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Wizard101 is an online, Wizard school adventure with collectible card magic, wizard duels, and far off worlds! The game allows players to create a student Wizard in an attempt to save Wizard City and explore many different worlds.

Total Rating: 4.71
Reviews: 7

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Post Date: 23:09 28-06-2010
Rating: 1
Author: Ichigohollowfied
Comment: I played this game and installed it and whatever, i was expecting a lot more out of it....the tutorial sucked. the graphics blow, the chat feature sucks even more. graphics are cruddy, its soooo laggy no matter what. nobody is willing to help you its just a really really bad game in my opinion. needs to be worked out completely.

Post Date: 21:17 31-05-2010
Rating: 9
Author: 506dude
Comment: dont listen to all those crappy reviews,because they didnt play the whole game. Wizard101 is a turn based card game which is the best game i have played. You do have to get a subscription though which might cost a lot. I beat whole game three times and it is truly addicting. the best game. It is so worth playing. only the money part might ruin it.

Post Date: 08:30 24-04-2010
Rating: 0
Author: smo68
Comment: one of the worst games i ever played do not care about the players
fan site is worse.
got banned from fan site for life just for saying goodbye to all my friends.

Post Date: 20:35 08-12-2009
Rating: 10
Author: botanage
Comment: i beleive that it is real good got me hooked try members if you like it dont think it is drag because you have to pay at about level 10 the censors are good it is targeted to little kids and when your there awhile there are ways to get past with numbers keep it a kids game dont talk thrash and for you guys asking to be a girl o frieed or will you be my girl you dont even know how old or young they are if you dont want your kids to be on that menu chat is a good way to go

Post Date: 00:55 13-08-2009
Rating: 10
Author: webber
Comment: 1.5??? Wizard 101 does a MUCH better score than that. What do you expect in a game targeted toward families with kids? IMo it is a blast if ur a harry potter fan. To me that is what the game is trying to capture. Instead of being Wow, you focus only on a being a wiz.....The game is simple but it tagrget its audience well with something a little different than the normal fantasy mmos. I give it a 10 because the score is too low!

Post Date: 02:08 06-04-2009
Rating: 3
Author: Ubiquitous
Comment: Repetition is an understatement here. Every fight is carried out "trading card" game style. Unfortunately in their attempt to reach a young audience they have seriously ruined some of the potential of the game.

I enjoy turn based games and I enjoy trading card games. So this game does satisfy those pleasures in a small degree, but it will never contain the complexity necessary to keep your interest for more than the first "zone". At least not if you enjoy progressive challenges. I know, I know...you don"t want complexity in a child"s game, but then again if you visit their forums you will read members crying out for fixes. You will also discover that the members are more than capable of theory crafting and strategizing (especially in PvP.) It seems they are selling their users a bit short when evaluating their players mental capacities.

Every quest is a series of "collect this" or dual X monsters. Period. (Well perhaps there is a "walk here and walk back", but you get the point.)

The PvP system is broken big time. In the rated games (the ones that matter), you have no control at all as to whom you are up against. Imagine my surprise to pay real money for in-game currency (which I used to play around with PvP a bit) only to discover that I was automatically paired up against someone with several more levels than myself and double my health. Actually, this was not a fight at all. It was a murder. A murder that I paid real money to experience. I could actually go on for quite some time picking out the serious problems with the pvp system, but I don"t really think it so much a pvp system a "test out your spells until your opponent has enough pips to one shot you" system.

Support is a bit slow on the draw and is relentless when it comes to parting with a dime. After several communications with them they quite literally informed me that the design of their account processing system made it impossible to manually add credits to an account. I found this frightening since every system is capable of errors. After some back and forth banter with their support staff I am somewhat scared that they are currently in possession of my credit card info especially since they apparently can NOT fix an error should it occure. I challenge them to say this is slander....I still have the emails.

Oh and free to play covers less than half of the starting world. Furthermore, you will not even be able to complete every quest given to you in the free areas as several of them send you into paid zones. One in particular sends you into nearly every paid zone and early in the game at that. Quite the gimmick to get your payment info.

If you enjoy an exceptionally simple game with a ton of repetition and you trust payment systems that can"t be corrected then go for it. Its childlike atmosphere might provide you and your kids a great time. For me however I simply wish I could get my money back for unused credits.

With the influx of new online gaming options I can only imagine that this one will fizzle away unremembered as its initial fan base grows up and moves to bigger and better things.

Oh, you might also find it interesting that their first major "upgrade" was the addition of low quality voice overs to all of the starting world characters. As if this was needed with the three simple, largely recycled quest requests that they asked you to read in the first place. I am almost convinced that they grabbed a few of the office staff to record these voices and it shows. A better option for their resources would have been to improve broken game mechanics...and oh, I don"t know...maybe to enable staff to make manual modifications to player accounts? You know. Stuff that improves the game.

Well at least you can entertain yourself with minigames while you regenerate your mana and health (and a necessity for filling your potion bottles unless you wish to spend hard earned gold.) You"ll remain rivited for hours playing recycled versions of games like Dig Dug (you remember this exciting 8-bit game right?) Truely original content that will keep you engaged for days just looking for an excuse to refill your potion bottles. Yea...that was sarcasm.

Post Date: 04:19 02-02-2009
Rating: 0
Author: clickmehere
Comment: I saw the commercial then tried it.. of course like most disney games there was a hit and then a miss. at first everyone goes on and there is a big rush but then after about a weak the game is garbage.

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