Solo Flash version of’s Ogre Wars. Unlike the forum version, this version does not require you to log into the forum. In addition, your progress is saved.


  1. I have played this game a lot, its rly interesting, and if u know how to play this game u can get stats rly fast and play it for long.
    Comparing this game to old version
    PROS: U can play this game much longer, if play smart you almost dont have turn limit, and you are getting status, troops much faster.
    Leveling up and gaining more bonus, gathering XP gives you new goal to game itself, with each battle u get XP and get points to spent
    Visually, this game is much better so u can play it much longer
    U have new way of playing, Hunt
    CONS: On new game there is no “multiplayer” mod, u can play vs other players only AI.
    U cant save your progress, that is actually reason why i dont play it anymore, every refreshing of page or exit game window, delete all progress and u need to start all over again.
    Ppl should try this game, and when they do, am sure that most of them will go back and play it again

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