Gaming has evolved from basic handhelds and arcade terminals. Practically every electronic communications device makes gaming possible.

The dawn of esports has allowed gaming to transcend beyond something teenagers played. It has legitimized the industry further and made it an integral part of daily life. But what format do gamers enjoy the most? Is it console, online or mobile?

Online gaming offers the most engaging way to play

Online gaming does not consist solely of shooters and sports. Online games are a growing niche within the gaming industry.

Online games bring together the best of sports and the best of social, and the chance to win big prizes along the way. Game sites have gone further with online casinos bonuses to encourage even more gamers to give it a try.

The transition to online gaming adds a level of jeopardy you simply do not find with ordinary games. It’s why many video game streamers have taken to streaming online game play to a captive audience.

Stability and control

Consoles have long lacked the same capabilities as their desktop equivalents. The opportunity to mod many of the most popular titles for replayability is something that consoles still cannot match, which is why they tend to make up for that with exciting online play.

Desktop games offer stability through more powerful graphical capabilities and online servers. They also offer more control to the player to create the gaming experience they want.

The Elder Scrolls and Fallout titles are just two of the franchises with a massive modding community. It’s an example of what happens when players want to dig underneath the base gameplay and get involved with creating their own experiences.

What about mobile games?

Mobile games have long been derided as something only casual players can enjoy. Serious gamers would previously never have considered playing a game on mobile.

It made sense, because the gap between desktop, console games and mobile was so vast that moving from an Xbox down to a smartphone meant a marked drop in quality, gameplay and graphics.

Although that gap still remains, things are changing fast. Smartphone technology continues to improve to allow for more innovative mobile games.

These days, mobile games have more in common with handheld consoles like the Nintendo DS than previous smartphone gaming incarnations.

Although mobile games are still aimed at a more casual audience, they’re gradually gaining acceptance within the mainstream gaming community.

Portability in a fast-paced world

There are billions of gamers across the world, with 1.48 billion gamers in Asia alone. Yet a fast-paced world means not everyone has a lot of spare time or a regular schedule. It can be difficult to indulge in your hobby consistently after a hard day at work or school.

Mobile gaming offers portability in a world where it isn’t always possible to find the time necessary to enjoy your favorite games.

Of course, handheld gaming isn’t a new concept. It has changed and evolved alongside consoles and computers since the days of the Gameboy and titles like Pokémon Yellow.

The difference is not everyone wants to spend money on a new handheld console or carry it around all day. Yet everyone has a smartphone, and it couldn’t be easier to take advantage of free and paid games. Just click a button, and off you go.

Each format offers separate experiences

Gamers understand that each format offers a different experience. It would be wrong to compare the graphics of the top PS5 games with those of a smartphone game, for example.

Each format is aimed at a separate audience, with some crossover. Every medium comes with its own advantages and drawbacks.

The best console for you depends entirely on what you want to get out of your games. If you’re looking for an excellent online experience, you’re always going to take a console or a PC. Likewise, the desktop offers the best in-depth modding experience.

On the other hand, mobile is better for more simplistic games that you can play on the go when a busy schedule doesn’t allow you to sit down for two hours every evening and pick up a console pad.


Gamers all have their own preferences. The beauty of gaming is that there’s something for everybody. Whether you take gaming seriously or consider it a way to while away the hours during a particularly boring business trip, you’ll find the right format for you.

All gaming mediums offer different experiences, but what they share is fast-paced evolution.

What is your favorite way to game?