There is an overflow of online games constituting a major portion of the internet. Every day, millions of gamers flock around their desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, to indulge in these games and enjoy themselves. Earlier, players found online games more convenient than the ones in the arcades. However, with the dawning of portable online games, nowadays people play more on the go rather than on PCs. There are numerous download slots games available online making it both enjoyable and fun to indulge in gaming no matter where you are.

Earlier games were developed with the goal of optimal performance on the computer screens. These days, there is an incalculable number of games from various game providers exhibiting so many diversified themes and exciting game features. Now, the players have got their best mode of 24×7 entertainment right in their hand.

Mobile Games or Desktop Games

You may be wondering why you should prefer playing the games on a small screen of a smartphone while there is the option to enjoy it on a desktop. Well, there is a bundle of reasons that shore up to both mobile and desktop games.

Desktop Games

  • Playing on a big screen helps you to enjoy the graphics better.
  • You can sit down and relax in your home environment.
  • Better than following dress code.

Mobile Games

  • Though small screen, with the introduction of Virtual Reality Technology, players can enjoy an immersive 360-degree gaming experience that nothing can beat.
  • It allows the players to game on the go or while finishing your important work, whereas players had to glue to the PC screen earlier and end up wasting long hours playing.

Online mobile games have made gaming a very convenient and lucrative enjoyment for a huge section of gamers around the globe. There is no doubt why it is getting so popular.

The Best Mobile Games: Download and No Download

Players can enjoy their favorite games either on their preferred internet browser or download them on their devices. While playing it in the browser saves your device’s storage, downloading games saves you time from opening the browser, clicking onto the game page, login and then play.

Henceforth, since the games have come up with a downloadable version of their game platform, gaming has become more convenient for the game-loving players.

So How to Get a Game?

To download your games, first, you need to sign up at an online game and open your player’s account. But even before doing so, take a few minutes to review the gaming site on the following parameters:

  1. Does it have an exciting line up of games that entice you?
  2. Does it have a good reputation in the market?
  3. Is it properly licensed by the game regulatory bodies?
  4. Does it support all the payment options that you are looking for?
  5. Does it have good customer support?
  6. Is the site check and certified for security measures?
  7. Does it have a mobile application?

All these points, along with the promotions running, would help you decide the best mobile game for you. Now, if the game ticks off all your checklist, then go ahead and download it on your mobile. Install and log in. The entire process shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes. Once you are inside, numerous exciting games are waiting for you to try.

In case, you are not interested in investing the real money at once, go ahead and play the game for free using demo credits given to you. At times, games also offer several bonuses in the form of free credits to help you get started without investing real money.

Once you have laid your hands on a game and find it worthy of playing, then use one of the payment methods supported by the game for premium content. There are several E-wallets, Debit and credit cards and other mobile payments available. Please see which one is best suitable for you, then act accordingly.

Popular Games Played Online on Android

It is the most challenging job to pick a handful of games that are popularly played on portable Android devices. For example:

  1. Jurassic Park – The epic movie needs no introduction, nor does Jurassic Park. Finally, the makers got a downloadable version of this game that works on Android 4.0.3 version and upwards.
  2. Vikings of Fortune – The creator has come up with a Norse themed stunning game named Vikings of Fortune. The Thunder Streak feature makes this game slot a must-try.
  3. Starburst – Starburst is probably the most popular and enticing game the world has. It is a gem-studded game with highly rewarding bonus features. Now, it is available for download on Android devices. With high-edge astronomical graphics, it has all the potential to top the chart in popularity.
  4. Game of Thrones – A famous series Game of Thrones has inspired this creation. With immersive graphics and spellbinding in-game features, this game is nothing but a total entertainer.

There are more like Buffalo Rising, Book of Pharaoh, Gladiator, etc. Most of these games come in a very small downloadable size of 1+ MB. However, if you want to skip the hard work of downloading the games, open the app on your device’s internet browser, log in, search for your game and start playing.

Bottom Line

In case, you want to play free games for Android with no download then you have access to boundless games. Presently, game providers have taken the requirement of mobile compatibility of their creation very seriously.

These days, all the new releases are developed for cross-platform gaming. In the meanwhile, they are also optimizing the games to run on your handy devices. The count is increasing with every passing moment. Be ready to have a great time!


  1. Honestly never heard of these games before, except maybe Game of Thrones since there’s a strategy game called “Game of Thrones: Conquest” which is also available on iOS, but ranked 152 in the strategy category.

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