pwegenesislogo It’s been in the high in the hype for weeks now, but Genesis—the newest expansion to the worlds of Perfect World International published by Perfect World Entertainment—launched on March 2nd. In fact, we’ve already seen preview information about the new dance moves and what we could expect to come out of Genesis reported here at GameOgre. Now that it’s here, we’ve gotten into the Perfect World to take a look around and report back about how it’s changed everything.

As we’ve been told, it’s a world shattering event.

The first thing I notice, and I don’t know if I missed it before or not, happens to be a new opening movie that involves a bunch of little pigmies lighting a fire. Once they’re done and have gathered to dance around it, it throws up a notice that the Genesis expansion is fully installed.

Race and Class Additions

With the expansion comes a new race and two new classes to go with it. Namely: the Earthguard. Like many of the other races from Prefect World, they’re svelte elflike men and women with a variety of hair styles and flimsy clothing. The Earthguard have emerged from their century-long withdrawal underground after the catastrophe that struck above according to a prophecy they themselves hold about the apocalyptic events of the expansion.

Both of the new classes available to the Earthguard can be taken up by both male and female characters—different from the Untamed Venomancers who are female-only.

screenshot-perfect-world-earthguard-meditation The first is the Seeker who take the role of something of a brute warrior and magic wielder—they come with a two-handed claymore and a penchant for heavy armor. “The Seeker, possessing incredible strength, expertly wields a massive two-handed claymore. His weapon can be infused with various arcane powers, which, in combination with heavy armor, makes him a fearsome force on any battlefield.” The Seekers perform a tank role by dealing and absorbing damage—they also provide debuffs to enemies that combine together out of a skill chain to weaken and render foes into decrepit wreckage.

The second class, the Mystic, is primarily magic based and is quite similar to the other magic classes in the game. Most of her spells and firepower have a plant or subterranean theme, which means expect a lot of green, flowers, and fluttering vines. “The Mystic is a magic-user who draws her power from the planet. In doing so, she has the ability to cast nature-based auras and summon powerful entities to fight by her side.” Mystics provide a renaissance range of capabilities from direct damage, AoE healing, and also summoned companions who can perform a secondary tanking or damage role.

Hanging around the Earthguard starting zone—a lush, forested area with old-growth trees and fireflies at night—expect to see characters surrounded by flowers and vines hovering slightly in midair as they regenerate. It’s quite a show.

The World Changes and Territory Wars Resets

screenshot-perfect-world-opening-screen Many of the maps of Perfect World have changed somewhat to accommodate a vast earth-shattering event that has torn open great fissures and made ruin of otherwise familiar regions. One of the more profound changes will be to their Territory Wars concept where the world is broken up into a variety of geographic regions called “territories” which can be owned by guilds. Guilds bid on the ability to attack these regions and take them in their name. In this way, guilds can control regions of the world and gain the benefits of that control.

During one of the previous expansions, Perfect World Entertainment changed the way that Territory Wars operated, pretty much nerfing the rewards in an attempt to balance the game play and direction of the game. This didn’t sit very well with the population and they complained on the forums—hearing the cry of their users, PWE has reinstated the Territory Wars concept closer to what it used to be.

With the advent of the Genesis expansion, PWE has also reset the territories to virgin, unconquered states, giving guilds a chance to take territory and roll across the land once again. Rekindling old rivalries and breathing new life into the world PvP event.

Guild Housing Added in the form of Guild Bases

By far what PWE expects to be one of the most popular aspects of the expansion is the addition of guild bases. They will be faction headquarters allowing large guilds a home-away-from home to retreat to that no others can intrude into and also generate a variety of guild-specific activities that will allow them to expand and enhance their base. Building a guild base itself will require a pretty well geared guild, a lot of ambition, and a certain amount of gathering and preparation.

Guild Bases are broken up into four quadrants with particular uses: the Hall of Loyalty, the Alchemy Labs, Manor of Justice, Armory, and Heavenly Vault. To build up the guild base, factions will need to march through various actions and missions directed to them from NPCs in the Manor of Justice and deliver faction-crafted items into the Heavenly Vault for a currency called “Contribution.”

screenshot-perfect-world-tree-faceWith Contribution powerful 1-hr buffs can be bought from the Alchemy Labs and special faction-only gear is available from the Armory. All of which can be purchased with the Contribution currency. Few details are currently available on what can be bought and what’s available; but no doubt some guilds have already opened their bases and are poring over their spoils.

Each of the wings can be upgraded with time and effort of the guild by providing materials and, of course, further and further amounts of Contribution. As upgrades occur it enhances the variety and potency of items and buffs that can be allotted from the different wings.

Perfect World Genesis Expansion Shakes the Game

From the look of the added race, classes, and the reset of the PvP Territory Wars maps the game has a new era for players to advance through. Guilds will be flocking to build their bases and attack territory like never before, jockeying for strength and position as they chew through the new world.

Casual players will probably hop out of their mains and try out the new Earthguard Seeker and Mystic in order to enjoy the new game play aspects they bring with them. Already numerous players can be found running around the starting area where this race resides.

No doubt we’ll be seeing a lot of good things coming from Perfect World International.


  1. Along with the new zones and gear that will probably come with this expansion, the fact that PWI’s territories will reset is huge. Pretty much all maps were dominated by one guild and this reset will allow other guilds to hold territory at least for a little while. It will allow for more players and guilds to fight each other as this is pretty much the end game of PWI.

    The new classes are interesting though not sure they will affect the current endgame PvP or PvE as seekers aren’t big DPS but seem to be more AoE and mystics have a little of everything as they have healing, damage, and pets. The new race is pretty cool looking as well.

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  2. Seekers feel very tank-like to me as they’re heavily armored and debuff enemies as they work on them leaving them more vulnerable to the allies of the Seeker taking them on. As we haven’t seen them in end-game yet and that armor isn’t going to protect friends in PvP they’ll probably end up in support roles.

    Earthguard feel a bit slick right now, they’ve got elements that make separate them from the other races/classes and the Mystic looks like they’re trying to steal some of the thunder from Venomancers. However, like I said, they feel really Jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none, so we might just be seeing builds that focus all over the place.

    I know I didn’t put them in the post, but have you seen the kites (the travel vehicle for Earthguard.) They’re quite beautiful.

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  3. PW is a complete MMORPG still playable in 2018 with lots of fantasy features and an interesting combat system, if you are looking for a complete adventure game, this one is the number 1! recommended.

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