Dungeon Overlord

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Sinister Dungeon Overlords with a thirst for destruction. For those who find conquest to be more satisfying than farming, we present Dungeon Overlord™, the Facebook game where you build your realm with sinister minions to conquer the world. Dungeon Overlord lets you take command of legions of evil minions who will forge your powerful dungeon realm and expand your power. But keep your whip and gold handy, good hired help can be hard to find.

Total Rating: 7.00
Reviews: 1

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Post Date: 20:55 27-12-2012
Rating: 7
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: Dungeon Overlord is a very nice game. Its smth like facebook game Kingdoms of Camelot. This game draws his inspiration from old game Dungeons Keepers. If someone remember that game knows that we are evil overlord that must to build good defence in his dungeons. This game is the same idea of gameplay. But there is stmh new. We can go to other dungeons and try to conquer them :D Game gives big fun from play :) I recommande this game to everybody ;) I rate this production 7/10.

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