UPDATE: Online Shooter Showdown 2014 Predictions are being taken right now. Head on over and put yours up! Winner receives a $10 gift card from GameOgre.com.

GameOgre has an annual tradition of pitting the best online shooters against one another in a no-holds-barred battle of popularity. Nominations are in for the current round of the Online Shooter Showdown and predictions will be happening soon—although it may not be too late for you to get your favorite shooter into the mix.

Battlefield 4
Call of Duty: Ghosts
Grand Theft Auto V
Planetside 2
Counter Strike 1.6
Battlefield 2
Team Fortress 2
Brick Force
Quake Live
Ace of Spades
Bloody Good Time
Counter Strike Global Offensive
Watch Dogs
World of Tanks

Just joining this year Titanfall and Watch Dogs will have their hands full with old winners of the Online Shooter Showdown contest such as Team Fortress 2 (2012 champion) and World of Tanks (2013 champion).

Watch the Online Shooters and MMOFPS forum for updates on the Shooter Showdown, how you can join in on predictions (and what you can win), and when voting will start happening. To vote for your predictions (and possibly win a $10 gift card) head on over to the Online Shooter Showdown 2014 Predictions thread.

If you nominated someone, be sure to participate in the Showdown polls so that your nomination can rise to the top and claim Shooter Showdown Champion 2014!