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Pokemon Go is a free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game, main goal is catch and capture all Pokemons. Players use a mobile device’s GPS capability to locate, capture, battle, and train virtual creatures, called Pokemon, who appear on the screen as if they were in the same real-world location as the player.
As players moves within their real world surroundings, their avatar moves within the game’s map. Different Pokémon species reside in different areas of the world; for example, water-type Pokémon are generally found near water. When a player encounters a Pokémon, they may view it either in augmented reality mode or with a live rendered, generic background

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  1. Pokemon Go is very popular game lately it is free to play, augmented reality video game.As NeSs said it drains battery really fast,but there is one more problem it is not available in my country (Serbia) probably because we are not it EU.But there is APK. version for us Balkans,and most of this version of the game has viruses,which is sad.

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  2. Pokemon Go is an free to play game which becomed popular in really short time.You need to try to catch pokemons while you are outside and you need to go on certain locations to,of course,catch them.This game is really interesting and good.Too bad I don’t have real version of game (I cannot have it cause I’m from Bosnia/Balkan),but as RedLight said there is APK version for all of us on Balkan so we can play it.I recommend this game to anyone,try it .

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  3. It was just a trend game, at this point i don’t know if someone is still playing it in my region.
    But i tried it and i would say it’s interesting game, it make you go out of the house.

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  4. i like this game because it pretty unique because you are the one who will move and it can exercise your body but the sad thing is , it was easy to get boring lel.. 😛

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  5. The concept on this mobile game is excellent! It is the modern version of the famous Pokemon Series. Time to go back and review your PokeDex. You’d have to exercise and travel to push through. Certain pokemons only appear at specified places around the world. Just watch out for you battery as this game needs GPS. Definitely a 4.5/5.

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  6. This game is good but kind of a pain in the ass saw a group walking while using
    they’re phone and​ saw them playing this they were walking in the​ middle of the road you know what I’m talking about:P well other than those problems the game is fine.

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  7. Well let me just say how advanced this game is. It adds the new feature of using mobile devices gps system, with the game itself. Having such a complex gaming system, this game is one of the few with it’s own creativity. This game introduces players to a virtual world of pokemon. By collecting them from different areas across the globe. However, even if the game has only been out for two years, the game has progressed and continued to be one of the hit games on the google play store. This game allows players to collect, catch, and battle pokemon. They are able to catch them with pokeballs bought or awarded in the store. There are also other things in the in0game store like “Incense.” This little icon, allows players bring pokemon to their location. However, this game does have some restrictions. Such as not being able to lure or attract players to unknown areas. Most of the areas view in the game are already assured with safety. However, there have been some misconceptions about the game itself. Like players being lured into dark alleyways getting killed. However, I find these little news stories all appear to be fake. This game also allows players to battle gyms and claim victory for their choice of class. There are three classes in the game, or leagues the players can join. Each class has it’s own chance of owning gym. However, it does not mean other trainers would come and try to take a win for their own league so players have to stay active with where they hold gyms. The game has a whole bunch of pokemon mainly from the indigo league. However, there are more to come from the game.

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  8. Pokemon GO : Game Review

    Pokemon GO is a game developed by Niantic. The developer of another augmented – reality game. Pokemon GO is basically a Pokemon Game. Like any other Pokemon Games, it involves Pokemons that you can catch by using poke balls.

    But! The gameplay is very different. Its something new. something fresh.

    FIRSTLY. augmentedbreality games are hard to manage. It needs to touch the interest of potential players. Because it’s a more advanced kind of game.
    Many players got hyped. It was crazy. The amount was huge and massive.

    After they released the game officialy, many olayers started grabbing their phone to download the app. Many tried to play the game. Especially Pokemon fans. And even people who havent tried playing Pokemon, grabbed the game!
    It was a massive Boom in the gaming industry. I was one of those players as well.

    The Gameplay.
    At first, you will be prompted to create your “avatar” which will be you virtually. It will serve as your location pointer on game and in reality. Because the game requires the location to be available. It is like a tracking device which makes your adventuring, / travelling in reality, an adventure in game. So, yea you create your avatar. Upon creating an avatar. You will see the layout of the map the same as the layout around your area.
    For beginners, there’s an option to choose from on wheter tutorials will pop up or not.
    So the adventuring starts.. But wait! You still dont have your starter pokemon! ( a term pokemon trainers use on their very first pokemon. )
    So for your first adventure, you need to walk / travel some short distance. And after you have travelled, your avatar shouldve moved too. ( it doesnt matter if you walk in circles or not. As long as you accumulate the distance needed. )

    You will then encounter a bulbasaur, squirtle and charmander. You can choose and click on one pokemon. But! There’s another secret pokemon waiting to be caught as your starter! After you get to encounter the 3 major starters, you will have to move farther away then youll be able to catch a pikachu.

    So, now you have your starter. You can now go on adventures and catch more and more pokemon in the wild. Travel, walk, stroll around the city etc etc.

