Archlord 2

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Archlord 2 blends elements of traditional MMORPGs and gear-grinding games, while focusing mostly on a fun and fast-paced PvP environment with lots of variety and unique game features.

Total Rating: 7.67
Reviews: 3

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Review Archive

Post Date: 09:41 09-04-2015
Rating: 8
Author: LosmiK
Comment: Like this game, played it and it's good.

Post Date: 15:56 12-03-2015
Rating: 8
Author: StEvA
Comment: Looks great,
i like this graphics and gameplay...

Post Date: 23:24 19-01-2015
Rating: 7
Author: thundemp2007
Comment: Archlord 2 is a PVP MMORPG that will give you great experience as you play this new edition.Character defines as Orcs and Humans where you will choose to become title of Archlord. You can explore dungeons which you can farm or at least have your friends or party. Graphics are quite good and its gameplay. Lots of weapon which is unique for every faction. This game is not bad at all to try.

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