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Prepare for unending adventure in Luna Online! Customize your character and embark on a journey to the magical floating isles of the Blue Land! Join the armies of humans, elves, and dwarves as they band together to harness the power of the Goddess Luna and turn back the tide of evil demons threatening to destroy their world forever. Are you brave enough to face these challenges? You'll need to master Luna's Online's 40 dynamic job classes and make new friends and allies to become Luna Online's next great heron Featuring hundreds of quests, a robust farming system, and innovative matchmaking features, including date instances, Luna Online is a game like no other, giving you the chance to become a hero, make new friends, and maybe even find true love too!

Total Rating: 8.72
Reviews: 18

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Review Archive

Post Date: 20:30 01-01-2010
Rating: 10
Author: EggOrBacon
Comment: I"ve played this game since the beginning, and I have loved it. I only quit due to work, which made me forget about it. :D

However, the features in this game are fantastic. The community is generally well natured, with lots of group activities that can be done. You can even find a date!

There is a serious amount of grinding involved. Level 35 took 4 days, but it was worth it.

Overall, if you love Flyff or any other animated genius MMORPG, this is for you. Great fun. Full marks from me!

Post Date: 15:39 27-08-2009
Rating: 7
Author: Ronze
Comment: To be honest I did not know what to think of this game at first. I figured it was like all the others that get boring within a few days. This game IS different. I can not say its the "best" game i have ever played but it defenetly is one that should be tried.

One the of the many reasons for this is amount of support within the game. Everyone seems happy, is happy, to help one another. The GM are doing what they do best by keeping everyone happy and gratful enough to help eachother.

A second reason is the graphix. There bright colorful great effects and just all around well done. Sure theres a few bugs typos. Just little things that will be fixed in no time at all.

A third reason is they keep things interesting. Its not all kill things all the time. You can hang with freinds, have dance partys, Costume partys and so on.

And the final reason is EVERYONE can be original. With the amount of choices in classes and stats you increase you will never have 2 characters that are the same. Everyone will be unike and original.

All and all i give this game a 7/10 but im getting hooked more and more each day.

Your loyal luna member: Blisk

Post Date: 22:10 25-08-2009
Rating: 9
Author: BabyPink
Comment: Luna Online is a game that is very different from other mmorpg games, build wise. Because the builds in this game has many combinations of classes and skills. For instance, You can be a cleric at the 2nd job and for the 3rd job you can choose from a Sorcerer or a priest. In other games when you choose the tree of a mage. Your next class is already chosen for you. So this game you can actaully build something unique.

There is a farm system that lets you plant seeds and when you take care of it by fertilizing it, it will grow into a full staged plant. Then you harvest it and it will give you an item. Double click it and it will give you a material that is needed to make scrolls to make your weapon, armor, and accessorys stronger. Or you can sell the scrolls that you made and make a profit. But there is only 60 farms available so only people with farms would be the richest in the game.

Also a unique thing in this game is the Dating System. You can fight monsters with the person you are dating and spend time with them in special maps designed only for dating. And when you sign up for a residence card and your information matches another persons information, You two will have hearts floating on top of your heads. I think that is really cute .

I enjoy playing this game alot. The Attack skills in this game is really fast. That is why grinding isnt that boring. Most games i played their Attack skills were slow and the leveling process was slow. This games leveling system is not bad. I dont get bored because it is pretty fast to level even at high level. I love the AOEs, They look nice and cast so fast.

The looting system is awesome! Why? Because you dont have to loot. No more spamming a button to collect your money and items from monsters you destroyed. It automatically goes into your inventory. So noone can steal your items laying on the floor.

The Fishing system is also a cool thing to do in this game. You equip a fishing rod and buy some bait. Double click the bait and press a icon then you will start fishing. Leave it on for hours and when you come back you might be lucky to get some rare fishes. Like, Shining Garbage, Gold carp, Terrapin. When you open those fishes you get cool things like 7day map scrolls, Potions, 7 day Belts, 7 day rings, Rare items, Etc.

Also the Luna Online Employee's Are very active. There is a forum where you can do weekly events to win a forum badge and 7 day cashshop outfits. Every week is different. I think its very cool that you can participate in events every week, Because if you did not win the event you can always do it again next week. Another thing, The Luna Online developers are always working i believe. The updates are always coming.

So the things i listed are some of the things i like about this game. There is a lot more, just download this game and see how good it is for yourself! I enjoy playing this game alot. Every morning i wake up, Call my boyfriend to pick me up then we go to his house to play this game. Every single day.. I know time wasting, but its addicting. You will get addicted too! Come try it out.

Post Date: 23:54 24-08-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Fredricone
Comment: Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages I shall now present unto you a game without peer in its style, imagination, and inspiration: Luna Online, by Gpotato. Luna is a free MMO set in a foreign land ruled by Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and Dragonians, and completely overrun by monsters!


