Age of Sorcery

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Age of Sorcery is a FREE massively multiplayer online (MMO) mobile game for serious empire builders, a strategy game at a whole new scale!\n\nIn Age of Sorcery, you are building your own empire in a world of conflict and magic, developing your cities powered by magic energy, hunting legendary monsters in the wild world, occupying precious resource lands and conquering palaces abandoned by the gods. While resources are not unlimited, with the expansion of each empire, the players\' armies start to engage each other, alliances form and war is inevitable!

Total Rating: 9.00
Reviews: 2

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Post Date: 18:19 06-11-2014
Rating: 8
Author: Mihajlo
Comment: Age of Sorcery is online mobile strategy game for windows phone. After choose your side (Dark or Holy) you start as small village and the goal is to build army and conquer. I rate this game 8/10

Post Date: 15:41 11-09-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Garagos
Comment: I playing this game for about 3 months and can tell you a lot of about game, tactics, strategy. I will write about everything to show you how is this game. So, let's begin :)

Something general about the game.
It is an strategy multiplayer online game, where two sides fight against each other. You can choose between holy and dark. At begin when you choose your side, you can't swith the same.

Game is begun.
When you decide which side you want, then this game starts. First what you will get is one your own city, which contains some buildings. It is your main city and there you have one castle.
Castle is the heart of your city and place where your army inits are gathered. It provides some number of storage, you have 10 levels, each level brings bigger number of storage capacity. There you will get also gems, gems are something what you can get in castle or buy by yourself in shop for real money...
Although Castle is the most important part of your city, there you can build a few other constructions. That are Warehouse, Cottage, Shrine of Wind, Shrine of Fire, Shrine of Earth, Portal, Academy, Forge, Mithril Ruin, City Wall and Farm. Each of them give you some bonuses and they all have 10 levels. So, when you choose to build Cottage for example you build it for about 50 secunds and then it is first level. Next level costs a little bit more and gives more bonuses and needs more time to constucion be made.

Guide for buildings.
Warehouse is place when you upgrade your capacity level. At level 10, you will get 7500 capacity for food, mithril and golds (it is maximal level)
Cottage is place that provides your living spaces, food and golds per hour for your people. At maximal level 10 you will get 570 living space, 285 food per hour and 570 golds per hour.
Shrine of Wind is place where you have 4 diffrent types of ''warriors''. That are Spies, Sages, Guardins and Tempest.
Spies are fast unit and very weak. Usually, they are using only for spying others cities, palaces and armies.
Sages are stronger then Spies and they are ranged units. I using them very often for conquring some other palaces and killing monsters.
Guardians are good for defending cities. They are strong in defending, but not so good in atack. They are Melee units.
Tempest are quickly units, which are the strongest Arcane units (Arcane units are all units which Shrine of Wind making). They doing a tons of damage.
Shrine of Earth is next building. There you can recruit three types of units. That are Sand Raiders, Strykers and Highlanders. They are all Human units.
Sand Raiders are the weaker here. They have speed, but don't have a lot of power.
Stryker are Ranged units which are equipped with a long bow and light armour. I love these units, because they are good agains almost all monsters.
Highlander are the most expensive Human, Melee units which are really strong and powerful.
Shrine of Fire is another place where you building troops. There you can build Dreadnaught, Marauder and Sentinel. They are all Machine class units.
Dreadnaught are the cheapest units in this Shrine. They are Melee units.
Marauder are Machine class Mobile unit. They have
impressive speed and atack power, but they are not the strongest in Shrine in Fire.
Sentinel are the strongest part of Shrine of Fire. They are Ranged and strong units, which works very well with Sages and Strykers. :)
Academy is place where you can research some technologies that makes your troops stronger. There you will find, Espionage, Alliance, Rise of the Seven Stones, Rite of Enkidling, Archicture and Redempton. All you can upgrade to the level 10, each level gives you more bonuses. Every of them gives some other bonus.
Forge is place where you also can research something. There you will find Arcane Focus, Sharp BLade, Baptism of Fire, Shielding Wards, Reinforced Armor, Fortifiled Armor, Arcane Amplifier, Wards of Regeneration and Auxiliary Power Core. Everything of that gives your units some more power and they are stronger if is each of that on bigger level.
Portal is place where you sending your troops to the other your cities and palaces, I will write about other cities and palaces after in this text. In general, it is place where you can send troops ti any destination which you must to pay with your gems. (gems you geting in main castle or you buying it)
Farm produces food to feed your armies and people. When you sending your army in any war you must send with them some amount of food.
Mithril Ruin is the place to mine mithril. It regenerate your mithrils. Mithrils in game are like some golds and they are just blue. You need mithril for every job you want to make in your city.

