R2 Online Closed Beta Key Giveaway!

R2(Reign of Revolution)


Type: Free Online Game


Platform: PC

Service Area : Korea – OBT(Aug. 2006)

China – OBT(Mar. 2008)

Taiwan – OBT(Nov. 2007)

Russia – OBT(Apr. 2008)

Global – TBA(4Q)

PC Specification

CPU AMD 2000+, P4 2.0GHz AMD 2800+, P4 2.8GHz
RAM Above 512MB 2G
GPU ATI Radeon 8500, GeForce 4 Ti 4200 ATI Radeon 1800XT, GeForce 7800GT
OS Window XP(32bit/64bit), Vista(32bit/64bit), Windows 7(32bit/64bit)
Direct X Direct X 9.0C


R2 have brought the first concept of spot siege into MMORPG.

Where only few would participate in siege but any size of guild have a chance to own something.

Fight for the ultimate goal to conquer the whole world.

R2 offers you to become the one and only conqueror.

There’s no Rules just Power!

Key Feature

KEY Feature

Castle/Spot Siege

– Massive size battle, fight over the castle to be the Ruler.  It is important to take control over spots spread out all over the territories.

Transformation System

– There are over 100 transformations users may change to where each one is unique on their own.

Transform yourselves in order to gain more powers, you can stand against fearful enemies after transforming into stronger being with awesome visual.

Guild System

– Guild skill tree will support you out in the field when fighting enemies.

If you want to survive, become a member of a guild, it’s not safe out there on your own.

Guild Hall is available for community between guild members.


– There are no level restrictions with equip-able items.  Go get your own by any means necessary, and fight against higher level opponent and bring him down, below you.

Realistic Hit Effect

– Great feedback of each attack you hit on enemy.  There are acceleration when swinging weapon.

Crew Combat System

– Automatic PVP system happens in hourly basis, Team vs Team match, you will receive a coin when you win, with those coins you can exchange them into great prizes.

Great Visual quality over required PC specification

– Vibrant colors with beautiful art work and gorgeous and unique characters.