The first thing I should mention is the dreaded Item Mall. Many other “free MMO’s” that have item malls are frauds. Sure they present the game to you, the player, and tell you it’s free, completely free…but… You need to buy items to advance in levels at a certain point , or, some of the classes or items are only available to those who buy it and other ways of making the goods at their item shop essential. Luna Online, however, does not. Everything in the game, that can be done, you can do for free. Are the items at their store useful, fun, or otherwise entertaining? Certainly! Or there would be no purpose to having a store in the first place. From costumes for your character to wear, to the ability to expand your inventory slots, there are items of all kinds. Luna Online has done a masterful job of making the essentials free, while providing the cosmetics or extras for low money. It should also be noted that the maximum one can spend, per day, has a 50 dollar limit, which is more then enough to buy anything you need.

Verdict: A+

Character Creation Process:

At first glance this game appears to be so simple it hurts. There are only two races: Humans and Elves, three classes: Fighter Rogue or Mage, and only a handful of customization choices for appearance. Your character is obviously of Anime style, with the big eyes and young appearance, almost childlike. Pop in your name; pick a channel and head on in!

Verdict: C

Music and Sound:

The music is upbeat and simple. It kept me content and happy. It does, however, become a bit repetitious at times. The sound effects are well done, in that anime style of grunts and cheers and such. Not much more to say here, all in all, good sounds!

Verdict: B

Quest System:

The generic system. Talk to the people with ! over their heads to get quests and turn them into people with ? over their heads. Types range from go kill x beasts, to, go speak to x npc to learn more storyline . One unique feature, however, is displayed when you open the world map. The map shows the location of NPC’s and they have blinking motion around them if you can either receive or turn in a quest. Luna Onlines quest system is simple, yet efficient.

Verdict: C+

Storyline style:

Here, I feel, are two things worth mentioning. The actual story itself, and, the way it’s presented. As for the story, Luna Online does a good job of presenting the world’s history, your place in it, and what needs doing. This information is presented through quests throughout the game. The way it’s laid out is very simple and efficient. You start on Map A, and do the quests kill the monsters etc, and at the right point, you will receive a quest to move onto the next Map. The maps are in order, level to level, and there is always a good hook leading you to the next place you’re supposed to be. Some people may not like the “handholding” approach, but I found it useful to know where to go next, while being able to go anywhere I felt like .

Verdict: B+


Here is part of the fun to the game, for sure. If you are not a fan of Anime style cartoon graphics this isn’t the game for you, but if you are at least open-minded, it’s absolutely wonderful! The use of colors, layout of environment, and general feel of area to area is unique and masterfully done. Overall, one is left with the feeling of youth, excitement, and all out entertainment!

Verdict: A+

User Interface:

The layout of the interface, from mini-map, to health bar, action buttons, etc. was very well done. They didn’t fill-up the screen, like some games yet all the information one needs was clearly provided.

Verdict: A

Game-play and Feel:

Here I will be telling you a lot, as there is much to cover. First of all, remember how I said during character creation, there were only 3 class choices? Surprise! There are actually a lot more classes from which to pick. Luna Online provides jobs, or class, throughout your career. These jobs are specialized versions of what you’ve been up to that point in development, and, there are a total of 6 tiers of these. For example: I started the game as a human fighter. Once I achieved level 20, I was provided a quest to become either a guard, or a warrior. Guards, as the name implies, possess a skill set based on defense, shield use, and one-hand weaponry. Warriors though, on the other hand, are designed for 2-handed weapon use, and obliterating your opposition! But wait…did I say that my first job opportunity was at level 20, and that there were 6 tiers? Yes! There are a total of 150 levels in this game, 80 of which are available to USA players, and the rest will be added via free updates. Back to the jobs! As you advance up the ladder, there are two things to keep in mind. First, no matter what you chose the step before, guard for example, when you get to the next job opportunity, you can choose any of the jobs available to you. For instance, a Mage player’s first chance is to go as a Cleric or a Wizard. Let’s say I picked Cleric to heal. At the next tier, one of the jobs is further healing development, and another is designed to continue the wizard’s path of destruction. At this point, even though I chose Cleric, I can select the offensive job next! This, by the end, provides complete customization of one’s character, and ensures that in the end, no two players are the same! Well done!

Another game-play item to discuss is the sense of humor the designers have! As I walked out to fight my first monster, a blue slime I was surprised, pleasantly, to find that it spoke! Now you can’t have a conversation with it, but, it can certainly be entertaining! Slimes talk about how soft the grass is, turtles comment about how they are faster then Michael Phelps, and the list goes on! In fact, every monster, animal, or person, that one can beat up, has their own comments to make, and all of them are fitting, and the majority are funny!