    The leveling system is a bit different. There are no lvls. Only power ups. You can power up a pokemon using candies! Yes, candies. How can we get candies? Well, if you catch a pokemon of a specific specie, that poke mon will have a corresponding candy along with it. Like if you catch a pidgey, there are 3 pidgey candies. So catch every pokemon you see cos candies are crucial!

    Now you can power up your favorite poke mons.

    Now the evolution. The evolution is also having a different system. Using candies too. You can evolve a pokemon. For instance, a charmander requires 2o charmander candies to evolve. Etc etc.

    So, as you go on adventures, youll haplen to walk into what they call, “pokestops”. These pokestops are like freebies every five minutes. You can spin them and get poleballs and berries. Thats jusrmt awesome. Pokestops are usually landmarks at the real world. So parks are good areas to be walking around.

    There are useful items that can boost your pokemon collection.

    The lure incense. It can lure a pokemon in 1 minute providing you walk 1km every one 1 minute. It lasts for 30 minutes. But if you are too lazy to keep walking, theres another lure for you! Its the pokelure! You can put poke lures on pokestops and sit there for a long time. Every now and then, a pokemon will spawn nearby that pokestop. Fun right? Well nearby players can benefit from the lure as well! So yup. Its fun.

    All in all. The game’s quality is good. But its consuming too much battery. Provoding you need data, plus GPS on at all times.

    Ill rate the game 8.5 / 1o
    Pretty enjoyable.

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  9. Well i used to play it, by the time it gets really boring. I even think that right now they lost 90% of the players.
    Since i liked the game in first month i would rate it 8/10.

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  10. Pretty unique game it was one of the biggest trends in gaming for a while. Only thing is you have to walk a lot, which isn’t bad if you have a dog or live in a area with a bicycle path.

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  11. Pokemon GO is an excellent augmented reality game developed by Niantic as the player can play this game simply by walking around in real life while catching Pokemon, training them, hatching them, and more on a mobile device. This game features most of the Pokemon from the original Pokemon games for the Game Boy, and has even started introducing some Pokemon from the Game Boy Color games. This game does track the current location of the player with global positioning, so the player must be active to truly experience this game. Real world areas show up as PokeStops and gyms in the game, which allows the player to obtain certain items or battle against other players.

    What I really like about this game is that it encourages players to go outside and be active. Usually in a video game, players simply play at home and sit in one area instead of play outside. When playing this game, I did get plenty of exercise, social interaction with other players outside, and quite a lot of progress in the game. This game was like a new experience unlike many other games as I did get to enjoy a bit of nature while getting much of the fun. Pokemon GO is really like an experience of the classic games brought to life, and even introduces some rivalry as the player can choose which team he or she wants to join such as Team Mystic, Team Valor, or Team Instinct and play with or against other players in the real world.

    While this game does encourage players to play outdoors, the biggest disadvantage of this game would be Wi-Fi, especially as the player will need to leave his or her home. As the game requires global positioning to track where the player is at, the player will most likely rely on cellular data which can be pricy depending on what cellular data plans the player has.

    I do like the various Pokemon in the game, but it is easy to run into common Pokemon very often and miss out on certain rare ones. While there are over 150 Pokemon, the downside is that the player cannot catch some Pokemon like Ditto and the legendary Pokemon, and some of exclusive to a region in the real world, but at least there are Pokemon from the Game Boy Color games present in Pokemon GO. There is a lot of nostalgia in this game, but I do wish that this game had more Pokemon from other Pokemon games like from the Game Boy Advance and the Nintendo DS.

    I also like that Niantic is trying their best to keep Pokemon GO fun by stopping cheaters who are GPS-spoofing and finding exploits to take advantage of the game. A lot of console Pokemon games get cheated, but that is not the case with Pokemon GO which has had improved security over the months of its initial release. Niantic does not always severely punish their Pokemon GO players by kicking them out of the game, but they do slow down the player’s progression by removing the player’s encounters and PokeStop items.

    Overall, Pokemon GO was a fantastic game that showed the capabilities of augmented reality. It was great to play this game with my real-life friends and was great to play where there is a fresh atmosphere. I would rate this game a 4.75/5.

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  12. Pokemon GO developed by Niantic. It’s a augmented virtual reality game as a fan of Pokemon, I was one of the beta players here before this game was released it was my lucky day when I got selected for me the game is really realistic and unique you need to walk enable to encounter some pokemons and catch it via Pokeballs, there are also gyms that you need to capture if it’s not occupied you can just placed your pokemon there, but if someone occupied the gym you need to battle them to get the gym. There are 3 teams on game which the Team Mystic , Team Valor and Team Instinct. I was on Team Instinct. Overall the game is really epic I rate this 5/5

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  13. Very awesome reality game it encourage players to go outside and play not just sit and play you also socialized and you’ll meet tons of new people I also enjoyed it playing with friends we did some raids, but the hackers are destroying the game so sad 5/5

