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DragonVale is a simulation video game created by Backflip Studios for the iOS platform. It can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and played on the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad.

Total Rating: 7.40
Reviews: 5

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Review Archive

Post Date: 20:40 28-05-2015
Rating: 8
Author: LosmiK
Comment: DragonVale is a game about raising and collecting a huge number of different types of dragons, and in that it succeeds. Where you like your dragons cute and cuddly or large and ferocious, DragonVale has something to offer.

Post Date: 11:36 21-05-2014
Rating: 5
Author: ivekvv256
Comment: It's pretty simple game, but I don't like these kinds of games. I like to play those games for a few hours only, but after that I don't even remmember the game. I rate it 5/10 becouse it's somewheat booring.

Post Date: 23:43 18-01-2013
Rating: 8
Author: Mordekaiser
Comment: This game is good if you are into this cartoony type games its free form the apple store and can be played on the Ipod Touch iPhone and iPad great game if you are into it like i said the graphics are ok for a apple game

Post Date: 21:30 14-08-2012
Rating: 9
Author: Dmt_2000
Comment: This game is pretty cool if you like simulation games or apple app games it can be played on the iPod Touch iPhone and iPad and the best part is that its free

Post Date: 13:37 14-08-2012
Rating: 7
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: Your task in Dragonvale is to build settlements for dragons, and then make the tourists come. To increase your income, you must give your food dragons and get the dragons to breed. The more dragons you get the more settlements you need and so on. At first, you only have a single island to take care of, but eventually you get the opportunity to gain more islands. To make room for all buildings, decorations and roads need to clear away boulders and trees first. Dragonvale can be pretty addictive once you started to play it. The game can be fun to play when you are bored.

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