What surprised me most about this MMO, was a feature I’ve never seen in any other game; the dating system. You read me right, Luna Online provides a means and method in which a player can find the person of their dreams! One of the early quests sends you to the town to register for citizenship. When you do so, you offer your gender, age, section of the world, and pick from a list several likes and dislikes. If you enter the dating screen after that a box opens with a list of people who are compatible with you, a chat box to begin conversation with the person, and a rating of how much you two have in common. Sure, this isn’t a foolproof method, but it sure is a great way to get to know your fellow players! Even better…there’s a game play value to this system. Say Harry selects Sally from his date list, and clicks on chat to open a private chat box. Sally clicks accept, and the two establish conversation. There is a button labeled “Lets Go” which they can select, and the game sends them to a private dungeon to work together and conquer! The creatures here are named differently than inside the main game. The items dropped can be anywhere from regular drops to formal dress and suit, and the exp here is tremendous! The arch rival, at the end, should you survive, has the evil plan of tearing you and your loved one away from each other! This is not only clearly entertaining, it provides a unique system and is one worth remembering!

Verdict: A+

Crafting System:

The crafting system is available to everyone upon creation, and is very complex. The end result of using this, however, is limitless! The different actions relating to crafting are, Construction, Deconstruction, Reinforcing, and Enchanting.

Construction is combining raw elements, like skins and such, to produce a useable item. Armor, weapons, and jewelry can be made this way.

Deconstruction is, well, the opposite of Construction! You can take many items monsters drop, like weapons and armor and jewelry, use the deconstruction action to break said item into it’s components, which you can use to construct! It is essential to realize that the amount of components you will receive is only half of what is needed to construct it. So, for example, if I took 6 animal hides and constructed them into a pair of leather leggings, and then deconstructed those leggings, I would only receive 3 animal hides back.

Reinforcement occurs when gemstones are reinforced into weapons and armor to provide a statistical benefit. Luna Online has many different gemstones, at least 20 different types, and each type provides a different bonus. Which gem provides what is clearly identified on the gem’s description. Accuracy, physical defense, magical power, mana points, and even movement speed, represent limitless options. The important thing to realize is the risk factor. You select which gem to use and how many of that gem. If you choose less then 10 of that particular gem there is a strong chance the reinforcement will not succeed. The more of the gem, above 10, increases the bonus derived! The difference between +2 strength and +10 strength, for example, would be the number of gems used. Keep in mind, there is ALWAYS a chance of failing, however small.

Enchantment is quite expensive, yet quite beneficial. To enchant, one must have an enchantment scroll that can be applied to the item in question, as well as an item to apply onto it. Once applied successfully the scroll bestows a rather significant bonus on the item!

Through the use of these actions, there are unlimited possibilities and opportunities to custom build your items from a small bonus, to true artifacts without peer!

Verdict: A+


There are several problems, however, that can be annoying. I’ve noticed some pathing issues, albeit small in number. Also, kill stealing occurs at regular intervals. Luckily, if someone kills the monster you’ve been fighting, you are still provided with a portion of the experience you would have received. Lastly, the number of aggressive creatures is tremendous. There are, in my experience, no docile mobs! This can be great for the hunter but not so good for those built of weaker stuff .


In addition to all that I have mentioned to this point, there is one tremendous bonus I will reveal. The game staff! In my experiences, game to game, staff has usually been a non-factor or a negative one. People talking in forums are often ignored, and the new material to be added comes at a lengthy interval. In Luna Online, this is quite different! There has not been more then a 2 day time, when the staff hasn’t announced a new bonus or special event. Over the course of the last week I have seen things like a pirate invasion on a town, sale at the item shop, new material added, and staff frequently, and kindly, respond on the issues presented in the forums! It is very clear to me that this game’s creators take their player base seriously, and wish to provide an easy way to get into game with enough complexity to be enjoyed!

In My Opinion:

Here I am, at the end of this review, and there’s just one thing left to say. I originally started this game only to compose a review…and found instead a game that has me completely hooked. It’s a great experience for both those who enjoy soloing and those who enjoy partying; those who are intense players, and the casual gamer. In my opinion, Luna Online is a game through which everyone should journey through!

@2009 S.T.Greene

Post Date: 00:49 21-08-2009
Rating: 10
Author: elwood
Comment: Luna is one of the few "cute" mmos that i like. Luna does so many little things good. The graphics are colorful without being annoying. The controls let you move without being a stupid click fest. The music is easy on the ears too.
Instead of being stuck at the lower levels you can rise super smooth with quick combat and good exp. Luna is good for social players too. Friendly players can join guilds and families. You can earn XP from both!

Post Date: 04:51 17-08-2009
Rating: 8
Author: webber
Comment: Although still in beta Luna Online is already looking like a great free mmo. Not everybody will like the style of graphics but who honestly cares? The controls are smooth and the combat is easy..Guilds being able to level is cool even tough I have not joined a guild yet. I will keep [email protected]!

Post Date: 21:38 14-08-2009
Rating: 9
Author: nyriniridiantri
Comment: While Luna Online is still in Open Beta as of right now, this game is definitely not without its own set of pluses and flaws.

