From 1970s video games from a simple child`s play have evolved to intricate, exigent and ambitious playoffs. Apart from its entertainment and hand-eye coordination, there are multiple other benefits. Surgeons who perform laparoscopic operations, making a small incision on the patient`s body makes 32% fewer mistakes. The surgeons who played online video games for more than 3 hours per week are more proficient in operation, than surgeons who abstained from playing video games. Many people suffer from dyslexia, unable to identify speech sounds and correlate letters and words. Playing online video games address this lack of attention, as players get focused on the heavy actions of these games.

Improves your vision

There is a myth that sitting close to a television set or computer can hamper your vision. Scientists discovered a moderate dose of online video games could improve, not impair your vision.  In one study, it was witnessed that players who play for ten weeks can have a greater capacity to distinguish between different shades of grey. In another study, participants were encouraged to use their weak eye, while the good eye was covered while indulging in online video games. After a few sessions, a significant improvement in the weak eye was noticed.

Encourage leadership

Some online video games promote and recompense leadership traits which are dormant within you. In some games, you have to take responsibility for the safety and security of your troops in operation. This leadership building persuasion helps you in real life career objectives. Improvisation games translate to better problem-solving ability when a crisis crops up in real life.

Interest in history

Many characters and events in video games resemble actual historical persona and events. Those characters can pep up the interest among children to know their culture and history more profoundly. When you provide study materials, map regarding the historical background of those games, children get more engrossed and engaged in learning. They start appreciating their culture and heritage. Interaction level is very high while playing online video games. Even simple movement of the mouse can lead to physical activity. Playing sports games like football, tennis, basketball can encourage outdoor activities in children.

Rejuvenates your brain

Video games that involve puzzling mechanism, problem-solving and memory increase your brainpower. Older people get benefited from these games as their memory gets boosted. Ten hours of video games increase cognitive abilities in players 50 years or older.

If you shift your attention to some interesting events or other body mechanisms, you get distracted from the prevailing feeling of pain.  Modern physicist suggests playing online video games in post-injury recovery. Playing video games secretes analgesic from the higher cortical system, which acts as a painkilling medicine.

The faster microprocessor in your personal computer can repossess and react to information in split seconds. This ability in humans can be improved through gaming. As new information keeps on streaming during the game session and you have to act quickly. Players, who engross in quick-paced games, were 25% faster in responding to a query about an image, than people who do not play video games. To enjoy all these benefits log on to ufabet, to play various online video games.


  1. Always thought and was told that it impairs vision. The myth buster was a good point for me to learn. I do agree the games I play have also improved my hand eye coordination and ability to spot things quick.

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  2. I agree with Xctroy. When I was a kid, my family kept telling me it impairs vision. They killed my professional gamer soul. I could be gaining lots of money from gaming right now, but I don’t unfortunately. 😀

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  3. I think whether video games improve vision depends on many factors. When you look at a screen all day, you’re not really perceiving depth, so prolonged gaming could impair vision; that’s really why you need to sit at a comfortable distance from the screen, but also take breaks (the 20-20-20 rule). But on the contrary, hand-eye coordination is probably the biggest benefit of gaming; like if you’re playing competitively, you always have to be vigilant, so it’s kind of like survival instincts in a way and good eyes were evolutionarily trained for survival.

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