Online games have been around for a long time and the history of online games is filled with changes as they have developed over the years to suit various different societies and generations of different players at 666. The earliest gamers are thought to date back to ancient times, as gaming was commonplace in countries like ancient Egypt who would play their own games since 1500BC, showing gaming has been a past time for people for centuries. Because gaming has always been popular and games have been constantly developed, there grew a need for a designated place for gaming to take place, and so civilizations started to create establishments where people would entertain themselves with a variety of games. 

Amazingly, the original arcade is still right where it originally was built and alongside one of the popular cities most famous canals. It’s fair to say that the arcade came from humble beginnings and it has continued to go from strength to strength, eventually making its way to one of the most prominent places in the world! 

Since then, the gaming industry has developed considerably and grown into a multi-billion pound industry and still continues to be exceedingly popular with many people as a much loved past time. But, it’s now a very competitive industry now that online games are popular and more accessible than ever before, so many sites now offer great games and experiences to those who play online. Let’s take a look at how online games got to where there are today from such humble beginnings.  

Advancements in Technology 

The biggest change is undoubtedly the advancement of technology and the internet meaning players no longer needed to go to a brick and mortar arcade to play the games they love, they were able to play online from the comfort of their own homes. This made gaming more accessible and tempting than ever before, especially when smartphone technology was developed, allowing players to play all the games they love not only from the comfort of their own homes but whenever and wherever they like. Technology hasn’t only made gaming more accessible and convenient for players, but it has also been integral in the growth of the game industry and for profits. A much wider range of games became available with the rise of the internet.

Advances in technology also allowed game developers to create more engaging content for a modern audience, taking a step away from traditional games to create video games with high definition graphics that created a game that was more akin to a cinematic experience than a video game! They have since become one of the most popular kinds of games, soaring beyond traditional games.  

Enhanced Graphics 

As you may be aware if you’ve played online games recently, players can enjoy playing games in high definition with stunning graphics and sound effects that make you feel completely immersed in the game. Developers of these online games have adapted their games and their designs to cater for a changing and modern audience, leaving behind a lot of the traditional elements of the games that were first introduced to players. Coding itself has been and is continued to be streamlined to create smoother gameplay. Previously, a lot of websites used Flash technology for their gaming graphics and sound effects, however, with advances in technology games have moved on and now a lot of online games use HTML5 instead of Flash in order to ensure that gameplay is smoother than ever before.  

Virtual Reality

Now, virtual reality games are taking the modern game industry by storm. Virtual Reality games are going to be huge and have been an innovative advancement in the industry in recent years. The technology allows players to feel like they are in a real-life arcade, where they can explore virtual floors next to other virtual players and play on various virtual reality machines. The graphics are fantastic and very realistic, so much so that you will feel entirely immersed in the virtual reality. Virtual Reality games and headsets are already beginning to emerge and become very popular with players in online games across the globe. Although there are only a few virtual online games available for players to play at the moment, the technology is steaming ahead and there’s no doubt that now games have changed this much over the years, there’s no going back! Although you may not be able to play in many virtual reality online games, you can still use it for free play to practice as you get ready for the future of gaming!  

In conclusion, Technology continues to be one of the biggest influencers on the evolution of gaming and the game industry could see in the future many players playing virtual reality online games and high definition video games. This is because many developers continue to push the boundaries of gaming and graphics design to their limits and using innovative new ways to create new gaming experiences for players.


  1. Enhanced graphics seem to be significant, and I think it goes along with advanced technology. Like if you go to the 8-bit era, hardware was limited and you could only create so little. Nowadays, you have game engines and graphics engines that help developers create enhanced graphics, better GPUs, and new innovations such as ray tracing. Even virtual reality is the result of advanced technology, going from the virtual boy to more advanced VR.

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