[Start; Review]

[Start: Controls]

As a fair level player, I believe that this game is a great game for many people to play and it is easy to become accustom to. The game features a quick use bar, with multiple pages, that allow you to quickly use your skills and spells by a press of a 1 or 2 key, ranging all the way to the 0 key. Mouse movement is good, but with the constant ankle high hills stopping you, along with that small twig from that fallen tree and that tiny rock, it can become frustrating quite easily, especially when the game features no auto-navigation to work around those objects. Attacking is simple and straight forward, you click and select an ability to use on a monster or group on monsters, you run over, execute it, and continue attacking the monster selected, although this can get clumsy when you are gathering large amounts of monsters and you're trying to pick through them when your Area of Effect skill didn't land it's Bleed effect, or it just didn't do enough damage to weaken them enough for a single hit. So from Left click we go right click, and the camera movement. This is a really good camera system, it automatically adjusts when you move it against a wall, and it's quick to zoom in and out with the mouse's scroll wheel. The shortcut keys, or otherwise known as hotkeys, are quick and simple to access, although typing can be a pain when your enter button doesn't register and you make a half dozen pages pop up. Don't worry, though, a simple ESC key makes them all go away.

[End: Control: 8/10]

[Start: Graphical content]
The graphics of Luna Online are very nice and well made. The monsters and Non-Computer Players have nicely detailed bodies, and the monsters look good while walking around and attacking, and on top of that, not every monster has one attack movement! Some have two or even three different attack styles, but you have to pay attention to figure that out. It's also a nice touch to see that while some monsters look a lot alike to one another, that there are details that separate them, such as the Orc Warriors and Orc Archers. They have the same skin, but their armour and weaponry look different.
The Non-Computer Player avatars, when you talk to them, are also nicely detailed and cute to look at, however, the dull part about it is that you talk to the same ones while you make your run through-out Blue Land, they just have different names. While this isn't much of an annoyance, I find it like the same NPC's are meeting me everywhere I go, but they just changed their names. However, the models and avatars match up very well when it comes to the body and facial details, and this is a nice touch to see in an MMORPG.
The Landscaping done in Luna Online is splendid, it's colourful and vibrate and offers a wide variety of objects and places to see, with the only downfall being that some of those tiny objects can block a good camera shot or stop you short of your destination because your character doesn't want to trip on a half inch rock.Maps can vary from large to small, but all pack new landscapes and monsters just waiting for you to discover them.

[End: Graphical Content: 9/10]

[Start: Sound Content]

I'll start with the players. While attacking, you can't always differentiate between a male and female character without looking because some skills have been set to a male voice with the females and vice versa for the males. The level up "Oh Yeah!" Is also uni-sexual as it's the same voice for everyone, Male or female, elf or human. Despite this, the clash of your weapon into an enemy's shoulder or rib, your your spell sending them flying, good sound effects have been created as set to make it more realistic.
Monsters are next on the chopping block. Although they don't make much noise except for their grunts, in fact, it's the only noise they make except for when they hit you, and therein the sounds for an Iron Golem slamming his fist into you makes you think you're being hit by, well, a piece of iron: dull and resounding.
The Music in this game is EXCELLENT. I love listening to the music i Luna Online because it gives the maps such character. In Alker Harbour, for instance, you have an upbeat, joyful tune to listen to, just like what you'd here if you went by a harbour in the old days and heard a group of people playing various instruments for your listening pleasure. The next example is the Ruins of Draconian, where the dungeon-like music gets you into the mood to explore and hunt.

[End: Sound Content: 7.5/10]

[Start: User Interface and System]

Now this is a wide topic, and would take ages to cover, so I'll try and keep is as neat as possible.
First off, from the Controls section of the review, the shortcut keys. These allow for instant access to whatever it is you might need, such as viewing your quests, just press Q and there's your quest window where you can track up to five quests at a time, or abandon old or new ones you don't wish to complete. You can also press I and quickly access your inventory and switch out gear in the heat of battle, however, you can't move items around until you've stopped attacking, which can be a pain for when you're sorting and fighting on the fly. Discarding items is a breeze, and the confirmation is nice to have to make sure you're certain you're throwing away the right item.
Now, from that we have the Dating System, flawed, but well done nonetheless. It's quite simple to do: You chat one on one with your partner that you want to date; You're in the same party as the person you're talking one on one with; one of you is the party president; no one else is in the party; and last but not least, you must have a match of 30 points or more to go out with each other. On top of that, once you've fulfilled the requirements, you can choose one of four currently accessible 'Date Dungeons', such as the Level 1-20 Date dungeon, where it features various monsters from within that level gap. Depending on the dungeon you're in, they're spawn in small, uncontrolled groups that keep spawning even if you don't keep up, or larger, controlled groups that wait for you to have almost eliminated the remaining monster before it spawns a new set on top of you. While you yourself can only start a date three times, if you're party president, the other person's date ticker doesn't decrease until he or she has started a date dungeon. This is a bonus since the Experience gained from a date dungeon can range from 200% at level 10 to 50% at level 20. All in all, it's a good system, although the level gaps between players can mean difficulties in the dungeons.
The guild system is good, and it's well balanced. It features the ability to level up your guild as your guild progresses by fighting and completing quests, and with an quick payment of gold, you guild goes up a rank! By moving up ranks you can get various things, such as emblems, buffs, and other little tidbits for your guild. The ranking system is simple: Newcoming, regular member, elder, Vice president, and president. Newcomers have no options within the guild, regular members have the ability to change their guild tag above their name, as well as invite members, and vice presidents have the ability to do that, as well as change what rank the guild storage can be accessed at, change the guild notice, change member ranks, and change nicknames of all members.
The Family and Farming system is linked together in one package, as having a family of five and a level 50 head of family means you get to own your very own farm with plants and animals! The family system only really give you the farming ability at level 50 and the ability to have a name tag, similar to the guild tag, above your name. Farming is simple: You pay an upkeep of 500, 000 gold each month to keep your farm, and you get to tend to your animals and plants for various and special items. Although much time is required to tend to your crops and animals, it is well worth it to get special and rare items.
And since we're in the Alker Farm region, lets talk the fishing system! Fishing is simple as well, purchase a rod, get some bait, and select your hole! There are three different holes to fish, with peaceful waters being the only hole to fish for as long as you want without it disappearing. While fishing, you can either let your character be, or try and get within the control areas for a good, great, or perfect, allowing you better chances to get rarer fish. Your rods are timed, however, and one bait is used every round of fishing. Also, depending on what hole you're at, you get a different amount of control hits and the gauge moves must faster.

