In a time when releases of TV and video streaming hardware are hitting markets thick and fast, it can be difficult to discern the groundbreaking from the decidedly ordinary. Roku 3, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV all have similar price points and capabilities, but when it comes to wowing consumers, they all fall rather short; Roku is limited in its file playback options; Amazon Fire lacks any real third party support; and Apple TV, though boasting the easy to use AirPlay system, is (naturally for Apple) highly restrictive. Playstation TV, though, has got us all exited in an era where the biggest thrill one can safely enjoy is a go on GamingClub’s cash splash progressive slots; Playstation TV is far more progressive!

Streaming & Remote Play

Playstation TV, announced earlier this week to be hitting the shores of Canada, Europe and the US this autumn, is set to be a intriguing piece of kit. As well as boasting the capability of streaming music, TV and films via HDMI, the Playstation TV set top box actually extends the capabilities of the PlayStation 4. Playing some Killzone in the lounge and your roommate comes from home from work, wanting to catch up on Game of Thrones. Usually a pitched battle of fanboy proportions would ensue. Not anymore! Playstation TV allows you to steam PS4 games to any television set in the house, via remote play. A decidedly peaceful home is the result!

So Many Games!

Streaming and remote play isn’t the only ace in Playstation TV’s hole, though. Customers will be able to either stream or play natively a huge amount of Sony’s previous console game library. Want to go back to 1997 and waste even more weeks of your life painstakingly trying to finish Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee? Now you can! Pining for the carefree and artistic days of your youth playing Shadow of the Colossus? You’ll be able to fight giant monsters once again! With access to over 1000 titles for the PS Vita, PSP and classic PS1, it’s a refreshing move on Sony’s part to move away from the tedium of the PS3- finally PlayStation owners will be able to point and laugh at their Xbox contemporaries who have access to fewer games!

Other Stuff

The Playstation TV will ship in November, priced under $100. It’s also a small machine, only 6.5cm x 10.5cm, so unlucky news for 2001 fans- you’ll have to buy an Xbox One if you’re looking for an immovable monolith to go in your front room. But why are Sony releasing it now? As usual, it’s down to sales. Playstation TV can be seen as an active move on Sony’s part to reduce the costs incurred by the abject failure of the PS Vita, and it might be correct in doing it; Playstation on every TV in the house? If you’d have told me that ten years ago I’d have told you to stop playing incessant Katamari and get some sleep.