Jump from one ice block too the other to try get home. Control the squirrel and make him jump from one ice block to the other to try get home

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  1. H8 those bears on ice, game is rly nice, one of games that i will add to my fav list, basically all what u need to jump from ice block to next ice block, and its easy when u get the game. On angle of approx of 45 deg just set power on middle of 2 blocks and u will succeed

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  2. Polar Jump is an interesting Flash mouse-aiming game where the player uses his or her mouse to aim the trajectory to get from platform to platform. This game reminds me of Ninja Mouse from the GameOgre arcade, except it is much easier and features a squirrel instead of a mouse. In Ninja Mouse, the platforms are at different heights while in Polar Jump, the platforms are at the same height, so it is easy to just aim at around a 5 degree angle and adjust the length of the aim to get from platform to platform until reaching an actual obstacle like jumping over an animal or jumping from a very long distance between platforms, in which the player will need to adjust his or her angle. It is still quite challenging despite being easier because there is a certain number of jumps the player needs to reach home. Overall, I would rate this game a 4/5.

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