That should be it for the system. Oh, right, options!

The options are simple. You can choose what you want to come up in your chat screen, slightly alter the graphics, and toggle sounds and music, as well say turn off those annoying game tips you ge every minute. Short, simple, and sweet, thus is the options menu.

[End: User Interface and System: 9/10]

[End: Review: 9/10]

I am also impressed that this game features an Cash Item shop for it only just beginning it's Open Beta system. Very impressive, and items in the cash shop are well prices for what they are. 9/10 for the cash shop.

And that about covers it for my review. I hope you enjoyed reading it and maybe I'll see you new players in game sometime, eh?

Post Date: 03:28 12-08-2009
Rating: 7
Author: MSNAdmin
Comment: First off I would like to say Luna Online is still in beta, and as such we can only get a rough taste of how the game/gameplay is and hopefully will be once all the kinks are hammered out. But I am surprised that the cash store is opened for a beta game...

With that said, Luna online remind me of Ragnarok Online, it is a more advanced 3D version with english speaking GMs. In the interest of saving time i will remove all the filler and get straight to the point.

Why you should play Luna Online (pros)
It has a cutesy RO style gameplay with better sprites.
Characters are very customizable, many styles and gameplay
Unique weapon/armor/accessory improvement system
Game is not just party oriented like FFXI
Can fish to make extra dough and get costumes
Responsive GMs that listen
Level range limiting (if you kill a monster out of your limit you will get almost no exp and no drops, double sided sword - can help you from high level camping a boss but can also hurt you if your super l337 and kill something much higher you get less exp as well)
Date System - Can search for people per age, location, likes and dislikes
Farm System - Can grow crops, and raise animals
Buying and selling system - you can put up shops for vending as well as buying, so you can buy/sell items

Why you should wait until the bugs and gameplay is fixed/upgraded (cons)
Alot of clipping issues where you can get stuck on hills, bones, random things on floor
Some items, quest, maps, skills, game text is not fully translated or translated correctly. Some skills mention one thing but the effect is different.
Fishing prizes are limited, and besides the unique costume like look it gives it has low benefits or just too expensive to buy for beginners to mid range players
Level Limit cap with limited monsters. If you are high leveled there are only a few monsters within your range that you can get exp from, and the last few levels to hit cap (80) is very very slow going.
No KillSteal protection system (only reason is might influence people who kill many monsters at the same time)
Item stacking issues - sometimes items do not stack correctly and you need to change zones or log back in to correct.
Date system - Dates are just fighting monsters, does not keep records so you cant remember whom you dated and liked/disliked unless you get your own paper journal.
Farm system - farms are limited thus it is insanely expensive and almost impossible to insure a transfer of ownership (scammers) there are i believe only 80 slots available for farms and each server has thousands of players so... you do the math.
Fishing - Same map as farm and 1 map per server thus most fishing spots are overcrowded and lagful
RMTs - There is no system or method in place to stop block or even squelch people from selling game curency for real money, not only that those RealMoneyTraders constantly spam on chat and shout in towns with no way to mute.
During buying and selling you cannot chat/talk even to your friends on whisper or to your friends, family, guild.
Towns can get flooded with shops, no auction house system, and shop search option doesnt work how users want it to, can only search shop titles and is case sensitive.

Other comments (neutral)
Luna online has PK, but the PK system is tipped to the non pking players, pkers are severly punnished by other players, more exp/item/monatary losses vs non pkers about 10:1 disadvantage
Like RO, LO guilds also has emblem functions, direction on how to upload and set it up is very vague, also emblem for family, alliance. Can assign titles to yourself (family/guild titles)
Costumes can make you look cute, fluffy, sexy, mean, evil or anything. Some give bonus to stats or gameplay; Only problem is most costumes are like rentals expiring in 3, 7, 30, or 365 days.

