The mobile technology is simply beginning to be what’s shaping many industries out there. Definitely, the gaming industry is hand-in-hand with how mobile technology is evolving. It does appear that many of today’s mobile technology enhancements are pointing to gaming.

More and more people are now choosing to play on their mobile devices and gaming software developers are making sure that they are keeping up with the trend. Many FPS games nowadays are now available on mobile devices.

Games like the Final Fantasy franchise, Call of Duty, and The Sims are now available to download for both iOS and Android users. Definitely, this is something that used to be a dream that wasn’t likely to happen. Just think of how mobile phones looked like back in the day. Remember when you had a Nokia phone that only offered 2D or bit games? Who would have thought that we’d have smartphones that can function as computers as well?

Nowadays,¬†almost any game can be played with a mobile device. Thanks to technology, it’s even available in hundreds of different varieties that it’s just really hard to get bored from playing it.


The truth is that mobile gaming apps are the most downloaded from app stores and this is why so many online game makers are releasing their own gaming apps. Software developers are also releasing stand-alone games that are free to play.

However, online slots real money games are still the go-to of many online players who are hoping to¬†win prizes from gaming. Even game streamers would go live playing any game. It’s no wonder why games like Grand Theft Auto have integrated these games into its new release. Many gamers nowadays are just more willing to spend on such games.

The mobile industry has definitely come a long way and it’s better than ever. In fact, it’s set to even get better. With this, people and mobile gamers can expect that more quality games will be released by many software providers.

As smartphones continuously evolve, the games that you can play on such devices will just keep on getting better. Mobile gaming attachments have also become quite a trend. This may even overtake the console sector of the gaming industry. It’s possible that in the future, people would rather buy premium mobile devices and buy mobile joysticks and controllers rather than a gaming console.

Functionality is really what sets the game here and while gaming consoles can already let players access the internet as if they are on a computer, gaming consoles still don’t really function as a phone. Consoles are also not meant to be mobile or easily be carried around wherever you want to go.

In 2018, Game Revolution released a report that the global gaming market has already grown to over 134 billion US dollars. What’s exciting about this is that almost half of what the industry made is from mobile gaming. This also meant that mobile gaming has been growing in the past few years.

Currently, there are already over 4 billion mobile users worldwide. The growth of mobile users makes it easy for many industries to reach more people through real money slots. This also means that more people can now play mobile games for the gaming industry.

The current trend is still mostly for free-to-download games. This is still where the market is, but these games are still creative in terms of earning revenues. Games like Call of Duty Mobile or CODM is free to download. However, this has in-app purchases.

The players still get to decide whether they want to spend on this game or not. What is interesting is how the game makes the players want to spend money on it. CODM is the kind of game that makes skins interesting for its players. It’s not necessary but players are biting into it. It also offers premium passes that can be bought with the game’s currency, which really equates to actual money. Selling these battle pass is pretty easy for the game as players just really enjoy that they get more perks with these passes.

This is how many mobile games are earning nowadays. Other games like Mobile Legends also make players want to buy skins for weapons or characters. The Sims have also switched to this trend. The Sims FreePlay is there for players who don’t want to spend on the app. However, both Sims FreePlay and Sims Mobile have in-app purchases so it can still be tempting for some players to spend money on these games.