Mobile games were in the trending outset from the introduction of somewhat advanced mobile phones itself. Smartphones took mobile games to the next level with the attractive graphical interfaces and high speed processors and RAMs. Unlike a PC or a PlayStation, you could just play games on mobile phones while on the move and it doesn’t require much complicated gadgets. All the leading game designers have managed to create a mobile version for the popular games in order to make sure that the gaming experience is given to everyone. The mobile gaming market is developing rapidly with billions of investments being incurred on it.

Card Games

Different companies have released so many card games to the mobile gaming market over the last few years. But none of these games have been able to make ground breaking sales and attract an increased number of mobile phone gamers. But Supercell has been managed to break through this ceiling with their worldwide premier of Clash Royale.

People tend to engage in card games for hours at a stretch. Studies have shown that playing cards allows you to think and react tactically. It is the mindsets of most of the mobile based gamers to spend the leisure the doing something effective on the mobile phone. So playing cards would be an ideal pick for them to spend their leisure time effectively.

Clash Royale follows a different approach where they assign players with building complicated and tough card decks which is quite similar to the mechanism used in Magic. Royale limits the players of the game to an eight card deck to reduce its complexity. It has managed to add bases to be defended and cards will be turned into animated characters when attacking these bases. This is the most interesting part of the game.

Role of arcade games

Arcade games are considered to be the most popular genre of mobile games. Arcade games have been able to secure the first place in both the most downloaded category and the MAU charts. It should also be noted that the amount of downloads doesn’t tally with the amount of people who actually uses it. So the most effective method to determine the most popular genre of mobile games would be analyzing the MAU chart statistics. Since arcade games top both these parameters, there is no doubt that this is the most popular genre of games to be downloaded and played.

Puzzle Games

Puzzle games also hold the upper hand in mobile gaming. As per Verto’s statistics (Verto is popular mobile gaming protocol) puzzle games are considered to be the most popular genre of mobile games. They state that brain puzzle games like Sudoku, Drawing games, Worlds with friends attracts the most amount of mobile gamers.  The approximate population of brain puzzle users is around 38 million worldwide, which is quite impressive. Brain puzzle games safeguards higher user involvement rates as well. The rate of user engagement is approximately is 40% as per the statistics of Verto. Worlds with friends held the top position for months until Pokémon Go was introduced to the market in July.

Lightweight Mobile Games

The ultimate strategy followed by mobile based game developers is to target the wealthier countries. But the BRICS community too is a potential market targeted by them on these lightweight games. Countries like India and Brazil seem to be trending on lightweight games. The betting games also fall into this category. This popularity on light weight games is due to many reasons. One major reason is the rapid reduction in smart phone prices and the growth of emerging markets. Mobile network service providers all over the world are implementing less expensive plans for the convenience of the users. Two leading mobile operating system platform apple and Google are working on reducing lower in-app amounts.

People now a day prefer games which are small in capacity and allow playing offline without connecting to mobile data. Sbobet is a perfect example for such a betting game. This is where the lightweight games come in handy with some great social features.

Mobile ESports

When you hear the name Esports the first thing that comes to your mind is a set of PC games such as Dota 2, league of legends and the legendary counter strike. Their gaming developments on the mobile platform are growing pretty fast with a rapid demand. It is still in-between the development and introductory stage trying to prove its identity in the market. The mobile esport market has several threats. They are losing popularity with the likes of lightweight games which is highly trending. In certain mega markets mobile phone is a person’s only gaming console where he/she is left with no option.  They should adopt some flexible strategies to conquer the western market. If not mega markets like China and India will come up with their own strategies.

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  1. I am not much of a mobile gamer but there sure is quite many types of games to play. I would like to play something similar to Bejeweled on my phone if i actually wanted to get it but i doubt it because i don’t play games on my phone.

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  2. Arcade games are quite popular on iPhone; in fact, they’re popular enough that Apple has its own “Apple Arcade”. Personally, I prefer mobile games that require just one hand to play the game (e.g. Temple Run, Flappy Bird, etc.), but that’s becoming a bit difficult since phones are getting bigger.

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