Is luna online a good game? YES, can it be better? of course! Will it? Only time will tell since it is still a beta. I hope being in beta will not be used as an excuse not to implement improvements or new content. And I hope this game will not be in a forever or dragged out beta stage to delay game improvments and new content. Fun and interesting game but can be better, much better.

Post Date: 13:19 10-08-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Syphair
Comment: .//Table of Contents
Hit Ctrl + F on your keyboard and enter the code to jump to the desired section. You can feel free to read the entire guild as well.



Welcome to the wonderful world of Luna Online. Ever since this game hit the public release a couple of months ago it has gained numerous fans and an immense popularity among its player base; and that is not without a reason!

Join the ever expanding world of Blue Land, where tales are written and legends uncovered as you explore, make new friends and enjoy the many different features this game offers -- all whilst trying to save the world from the threats of the numerous monsters in cute 3D anime styled graphics.

What you need to play Luna is a client and an account at their site. Do not worry; there are plenty of guides on the site that do a great job at getting you started. If you are eager to learn more you can always visit the forum as well.

The game is frequently updated with cash shop updates (they have some really nice and useful items) and minor changes, with a BIG content patch that includes new level cap/maps/quests etc. once every ~6 weeks.


The gameplay of Luna Online seems pretty similar to those of other games, but you soon will find out it has its own charm. After picking one of the current two races and a job you will start your adventure on the floating continent of Blueland.

The leveling concept seems pretty basic; do your quests, grind a bit, or team up and take on groups of monsters at once. What makes Luna different from other games though is the fact that the stereotypical 'mindless grinding' (lv45+) isn't too hard here; it actually can be enjoyable at times. The monsters are not too hard to defeat, the experience rates are decent, you will always have one or more repeatable quests and of course, there will always be something to look forward to. For example: your next job change, new maps, new quests, a new weapon/armor/accessoires set etc. If that still isn't enough there are plenty of ways to speed up leveling, like using nostrums or experience scrolls you will get for FREE as you reach certain levels.

For free? That is right. In Luna Online, you will receive free items as you play it. For example: level-up gift boxes that can be opened at a certain level. They contain many useful things like goodies, costumes and even cash shop items as well! And what about Time and Protection Crystals you will automatically get as you played Luna for a certain amount of minutes/killed a certain amount of monsters?

The graphics in Luna are not too perfect or realistic, but cute and likeable. Some people may label them as childish, but remember that everyone has his own gaming preferences. Being used to playing high-quality graphic games like Holic and Florensia, I myself had some serious questions about the graphics in Luna. But after I started playing and got into it, I started to like them. Like the many others things in Luna, they have their own charm. It really fits the game.
The soundtrack is decent enough to leave it on while playing, although you may get bored of it later on. There usually are two maps or sometimes even more that share the same track, so bringing your own music may be a good idea.
The map design is something I have a love/hate relationship with. At some maps there’s nothing to criticize about it, but at others it looks like the ground was done in MSPaint. Still, that only applies to those who pay attention to it (like me) but is not something that kills the game altogether.


Luna Online has a wide arsenal of unique features to make your gaming experience more enjoyable. And I must say, it does a really neat job at that. Next to the more 'standard' features like Construction (Alchemy/Crafting), Deconstruction, Enchanting (Upgrading) and Reinforcing (Strengthening) there are also alot of unique and well-executed features.

For example, fishing. In Luna Online the fishing system is something where you actually can do more than just spending a day gazing at your rod; as you fish you will sometimes get a 'fishing quest' which will reward you with items if you catch the fish listed in the right order. Different kinds of fish can be caught in different waters based on the weather circumstances. Your catching can be exchanged for fishing points, which in turn can be used to purchase rare costumes and more! Not to mention that there are several rare items that can be caught while fishing that may give you something VERY nice.

The fishing system is just the top of the iceberg; at the official Luna Online Forum you will find numerous great guides under the 'Gameplay Guides' section that will introduce you to the many features this game has.


The community of Luna Online is something alone that makes it worth playing. The staff is friendly, helpful, participates in events, replies at the forum like you do and keeps it clean and organized. They are not the usual bunch of puppeteer masters that pulling the strings from the shadows and only can speak in terms of ‘ban’, ‘warn’, ‘irreverent’.

The members of the Luna community are the same. I started whilst I was wondering if I’d ever make one friend here at all. Now I look back as two pages on my friendslist filled with awesome people I met while playing luna and still team up with regularly. Not to mention that there are plenty of great guilds, families and even alliances out there that are always ready to welcome new members. So, I am sure pretty much everyone will find his fit in Luna.


I started on Luna a few months ago, and must say it was able to meet and exceed my expectations everywhere. I have played quite a few MMORPGs myself, but unlike other games that appear to exceed in graphics, gameplay and lack elsewhere, I haven’t found any major flaws in Luna. Nice gameplay, cute graphics, numerous great features, regular updates and an awesome community are backing up this even more awesome game. Luna is a game with a bright future; will you join and be part of it?


