PC gaming has been a staple method of play for millions of people across the globe since their creation. From epic MMORPGs and online casino games ready at the click of a button to the less flashy but equally as entertaining (or should we say frustrating?) solitaire and minesweeper that came as standard on early PCs, there has always been some way to play on our desktop or laptop devices. However, with the rise in console gaming and the pure domination of mobile in the industry, is PC gaming really still something we should be paying attention to in 2018? We’re exploring exactly that below.

The PC vs. Console Battle

PCs and consoles have always been part of an ongoing battle, but as both gaming styles not only grow in pure brilliance but also in accessibility, this is a battle that is hard fought today. With consoles being a pretty standard go-to device for most game developers in the past and as a result, gamers were needing to invest in hefty consoles just to be able to play the latest releases. With these releases often only being available on the latest consoles, those with earlier models tended to miss out on the biggest games.

With that in mind, the improvements in the world of computer technology and the speed at which our computers can handle huge tasks have completely changed the accessibility of gaming as a whole. If you have a working PC, chances are you can get your hands on the latest releases regardless of the ‘age’ of your device. While slower computers don’t always have the processing power to host huge games, simple improvements or fixes can often change this. Messing with a console, on the other hand, could have some devastating and expensive consequences.

With the above in mind, PC gaming seems like a fairly standard go-to device – but what about mobile?

The Rise Of Mobile Domination

Mobile has dominated the gaming industry as of late and no one can argue the pure success that this area of the industry has had. Today, mobile gaming alone is currently worth around $55billion – not bad for a fairly new market! The ease of access on mobile is one of the driving factors for the success, with millions of gamers easily jumping onto the gaming bandwagon by downloading completely free apps and launching into gameplay. A swipe here, a tap there and idle minds can be kept entertained for long commutes on public transport or just for a spot of relaxation.

The likes of Candy Crush Saga, Clash Royale, Pokémon Go and other leading titles have not only given us a way to keep ourselves entertained, but have opened up the gaming industry to a more social element through sharing, liking and – in the case of Pokémon Go in particular – meeting up with friends to set off on physical mobile gaming adventures. With that in mind, the threat to PC gaming isn’t one to be ignored – but should they be lumped together? PC gaming is a very static experience, with players at home opting for the bigger screen and incredible graphics. Mobile gamers, on the other hand, can simply pull out their phone anyway to get a gaming hit. These are two entirely different gaming methods – perhaps they could work well alongside one another.

The popularity of PC gaming is by no means waning, but the potential threat from the mobile gaming industry isn’t to be ignored. While they could theoretically work hand in hand or at least co-exist peacefully, game developers are starting to put more time and energy into their mobile apps. What do you think?


  1. Popular’s a relative term, and it just depends on the demographics. Like for younger kids, maybe mobile games and console (particularly portable console) games would be more suitable, especially since younger kids do have smaller hands (which would make using a keyboard a bit clunky) and there are simply too many parental controls you’d have to set up if you want a child to play PC games (since you probably wouldn’t want them surfing the Internet).

    But in general, I think mobile games are becoming more popular than PC games. Although there are more games on PC, it’s just so convenient to visit a public space like a coffee shop and play games from a mobile device. Plus phones are generally more affordable than PCs.

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