Animal Crossing: Wild World

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Live out an alternate life in Animal Crossing in this all-new sequel to the wildly popular GameCube game. The DS version goes one step further, allowing you to take your town truly online! Join up to three friends online in the same virtual town, either through wireless LAN or over the Internet, and interact in real time.

Total Rating: 7.80
Reviews: 20

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Post Date: 18:41 25-04-2014
Rating: 3
Author: savicaa
Comment: This is one of the games where you don't know what to do on start , cause it was made really bad . You don't have any instructions how to play this game , you can only play it on your sense and i don't know how to do that.

You are just doing some stupid things , in that game you don't have fun , just spamming some controls and other things. Graphics are bad , sound too , gameplay i don't even know how to describe. HORRIBLE.
I wouldn't reccomend this game to anyone , he/she will just get nerved until they die. BAD BAD BAD GAME.

Post Date: 12:00 15-07-2012
Rating: 7
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: You move into a town. Nobody is saying what to do or how you do. You decide on your own. Or almost. At the beginning of the game you have to work for Tom Nook in order to pay for your house. After perhaps an hour or so you are free and can do whatever you want. The graphics of the game is very bad but the game started on the Nintendo 64, and the name was then Animal Forest.

Post Date: 22:28 19-11-2011
Rating: 9
Author: dmt_2000
Comment: This game is a kinda weird in my opinion but fun if you like ds games or addictive games you should try this game out

Post Date: 07:27 01-11-2011
Rating: 8
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: A pretty weird game if you ask me, but fun. It can be addictive though so be careful xD

Post Date: 13:13 20-10-2011
Rating: 7
Author: KuroTsuna
Comment: This is a cute game and really fun if you have nothing to do. It kills your time fast.

Post Date: 04:48 15-04-2011
Rating: 5
Author: sasuke24
Comment: A fun game to play. But still the game lack in gameplay.....

Post Date: 14:21 01-04-2011
Rating: 10
Author: dantabletennis
Comment: I played this for 2years and then gave the game to my mum...I loved it and so does she!

Post Date: 03:32 03-12-2010
Rating: 5
Author: champking5
Comment: All Animal crossing games were the bomb. ANyone of them you play will always be fun. This one is fun because of the wi-fi feature.

Post Date: 18:51 21-06-2010
Rating: 7
Author: Ichigohollowfied
Comment: I had this game for a while, its okay. but it gets extremely boring. i resorted to action replay and hacking after about a month.....

Post Date: 02:36 02-04-2010
Rating: 10
Author: Regret
Comment: Animal Crossing, animal crossing. One of the BEST games ever created by Nintendo. It is a virtual world that you basically live in. It's basically your other life. (Don't get carried away and start living this game as your life =P). One thing I absolutely love about this game is the collecting of fish, bugs, paintings, and fossils. It's fun to see your collection grow as your play day by day. This game is a long-term game. You cannot just play for a week and quit. You must play or you will face the horrible, horrible consequence : Weeds. It's also really fun to customize your house. You also get graded on how your house looks and stuff. You can purchase furniture, carpets, and wallpaper from your local Tom Nook. Another really fun thing is communicating with your neighbors, sometimes you'll get really cool neighbors. I also love how there are rare items that are given out during Holidays and your birthday. This game is probably one of the best games ever created in the history of Video games. Whoever started this game, I praise you. If you haven't tried Animal Crossing yet, go try it now.

Post Date: 21:03 06-08-2008
Rating: 10
Author: aintnorocketscience
Comment: well i love this game and to be fair it aint no rocket science to figure that out! play a xtremely lovable boy or girl, then type in the name u wanna call the town and bingo!! your there, meet a zebra called savannah a eagle called apollo and lots more friends live a new life in your dream town animal crossin highly recommended!

Post Date: 13:57 27-01-2008
Rating: 10
Author: immortal143
Comment: if you are into the animal crossing series you would love this game
it is really fun
good:you can customize your house
you can collect,fish,catch bugs and dig for fossils to spruce up your house or sell for money
you can make customizable shirts for your person to wear
you get rated on your house
you can build extensions to your house
it can be hard paying off loans for your house
it can be a hastle getting the 200,000 bells or more for your house to get an extension
overall i give it a 10

Post Date: 00:39 10-08-2007
Rating: 8
Author: braveman2
Comment: It is a good game. I played it for months. I got bored after a while. If nintendo could make this a little better it could make the top games. Like make the world bigger.

Post Date: 06:21 17-03-2007
Rating: 10
Author: davidkook
Comment: i think they meant small world and someone purposely wanted to get fired so he put wild world! lol! :O

Post Date: 19:55 16-03-2007
Rating: 5
Author: Person_34
Comment: This game is cool. But I say that the Gamecube Version is a lot better, theres more places to go! This is just to small!

Post Date: 16:42 20-02-2007
Rating: 7
Author: monkeydude93
Comment: This game is really good but there is one problem with it...You get bored of it in about 1 to 2 months but otherwise great game.

Post Date: 14:39 11-02-2007
Rating: 7
Author: evan4455
Comment: The game is very cool!It could be changed in some ways but other than that its pretty cool

Post Date: 07:10 28-07-2006
Rating: 10
Author: sir patty45
Comment: i have animal crossing on my gamecube and I LOVE IT even my sister plays (shes 17) so im making the assumtion that animal crossing DS is exactly the same way

Post Date: 15:42 08-07-2006
Rating: 9
Author: shippogurl
Comment: i love this game you can have a difforent hat for instance lol and ya its great if u play it ull l;ike it

Post Date: 10:52 28-05-2006
Rating: 9
Author: Turtlefuzz
Comment: I Have got to admit that this game is addicting. I play at least once a day, and its never the same experience.

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