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OpenArena is an open-source content package for Quake III Arena licensed under the GPL, effectively creating a free stand-alone game. You do not need Quake III Arena to play this game.

Total Rating: 8.00
Reviews: 2

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Review Archive

Post Date: 19:13 29-11-2014
Rating: 8
Author: Mihajlo
Comment: OpenArena is a free to play first person shooter game (based on Quake 3) developed by OA Team. OpenArena features 1` game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Tournament, 3 types of Capture the Flag (classic, Elimination and One flag), Last Man Standing, Harvester, Overload, Domination and Double Domination. Game is easy to get into and fun to play, my vote for it is 8/10

Post Date: 21:40 14-11-2008
Rating: 8
Author: Banger
Comment: I wonder how this will do after Quake live...Hmmm

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