Video gaming and environmentally friendly sustainable technology go hand in hand as of 23rd September 2019. Twenty biggest players in the video games industry, having a combined global audience of 970 million players, have committed to a radically new mission that will level up the in the global quest for a better, brighter future and a greener Planet for everyone to enjoy.

This thrilling announcement was made during the UN Secretary General’s Climate Action Summit, at the UN Headquarters in New York. Among the famous names are such leading companies as Microsoft, Google Stadia, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Twitch, Creative Mobile, Ubisoft, Sports Interactive and WildWorks, all forming part of the Playing for the Planet Alliance.

Innovative Gaming Solutions Provide Quality Entertainment

According to the Canadian Gaming Industry, innovative gaming solutions greatly contribute to fostering interactive education, building empathy and engaging players in a multisensory dialogue that can create a significant impact on today’s global reality.

This trend is becoming increasingly more popular as users demand stellar quality sports entertainment coupled with on demand access to the most recent sources of information that will enable them to make better choices.

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And, yes, online sports gaming is the most earth-friendly way to play sports!

Growth of Video Gaming Generates more Power than Ever before

As new player tools are continuously emerging at a rapid pace, the community of gamers worldwide has the power to change the future. According to the Global Games Market report, globally, 2.3 billion people play video games, spending almost $140 billion dollars a year on video games. Even a small fraction of these funds combined with the industry’s brilliant problem-solving skills can materialize in transformational meaningful changes.

By playing video games powered by one of the committed Planet Alliance members, you will be contributing to a series of extraordinary measures that are set to significantly reduce global CO2 emissions and make the gaming industry carbon neutral, or maybe even carbon negative.

Video Gaming will Gamify the Battle against Climate Change

The aims of the Playing for the Planet Alliance are set to make a significant impact in two major areas:

  1. Restoration of forests
  2. Including “green nudges” in game design to shift corporate businesses and individuals towards more sustainable choices.

Gaming technology can play a significant role in promoting awareness in these two areas, so here are some interesting examples of what is going to be introduced soon by the leaders in the gaming industry:

  • Microsoft will encourage games to make more sustainable choices through the Minecraft “Build a Better World” release.
  • Ubisoft will introduce new green themes into the storylines as well as form new partnerships with eco-friendly factories.
  • Sports Interactive will use recycled packaging to eliminate the use of plastic.

 Video Games with a Green Twist

As this new fascinating Playing for the Planet mission is underway, be prepared to find new video games with a green twist in the storylines and more environmental messages in the game narratives that will set you off on new exciting quests to save the Planet.

The gaming industry is booming all over the world and YOU, as an individual, have the power to choose the world we will all be living in for the next decades.

Challenge accepted? Game on!