Post Date: 03:26 10-08-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Lances12
Comment: Luna is pretty much the best game I played as it is fresh, adorable and creative why I did say so.Firstly,you need to create a account at if you play gpotato games before you don't need to create an another account any more and download the game try using a downloader like Orbit or others for best results.

The fun,

Now the fun really got started.When,you click on the LUNA icon you will first see something in the middle you can choose between 800x600,1024x768 and 1280x1024 and window mode I myself prefer window mode as is very easy to access Window Live Messenger and surf on the IE,firefox,mozilla and etc.

In the game,

You select over a human or elf(cuter)with 3 classes at first namely rogue, fighter and mage. Elves are better to do mage class, human are better for fighter rogue are balanced for both, class advancement is on level 20,40,75 and more as it still on open beta currently There are lots of eyes to choose from not to mention male and female and last for all class and hairstyles if you want more selection you can buy Premium Style Shop Coupon using gpotatos which you can buy using real money.

Next up, gaming time

When you first started you get a weapon (depending on class choice) and clothes no striping girls^. ^ And you fight some monsters. until you get a quest to do your Residence Card you have to put some icons to your likes and dislikes and there this is for the date system purposes>.

Post Date: 17:52 09-08-2009
Rating: 8
Author: buzzsaw
Comment: Not bad for a "cute" game....I had a better time grinding in Luna than I have questing in others lolz.


Fun grinding
Level fast
guilds earn xp
class switching


Everybody looks like a kid.
Customization when starting is blah.
Hard to travel.
Combat is TOO simple.

Post Date: 06:24 08-08-2009
Rating: 9
Author: mmowiz
Comment: luna is one of the most fun free mmo that i have played recently. i gained levels very quickly by whacking monsters and performing easy quests. i had a wierd experience in luna where a girl approached me being friendly asked my age and then started chasing me. she must have loved my kiddish looking character :p. wierd expeience aside i love it

Post Date: 05:48 07-08-2009
Rating: 7
Author: azni3oy923
Comment: My Luna Online game review

Luna online doesnt have much of a high detailed or wide selection of charactor customization

You only get 2 Race to pick from Human or Elves

You get only 6 different kind of eyes and hair.

If you purchase some cashshop item you can increase your customization selection a bit more
they have about 24 hair styles which can only recieve with cashshop coupons.

Which is a total let down because everyone hates to look that same!

but no worries there are much to come!!!

The game interface is very easy to use. Its very simple to understand, and if you dislike its location you can simply move them around
mostly the top part of its interface.

And now the game play itself!!!

This game is a fast pace skill spaming destruction which is one of the best features
if you hate those mmorpg that takes turns attack or that have to wait a second or 2 to attack you need to try this game.
this game has constant common attack and skill which are spammable but not super fast spam it does take time to cast certain skills
but still prettydepending on what class you are.the fast action it will keep you active and keep you awake and alert which is great to keep you company as you concentrat on leveling, time is a big factor in this game and organizing your skill is also helpful in certain area such as pvp, mobb killing, and perfecting your time to kill.

This game can be played with a party which is the best option for most job/classes you are but for some solo is the way to go!
this game is playable in both party/alone so its easy to grind, theres quest available in all level which is something you can do other then just grind.
quests in this game are like goals to achieve they help you gain benefit from it such as exp, money, or items!

unlike some mmorpg like final fantasy online which is mostly played with party, in this game you decide when you want to level up or fine a party
but either way you can always do something!


Luna is known for this feature the most i've never seen a game with so many different class choices which probably makes up for the lack of charactor

As there main website claims there about 40 different jobs but hundreds of different combination.

What am i talking about? combination???

let say you start out as a priest >>> down the road u get bored or you fine interested in some other classes which will help you level up faster or enjoyable to play.

between the level of job changing which are
20,40,75,105,145 you can change to whichever kind of mage or fighter or rogue you want to be!!!

there are so many different combination upon your choice which is based on your! perspective. some player want to deal damage because they are tired of tanking they would become a damage dealing class or some player decide to go tank so they can mob for there party or become there healer they can!

Some combination are use for battles!! certain class dont get certain skill as they do in lower level or higher so that where a skill calculator comes in handy!
build you own perfect fighting machine or supporter or whatever you like. and make your build unique!!! which is something everyone else can't HAVE!!!


Crafting in this game is pretty kOoL!

monster drop all the material need for crafting although it does not always say whats its for but a little discription can you if they
can do something. Contruct / Destruct

if you pull up your crafting menu it can tell you what you can make!

Crafting in this game is kool you can craft your own armor and weapon jewelry gem and much much more.

So becareful of item you toss out when fighting monster because that item maybe what you might just need later for!!


alchemy is very simple in this game you select your item then enchant it with collected gems and scroll to increase it powers!!! easy to use easy to understand!

but some part are not 100% clear such as reinforcing a item placing 100 gem and probability is not display so it hurt to fail when u spend all that time... collecting

which is a bummer!

