In this article, we are going to write about one of our favorite gacha games out there, Epic Seven. It is a game with a great cast of characters, amazing mechanics and animation, as well as some very unique events, that make it stand out from the rest of the gacha games.

One of the main features that Epic Seven offers is the ability to play versus players of similar skill. It is a very different part of the game, and you should study this Epic Seven Tier List to get good. The plan is to create the best team possible and equip it with the right gear, to destroy any opponent you are going to face. There is sense of achievement when you manage to autoplay Arena without having to worry about your team losing. Of course, there are people that are voicing concerns that the PvP system in Epic Seven needs to be changed to make it balanced. So let’s see what is up with Epic Seven’s PvP.

What is different in Epic Seven’s PvP?

In most competitive games, a player will increase his skill level by playing the game as much as possible. For example, there are games that you need to improve your aim to climb the ranks, or you need to increase your reflexes to be able to react faster to what is happening in the game.

This is not the case with Epic Seven. The truth is, that the real difficulty of the PvP mode, it’s not when you are going to press an ability. This rarely ever matters. The real difficulty is to create a good team and to create a good team you need to have a deep understanding of how the game functions. It’s like the thing that is being tested while you are playing a battle against another player in Epic Seven, is not how skilled you are at the game, but how much time you have invested into learning about it, and grinding through the Raids and events, to get the ideal characters and the ideal gear for these characters.

This might sound weird to gamers of first-person-shooters for example, but gacha fans are well aware of this mechanic. For some people, this is what attracts them to Epic Seven. They have the time to invest, so they know that their efforts will be rewarded. It’s like you have a guarantee that you will be rewarded, and that is always something nice. What most people are wondering, is whether this is a balanced way to handle PvP combat, in a game so diverse and ever-changing as Epic Seven.

Is the PvP system in Epic Seven balanced?

We believe that the answer to this question is a categorical yes.

When you start playing PvP, you realize quite fast, that it is not the typical PvP experience. For the people that love this game, and want to have their knowledge of the game’s content tested, it’s very balanced. Not even the T100 players know everything about the game, and the meta constantly shifts, so there is a lot of room, for any player, to create the most broken combination of characters and gear. With all the moving parts that exist in the game, that is something that has been happening since the beginning, and it will keep happening. We are very grateful for a system that gives everyone the opportunity to succeed.

If you are still wondering, we would suggest you download the game, install it, and go play to see for yourself! It is free anyway!