What else you will find there...
Menu is button which gives you some options. First in row, there is World. World like our brings you to the big area which conteins cities from other Dark players, some monsters, Abandoned Palaces, Grand Palaces, Resources and map is really large, you can find there also Holy players and War Zone. But, they are at the begining really too far away from you.

Ok, that World is really funny and interesting place. I will tell you about all his parts a little.
Cites I explained before, at the start each player get one city it is his main city. After when you reach some levels you will have chance to build some more cities. I am at level 30 and I can build right now 4 cites and I have 3 :)
Abandoned palaces(ap) are some very important palaces. They are like cites, but palaces you must conquer. Each palace have his own guard, that can be Hell Revengel, Demon Hund or Amethyst Dragon. You need about 20-30 thousends of troops to conquer one ap.
Grand Palace(gp), I don't know a lot of about them because I have only one and I got it from my allience boss. They are bigger then Ap-s and cites. But when you have an Gp, you must be careful, because then Holies wants to take it from you.
Resources are places which you must conquer also. Each of Resources place have own level and each of them has guard. Bigger level has stronger and harder guard to defeat. When you take that Resources which you want, you always must let one unit(is not important which one) just to keep it. Resources giving also some bonuses and because that they are very important.
Monsters like word say, they are Monsters which you will find in World, they don't atack you never, they are here to be atacked, you must atack and win them to get experiance to get new level. Monsters which you will find on the Map are Hell Revengel, Vile Stalker, Demon Hund, Amethyst Dragon, Venom Drake, Krag Beast, Abnomination, Primal Destroyer, Blood Queen and Ancient Golem.
One building I forgot, that is Sacred Palace, that you can find on War Zone, it is something like Abandoned Palaces, just they are in War Zone.

Button Menu gives some more options yet like...
Report, Shop, Chat, Allience, Rank, Mail, Settings, Help and POL.
Reports you are messages which you will get when you send army on the way, when your army is retreat from some battle, when army wins or be defeated by monsters or some other players.
Shop is place where you can buy gems or essentia. Essentia are purple-yellow coins whit them you buying gems, Essentia coins you will buy for real money. Then in shop with gems you can buy some benefits like +1 building queue, -33% march time, Random City Migration, Rename City, Chat Text Color, Change Lord Name ...
Chat is place when you talk with your allience friends or you can choose ''World'' and speak with all Dark players in my case.
When you tap on Allience you can see Allience informations, description, members, ranks in Allience, fame, experieance from other players and some other things.
Mail are private messages. It is easiest way for communication.
At the Rank you will see HighScore, who has the most experience, fame, level(max 100), palaces, resources...
POL is place where you can write coordinates and then click on go co and you will go where you wrote. For example, 2104:203. Also you can mark in the World some cities, ap-s, gp-s and other thing and everything after you will find on POL.
Settings like all Settings in games, you can change e-mail adress, password, push notificatins, turn off/on Music, turn off/on Sound, block some players...
At the end of this row is Help, place when you can find some other advices, guides, instructions... Everything about game you will find there.

At the end something more about game, some advices and tactics.
Game is pretty good and because it is mobile game you can play it if you have Internet Connection in every moment. It's consume a lot of Battery, but it is game... I playing that game 3 Months and there I found really some funny, because you can do a lot of diffrent actions. One thing what impress me the most that are people there, all are good friends. Just go to any Allience and you will find a lot of friends and they will help you how to play, everything they will show and share with you. Something what is important and maybe the best way for communication it is WeChat. All Age of Sorcery players using that, there they can sends screenshoots, share advices and have some funny that not must be just a game.

I really want to recommend this game, everything what you need it is one Windows Phone and game can begin.
Sorry, if I was boring, but I want to help some players who wants to start playing this game, If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me. :)
Thank's for understanding :)

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