Other features!!


in this game is sort of like a mini game although sometime it fail when you fish and i dont understand why but eh..
you can play the mini game for better chance to catch something or you can just go to sleep and let it auto fish for you
which is less rewardable and eats up more of your money but still you can obtain cash shop item / rare items / temperory rare items -.- which is kool!!!


Farming in this game is decently kool. in each server there are 60 farm land which you can own 1 of them or many more if you want to be a hogger
but owning a farm allows you to obtain rare item like enchant scroll, high quality gem, and much more random items. to obtain these item you have to
follow proccedures to obtain a farm then there a long term patience of planting a seed and feeding it to grow into a plant which then you can harvest to obtain your

another kool thing is you can customize your farm look, you can upgrade the house, field, fence, and stable. make yourself look like loyalty but i do warn you
its expensive to pimp your house!!! but hey that what seperate the poor from the rich!!

the bad news it not everyone can get a farm which kind of make the economy in this game to grow !!

this is one of the coolest feature i wish everyone can try some say its not worth it but heck do they know!!


In this game its ment to be played with a partner of the opposite sex. every day you are allow to go dating 3 time with the same or different person
dating take you to a map where you can obtain fast exp + rare items

dating is a good way to make new friends or enemies or stalker or psycho killers

i dont approve of the game with its dating location... why would i take my date to a haunted mansion or grave yard i must be one creepy person!!!

and a tip from me to you is to never meet them in person because ya.. online... everyone 6 foot tall and buff but in real life?

and apparently age doesnt matter in this game lol don don don "this is chris hanson from dateline NBC" (to catch a predator) to bad he doesnt play this game!!

Comming features



I wish features Mounts!!!

Post Date: 03:37 07-08-2009
Rating: 9
Author: kitaruu
Comment: Having played a number of top MMO’s currently available on the market, Luna Online has already become one of the favourites in such a short amount of time. Uplifting, energetic, and yet surprisingly relaxing are only a handful of ways to describe the feeling when you first enter the immense world of the Blue Land.

The concept of the game is simple and follows the trademark template of most MMO’s, yet the simple, but challenging levelling system, the infinite possibilities of gear customization (crafted, looted, enchanted, reinforced) to fully bring out the potential in your characters, a dynamic job system which allows players to develop their characters’ skills further more, the dating system in which you and a partner work together to conquer dungeons, a family/farming system where the luckiest (and richest!) of players can harvest together their own crops, and of course last but not least the cute adorable characters makes this game a stand out from the rest.

Alongside the many features of the game include the cash-shop system; designed for players who wish to pay (purely optional) for premium items to further enhance their characters and gaming experience in the world of Luna. Unlike most other cash-shop based games, the trading of these items within the game has not disrupted the in-game economy, and therefore has had positive feedback from the masses of players engrossed in the Blue Land, including myself who could not resist buying the ‘Phantom of the Opera’ costume set!

The content of the game is continuously updated, with special events being held by some of the most supportive and professional Game Masters possible. The community is friendly, supportive, and active, and the forums are constantly updated and used by young and old alike; bringing players of all ages closer together. Gala-Net has truly demonstrated it’s passion for gaming by introducing this game in English, and I would without question recommend this to anyone looking for a fun, friendly, uplifting online game, with the added bonus of professional customer support.

Post Date: 23:27 06-08-2009
Rating: 9
Author: nitemare2004
Comment: Luna Online is probably one of the most addicting MMORPGs that i have played. i have played the original Korean version when it was still in the Beta testing stages and it had me in front of the computer almost all day. the characters are really cute, that's probably one of the reasons why it drew my attention at first glance, and the story is pretty deep.
in the English version, by gpotato, the game made much more sense, since English is my primary language, however, i can clearly see where they used a translation program to convert the language from Korean, to English and it kinda bugs me to see some obvious grammatical errors that were overlooked (not to mention a couple of Korean words that have yet to be translated). the dating system was something that i have never been apart of until the English version came out, and i have got to say, its pretty fun.^^
i am really glad that gpotato released this in the US (thank you so much!! XD).

Post Date: 23:08 06-08-2009
Rating: 8
Author: phearmybawxers
Comment: Ah...Luna is is a great game because it isn't like most games, you can relax in places, talk to friends, there's even a dating system. ^^ But most of all, it's fun, a lot of people, you can talk to friends. Destroy rather "powerful" monsters, level up, get rich, and get to the max level.

Post Date: 19:47 16-04-2009
Rating: 9
Author: Paulenski
Comment: Definitely better than Flyff in visual detail, large amount of quests, more in depth story to the overall game. The characters are rather cute, an interesting skill system, alot more classes to choose from. I've played on the English Singapore version and also spoke with an GM to the Gpotato Version, their relatively the same for the content and the game system. Just small variations in the xp curve and other aspect of the rpg system.

Post Date: 18:13 08-04-2009
Rating: 10
Author: Review Meister
Comment: Luna should be a great game like Flyff and Rappelz. I hope to play the closed beta when it starts on April 17, 2009. Hint, give me a key GameOgre:D.

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