Realm Online

Formerly owned by Sierra and Codemasters and now owned by Norseman Games, The Realm Online still attracts gamers with its simplicity and gaming value (only $4.95 per month).

Realm Online Review
Never heard of this MMORPG? Well, it was one of the first and it was operated by the same company that publishes Half-Life, Sierra. Now, it is owned by another company and still has a loyal following. 

Game Ogre's Realm Online Strategies - How to level a new character quick! Also discusses the fundamentals of creating a powerful new character.  

Realm Online Webring
An entire web ring devoted to this simple MMORPG. This webring offers a great way for fansite webmasters to get their Realm sites noticed since they can not advertise in the game itself.

The Oracle
The site that most players on the Realm Online go to learn more about the game. Features info concerning weapons, monsters, quests, skills, leveling, and magic. 

The Realm of Andos
Fan site with original stories and tech help. Has an interesting feature called the "Quest for 1000 Views" that attempts to gather more support for the game.

The Realm Online
Official site that consists of a player's guide, player policies, downloads, and screenshots.



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