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Pardus is a space MMO that you play inside your browser rather than having to download a file. The action in the game is in real-time instead of being turn-based. You can trade with other players or live out your fantasy of being an infamous space pirate. Either way players vie to be the top dog in space with the most wealth and power. Besides carrying out missions you can do such interesting things as bounty hunting smuggling contraband plundering performing ambushes and slave trading.

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Author: Passguy
Rating: 10
Comment: The game is a mix of Privateer/Elite and Master of Orion. There is much more player interaction than in any other online games I have played and the community is awesome. Another thing I really love about Pardus is the limited number of action points you have. They slowly increase to a defined max but you don’t have to play much to keep up with the other players. Logging in once or twice a day is sufficient. However you can also participate in game politics on the integrated forums and chats.

Author: Lara_Mouse
Rating: 9
Comment: This game has lots of new ideas which I have yet to see in any other multiplayer games. The economy system is a blast. I like being responsible for whole planets by supplying them with food from my space farms. The community is real nice too. Many people are traders or fighters who concentrate on protecting us from harm (by hostile space creatures or pirates). Of course there are those who pillage and destroy but usually you can avoid them depending on the sectors you travel in most of the time. 9/10 from me just because no game is perfect.

Author: vertex
Rating: 10
Comment: I joined Pardus a few weeks ago and I have to say that Pardus is a very cool game if not the best I have ever tried. The user base is the most intelligent and friendly I have ever encountered in an online game. You will not find any annoying trolls or leet-people there.

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Pardus is a completely free online game. All you have to do is signup and your password will be sent via email.

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  1. Not bad, but different from other space MMOs since it’s 2D and it’s a browser game. Tiled turn-based gameplay feels unique, but kind of outdated. Game isn’t as cohesive since there are navigation links you need to click if you want to do things like visit the trading outpost. But overall, I’d rate this game a 3.25/5; game just needs an overhaul.

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