Power Of Defense provides a new strategy and defense mix game experience. Defend your world from upcoming evil and oil-smelling robots. They come from the platform between both parallel universes you have to fight on by producing own robots to send them back to their native world.

Post Date: 19:22 28-11-2014
Rating: 6
Author: arZ
Comment: Power of defense is a strategy game, something like tower defense. You need to defend the world from different robots, producing your own robot with special abilities. The graphic is nice but the gameplay is not so interesting. I rate this game with a note 6/10!
Power of Defense
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  1. I rly like this game, good strategy/defense game, use robots that u get and turn them into many different weapons and sent them to fight for you, there are many different weapons and upgrades that u can use. There are also superweapons that will help u a lot. U need to be careful, because u need resources to build robots, so u need to use it wise

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  2. Power Of Defens is mix of defense and strategy video game.You have to defend your world from from evil robots that want to destroy it.Then you have to build your own robots and send them to kill evil that attacks you.I Recommend this game everybody

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  3. This strategy game kind of reminds me of Bloons with enemies moving in lines. I think it’s a pretty good game, but it can get boring; one feature I think it’s lacking is a fast forward button since the gameplay kind of looks sluggish. And it seems like this game doesn’t have a whole lot of levels, and most of the levels feel similar. Overall, I’d give this game a 3/5.

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