Gaming, in its many different shapes and forms, has always been integral to the global culture. From the arcade games to the more recent games available on our super-advanced consoles, the gaming industry has evolved over the years in leaps and bounds. And with the changes in the industry, our cultures and society have also changed significantly. Currently, we have a million online gaming platforms that have made access to games of different genres easy and cost-effective. Online gaming has condensed the world and made it possible to foster new connections, some of which have even transcended the virtual space to grow into something meaningful and intense. Online gaming, can, therefore, be stated as a catalyst that has spurred new relationships, changed the way we behave and interact with the world and add new dimensions to our culture.

The pandemic stands as a testament to all that we stated moments ago. With millions of people finding themselves cooped up in their houses, the one thing that has come to their rescue in these challenging times is online gaming. People have been able to spend their time playing their favorite games online, and the activity has proven useful in managing the lockdown stress and anxiety. Therefore, now that we are standing at the precipice of a global change in culture and our known normal, it is time to reflect on how online gaming influences our culture and society.

Modern Gaming helps Foster Better Communication and Interaction:

With technology evolving and progressing at the speed of light, the gaming industry has been able to leverage the changes to its advantage. Though gamers do not have to drive to the venue these days to play the games, online gaming platforms have served as great spaces to make new connections, nevertheless. People from every corner of the world can play these online games and meet people over the internet, who they otherwise would have never met. People from all walks of life are free to use these platforms, connect with each other and share their views without inhibitions. These exchanges have, in turn, shaped our views and culture and impacted our society in more ways than we can think. Geographical and linguistic boundaries no longer seem to be impediments, and online games show people that they have more in common than they thought. Gamers share the same emotional connection despite belonging to different cultures, and this is a change that we can make our peace with.

Online Gaming is Educative and Provokes Imagination:

Online gaming also acts as a powerful weapon in education and provokes the imagination of those who play the games. Different online games like Judi online, are available across different age groups. Children can play board games online while adults can play chess or indulge in some fun gaming. Each of these games is educative in more ways than one and also provokes imagination. Children learn new words and use their imagination while playing some of these games, while adults learn to be more patient and pragmatic while trying other games. These games are also effective in imbibing morals and values in children with the help of graphics, sound and unmissable storytelling techniques. Therefore, besides being fun, online gaming also educates people on a number of aspects of our culture, and this is something to encourage rather than question.

Online Gaming Helps Improve the Recovery in Patients:

Now, this idea might seem a bit far-fetched, but online gaming helps in improving the recovery of patients. Modern medical technology takes a few ideas from the domain of gaming. It makes use of a similar interface as used in online gaming to render 3D media. These games also help doctors understand better the ways in which they can use images from cameras to bring more efficiency in treatment.

Plus, online gaming also helps in the recovery of patients as they can divert their minds with gaming. It also makes them happy and refreshes their minds as they gradually walk towards the road to recovery. Therefore, though this idea might not sound legitimate to many, but one of the many influences that online gaming has on culture is that of improving medical technology.

In a Nutshell:

Online gaming has always found itself in the middle of debates. While some might want to believe that it has a number of advantages and helps to bring refreshing changes to our global culture, some believe otherwise. However, from the discussion that we had in this article, we can only say that online gaming plays a pivotal role in shaping our culture and acts as a welcome relief when the times seem bleak. It makes us more open to people and brings a holistic flair to our culture that would otherwise might not have been possible.


  1. I can definitely see how better communication and interaction can be a thing, especially in multiplayer games. Like in MMORPGs, sometimes there are people that only know one language, and the way they learn English is from playing video games with other people (and they usually become talented speakers). And in esports and competitive games, because there’s a lot of teamwork involved, communication is pretty much essential.

    As for recovery in patients, I think it’s pretty neat how video games can be used in patients. In fact, one example that I know of at the top of my head is that some pediatric eye doctors use “PDI Check” for the Nintendo 3DS in children to test visual acuity, color vision, etc.

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