Dynasty Warriors Online

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Dynasty Warriors Online (DWO) is an action-oriented MMO tactical combat game, focusing on frenetic fighting and deadly showdowns against giant hordes on sprawling battlefields. Player-created characters interact with historical generals and warriors from China�s famous �Three Kingdoms� period. Choosing from a wide variety of weapons, players defend their allegiances to warring factions and battle online to determine who will conquer Ancient China.

Total Rating: 8.30
Reviews: 10

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Post Date: 13:40 09-07-2015
Rating: 9
Author: LosmiK
Comment: A fun game and a very solid, I like it.

Post Date: 22:54 28-08-2012
Rating: 8
Author: Dmt_2000
Comment: dYNASTY wARRIORS Online is a very fun game the graphics are good the story line is good there are alot of quests there is not much grinding tho there is still some but in total its a great game

Post Date: 13:27 28-08-2012
Rating: 9
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: Dynasty Warriors Online is a very fun MMO. It's very fun to play the console games but it's even better with the MMO. The graphics are very good. The characters are extremly detailed and the enviroments are well-made. There are many different characters and some of them (I think) actually existed in real life many years ago. It's really funny to keep killing even if you do it for a long time. In other words, you don't get tired of killing! A really fun game that can keep you busy for a really long time /at least if you like the game).

Post Date: 15:24 14-09-2011
Rating: 10
Author: Freezer123
Comment: This game is one of the best i ever played

Post Date: 16:20 11-06-2011
Rating: 5
Author: Vikeadyn
Comment: Fast paced action Fighter. Great animations. It is based around the medieval era. Best way to play DWO is with a game pad. (one with a built in cooling fan is a must) I love my keyboard mouse combo, but the game is so fast paced, the wrist, and finger fatigue comes quickly.

You have the ability to kill armies, that all attack you at once. It is not based on classes it is based on Lore of a particular faction. Also you build your character on a personality trait.

You do need to do tutorials, which are a little lengthy to get the feel of everything only because it is a little confusing for newbies, to get the feel of what they may confront in game, and how to successfuly reach their objectives. There are PvP Battlegrounds from captureing forts, to killing armies. You will cross paths many times with opposeing factions in these battlegrounds, so always keep your guard up for some PvP action at any giving time. The good thing is, Battlegrounds are level(rank)rated, and it is 4 vs 4 So you will not be overwhelmed or out ranked by those of opposing faction, also if the slots do not get filled by another player in the time limit giveing, a bot will be place in that empty slot. So Players are not stuck waiting to long to get in a battleground match.

The problem with DWO is, the UI is not top notch. For those that have big PC monitors, the game does not support Higher Resolution monitors. Alot of wasted space in towns that are blocked by invisible walls.

Another "Uniqueness" factor of DWO is honor battles. What I mean by this is a unique NPC that you have to fight. IE a whip weilder, hammer weilder, etc. If you beat them in battle, they will act as a pet to you and help you on your endevors. You will also be able to rename these NPC's. I think 8 is the max you can have, and you have the abilty to fire one to get another one. These NPC's are hiding through out the maps when questing or Battlegrounding, so be on the look out for them at all times. You better your chances of aquireing one of these NPC's in a Battleground match.

Rank=Level. There are no 1,2,3,4, etc levels. It works like millitary ranks. IE. corporal, seargent, liutenant, etc.

It is a must try. the only thing that turns me off about it is the item mall, again, tends to unbalance the game a little to much. Espesially the crafting portion, and stat building.

You also have the abilty to stat build your character, and weapon. The weapons act like an extra appendige in this game, it is important to build your exotic weapon the way your play style is.

Another thing that turns me off, is Time Limits on Every Quest. The higher your Rank the less time you have to complete a quest. If you do not finish the quest in the time limit given, it is a failed quest, and you have to do it all over from start to be able to unlock the next quests. There are no safe saves. You are in it to win. You either complete the quest, or you do not.

