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In a world where Dragons roam the land and the heavens, there exists a civilization with extraordinary magical powers. This world, the world of Dragon Saga, will take new adventurers into the discovery of its riches and traditions. Since the close of the Dragon War, dragons and humans lived in peace on separate worlds - humans on their homeland, and dragons exiled to the depths of the Aether.

Total Rating: 6.67
Reviews: 3

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Post Date: 18:02 06-07-2015
Rating: 5
Author: LosmiK
Comment: Almost all games are on the same principle, this game to me do not really like, not something.

Post Date: 16:26 26-05-2013
Rating: 7
Author: Webber
Comment: Dragon Saga is ok, but lacks an addictive element. Maplestory and Runescape are both better for keeping you addicted or at least trying in my case xD. Maple Story is still the best at side scrolling.

Post Date: 08:25 05-06-2012
Rating: 8
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: Dragon Saga is a light and fun MMORPG slash brawler that can be recommended for old-school fans, more casual MMO fans, and younger players. It takes place in a bright and friendly fantasy world and features fast and frantic side-scrolling combat.

Graphics: DragonSaga is a mix between a 3D and what's usually referred to as a 2 1/2 D side-scrolling brawler. Your character, other characters, and monsters are anime-styled characters in a fully polygonal world. While there is depth to most levels, it's somewhat limited to moving back and forth within the foreground. There are occasionally jump pads and teleporters that can move you from area to area. The game has a fixed side-scrolling camera that will take you around corners, and up and down hilly or mountainous regions. It's a nice mix that allows you to experience a more expansive world while still using basic brawler controls. The game has a fun, goofy fantasy theme, as opposed to a more serious, Tolkien-style take on the material. Characters have bright, friendly faces, enemies are slightly goofy looking, and colors are bright and varied. In motion, it's a fun mix of stylish and silly.

Sounds: Sound and music are about standard for a JRPG. The music is faux-orchestral, with tracks being either welcoming or menacing depending on whether you're in a town or dungeon. There are no vocals. You'll hear the growls, howls, and baas of enemies, sounds of swords slashing through the air, and the pings and chimes of leveling up or being contacted by friends.

Gameplay: I must say that overall, I enjoyed my experience with Dragon Saga. It follows the standard MMO path of completing quests, grinding, leveling up, visiting instanced dungeons, gaining abilities in an ability tree, and so on. I think what made the experience rewarding is that Dragon Saga is less formal and structured than other MMOs I played. In keeping with the brawler-based combat, battles are fast and fierce. Areas in the world are compact, so there's not a lot of walking around. Instanced dungeons, where the brawler flavor is strongest (even with a Go -> arrow once all enemies have been cleared) can be very brief, taking 10 to 15 minutes per "stage". It doesn't feel like a job or a chore to clear out, and after completing one, I found myself staying up late into the night, thinking "I'll just do one more dungeon run," rather than needing to take a break after a three-or-four hour crawl. It makes Dragon Saga much more approachable for casual gamers, or gamers wanting a social game that's not a massive time sink.

Translation is easily the weakest aspect of DragonSaga. The translation appears to mostly be done by non-English speakers. The more crucial the in-game text, the more accurate the translation, but character dialogue and flavor text is often confused and awkward. This wasn't too bothersome, as I rarely read the quest dialogue in MMOs. The story for Dragon Saga is a goofy spin on the standard JRPG formula, so players aren't missing out on meaningful nuance. Text on how to complete a mission is clear, and it's always easy to know where to go, or what you need to do. The translation never impeded my ability to play the game, but translation quality does vary, and it could definitely use more polish in the flavor text.

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