfare for the first time. Since ogres are more at home with melee weapons than guns and rifles, CMW was a natural choice. A deep Steam Sale and the chance to face each other in PvP for the first time did not hurt either. We normally settle for PvE or coop games instead of direct PvP.

After seeing reviews and only taking part in the training mode for a few minutes, I was under the distinct impression that gameplay was going to be so choppy that I could not move and would be attacked instantly every time. Thankfully, that was not the case. Instead, I had plenty of time to attack and defend. Can’t say it was perfect, but it was far from what I was expecting.

When you first enter the game, one person hosts the game and then they invite invite all the players that are going to it. Once it starts, you have four classes to choose from.

Player Classes

  1. Archer – Range weapon masters.
  2. Man-at-Arms – The fastest.
  3. Vanguard – No shields and use long weapons.
  4. Knight –  The most armor.

I normally chose the knight because of his armor and weapons. You can change one of his small weapons into a shield. Thus, I was able to wield a mace (the closest thing I could find to an ogre’s club) and a big blocky shield. Of course, I was killed much more often until I figured out how to get a shield and was a nice target for the other players.

The second map we tried was not near as good with the bots. It was an arena and it wound up just the other two ogres against me. Got a good bit of blocking in and eventually killed one. Then in the next map the one I killed and blocked the most started throwing axes to great effect. Overall, it was a great play session and very fun. Expect for GameOgre to be playing more Chivalry in the very near future.

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