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This is the eighth match in the first round of GameOgre.com’s Online Shooter Showdown 2011.  This a tournament of the top online shooters and FPS games as voted on by gamers.


Quake Live meets Battlefield Heroes in a battle of browser-based shooters with many social features. Both games are also free and part of established shooter franchises.


  1. Although they’re both F2P browser games, Quake is playable on a variety of operating systems [Mac, Windows, and Linux] while Battlefield Heroes can only be played on Windows. In addition, Quake just seems a little more solid gameplay-wise and it’s been around a bit longer.

    I guess the major thing I like about Quake is that it’s a FPS instead of third-person, like Battlefield Heroes. It’s styled more like a traditional FPS instead of an action game. Quake Live gets my vote this week. 🙂

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  2. quake wins in multi-platform (though i think i can run bfh in wine on a linux). And I prefer fps to 3ps for straight up shooting games.

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  3. Quake II was one of my favorite games ever, and this is the modern remake of it. Quake gameplay is known for straight up shooting fun, and QL is no different.

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  4. i voted for battlefield heroes it looks funner than quake and i have played quake and i didn’t like it

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  5. BFH cause of the casualty of the gameplay. You can just get in to a game a start playing!

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  6. Battlefield Heroes defeats Quake Live in a rematch form last year’s Online Shooter Showdown. Quake Live won that previous match.

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  7. Both of these are great fps games,but in my opinion Battlefield Heroes is better because it has better graphic.And battlefield Heroes is like an crazy fps and quake life is like a scary fps video game

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