Post Date: 02:44 23-01-2011
Rating: 9
Author: groc50
Comment: a great fast paced game. you can kill hundreds in 10 minutes.good graphic's for a pc not great but the action makes up for that. in town is clunky and confusing till you get used to it but well worth a look if you want action

Post Date: 01:06 13-01-2011
Rating: 9
Author: Xavator
Comment: Dynasty Warrior is another great MMORPG from Aeria Games. DWO takes place in the asian medieval era, where the fast-paced and action-packed combat usually takes place. DWO was initially released in Japan only, but Aeria Games took the effort to host the game as well, and currently, many players around the world are able to experience some hack and slash action.

DWO boasts several features which deserves to be taken notice of;

Character Creation:

- Creating a character in DWO isn't complicated at all (like most MMORPGs) It's a very simple and straight-forward procedure and many players shouldn't have any confusion with the interface at all.

- One of the unique features in creating a character is that, you do not have to choose your class, but instead choose the origin of your character. This somewhat creates a lore and historicall background on the hero that you're about to create, which do not really affects the gameplay at all, but it certainly adds to the feel.

- After that, players will get to choose the personality of their characters such as Pasionate, Skilled, Individual and several more. Furthermore, each personality is branched out to seven more options eg: Wild, Selfish.

- Customising character appearance is prety simple. Players can edit their body size, face, face styles and hair style from a few choices. Other than that, players can also change their hair, eye and skin colour from a variety of colours.

- Character creation is concluded by choosing the faction you wish to join; Wei, Wu and Shu.


- Graphics are quite decent, not uberly awesome, but just above satisfactory. If you are someone who owns a wide screen monitor, be prepared to be disapointed a bit. Dthe maximum resolution you can set for DWO is 1280 x 1024 AND not to mention that it does not support windowed mode too. Which means, your characters will look all short and wide when you're playing.


- The tutorial is quite lengthy, and it takes the new players through a series of quest before actually putting you in the action.

- User interface is considerable, you will eventually find your way through with the icons and symbols. It's less confusing and the fonts are easy to read.

- The interesting thing about the questing system is that it takes place in instanced stages, where players must work together to capture bases throughtout the battlefield.

- This game being in a medieval Chinese Kung-Fu era simply adds to the coolness of the combat. As you may know or realise, in these era, you usually play the hero who could single-handedly massacre hundreds of AI controlled mobs trying to kill you.

- The PvP system of this game greatly reminds me of Savage 2, albeit it being in a Chinese Kung-Fu era. There are bases around the map and your objective is to lead your troops to capture them. The bases are usually protected by NPCs, but of course, certain heroes can take the role to stay back and defend, while his allies surge forward to conquer a base. Again, it's all about strategy.

- Another interesting thing to take not of is that, players obtain ranks as they participate more in battles, and no, you don't level up in this game. Stats are gained through your weapons, which upgrades faster the more you use it. (think of continuous training to be a master swordsman) the hacking and slashing are stringed by 2 buttons, normal attack and combo attack and with the help of the musou bar (obtained by killing enemies), there's never a dull moment in combat.

- If you're looking for an action packed MMORPG with great combat system and instanced quest, then DWO is the game for you. It portrays several unique features which you do not commonly see in other MMORPGs. Certainly a game to try out.

Post Date: 22:47 10-01-2011
Rating: 7
Author: Celtis
Comment: Not bad if you like console type action. DWO could be more fun with deeper gameplay.

Post Date: 07:44 02-01-2011
Rating: 9
Author: Valesoldier
Comment: Koei makers made Dynasty Warrior Online for players that play alot of Multiplayer Free Online Games.You can finally crate your own character and team up with few people to fight against people. You can even upgrade your weapon. Chat with others. They even have dyer for equipments and item malls. Ores to upgrade your weapon/armor. Gem to power up 1 of the stats for your weapon. I will give this Game a 9 out of 10.

Here one screenshot of the character profile

Post Date: 04:19 02-01-2011
Rating: 8
Author: WAR
Comment: I have been waiting for an MOG version of Dynasty Warriors ever since I played it on the PS2. Dynasty Warriors Online brings back those fond memories on my first PS2. This is a game where the action flows like water. The simplicity of mowing through enemies is fun as it should be. 8/10

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