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  14. POKEMON GO is the revolutionary mobile game that made all the world get out of the house to hunt pokemons everywhere 3D based. The environment interaction here is awesome and playing with friends is amazing. They are everywhere, at home, at the college, on grandpa’s house, even in the bathroom lol. It’s an online game you can play using your startphone or emulating it on PC if you prefer. The game is simple, you only need to focus the cellphone screen on the pokemon and grab it with your pokeball. If you have good mechanics, you can grab them. There are a lot of spots you can get items to improve your hunt. You can find stadiums on your way too, they are located where people are used to group. If want to dominate them, you have to battle all the pokemon masters to reach the top and obtain that stadium. One time dominated, you can leave a pokemon there to defend your team and other players that are the same team of yours can put their pokemons there too to help you to defend it. The game is cool but there are some bad points here, not about the game exactly but about the players and the community. There are a lot of programs that can change your IP so you can travel everywhere without getting out of home and thats not the game purpose. Alse another problem is the amount of hacks and bots that helps the players farm without being online. This way they can capture all the pokemons they want. The pokemons locations are based on their rarity. If a pokemon is rare, he hardly will appear where all the people are grouped. He will spawn far from the crowd points. Also you can find timers through the internet that helps you find the cool digimons that will spawn near your location. If you are looking for an adventure outside house , this game is for you. Grab some friends and start the hunt. Be sure to play on the day and not on the night because it can be a little dangerous. When you play on he day time, everybody is on the street and you can find players to play together. By the night there’s no one in the street so someone could steal your cellphone from you so stay safe. Sadly the community is not that huge like before when they released the game. Maybe because of the danger or maybe the other pokemon games (like sun and moon) has become more popular before this one. It would be amazing a 2.0 version of the game but I think the devs are looking for improvements for this game. The experience is so different and awesome but I think they need a new feature to make the community come back to the game. For those who only live inside the house and play games 24h per dar, pokemon go is something you should try.

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  15. Pokemon GO – While all the hype around the game has mostly abated and the game has moved into the past, I am here to review this once huge game.

    Pokemon GO was a very popular at the time phone game. Bringing to life the popular anime series and card game of Pokemon. This game was a favorite of all the die-hard fans of the game and new fans that just wanted to get in on this amazing multiplayer phone game. Celebrates and popular online gamers all took part in this new game, bringing it even more success. The game was so big at a time it was even noticed by the two presidential candidates in America.

    First I’m going to talk about what makes this game so great. Pokemon GO was a top of the art phone game. Bringing to life Pokemon in the outside world. The game forces you exploring the outside world around you just to find you some Pokemon. The game takes you places that you have never been outside of your bedroom. Finding Pokemon creatures and capturing them with your Poke balls has never been more realistic. In this game you become an actual hunter. Going around your city or neighborhood finding rare creatures to add you your collection. You can run into players and battle them with your collected creatures. It is a great way to get outside and get exercise instead of always staying indoors and gaming in the dark.

    Some of the cons of the game was just people who took the game too far. Some players became too focused on the game and some even ran into injuries. Focusing on your phone while outside can be dangerous, especially when crossing a rode or just walking anywhere in general. Other people were too lazy and just took their cars around which takes texting and driving to a whole new level. Fortunately when searching for Pokemon in a car normally you would have to drive slowly. But this can make other drives that aren’t playing the game a bit annoyed.

    My take on the game – I honestly think this game was a very good idea. The whole concept of forcing players to get outside was very smart. And the way the pushed boundaries on a phone game was amazing. It did seem to be to be a cheap way to get kids outside and moving. Too bad it died so fast when all the hype went away. My rating for the game would probably be a 5/5. I personally did not play a ton of it. I got bored fairly quickly since I have never been a huge fan of Pokemon or rather any Japanese made content. I do think that it was a great game and I’m glad it did quite well for the time being. I’m excited for all the fans who got to enjoy playing their childhood on their phone. I am excited for the next Pokemon related content, the Detective Pikachu movie. That’s all the time I have for today, peace!

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  16. Pokemon Go is a location-based augmented reality game. It’s basically Pokemon game but you play it with your phone and get outside to catch Pokemon and battle trainers at the gym. It’s a very innovative game that looks nice and plays like a Pokemon game with a few changes. 5 stars!

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  17. Pokemon Go revolutionized the world of Pokemon, what a Pokemon trainer once did lying almost stiff in one corner changed to moving to various parts of the real world environment. In this game, players go out on the streets in attempt to catch various elusive Pokemon. The graphics are stunning and game play is much more captivating than other preceding Pokemon games. It has come a long way since its genesis and a battle trainer feature has now been released where players can fight with other Pokemon trainers that are located nearby. it has been one of the most played Pokemon games on android and IOS since its initial release in 2016. The only downsides are the hazards involved when one gets too engrossed into Pokemon GO whilst still out on the streets. Many accidents has thus been reported. It only consumes a lot of battery life. Nevertheless, it’s a ground breaking Pokemon game that set a new trend and deserves a rating of 4.7/5.

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