Elona Shooter

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A chaotic shooter with RPG elements. Choose from 8 playable classes, train new skills, customize your weapons, develop your troops and survive, survive!

Total Rating: 6.60
Reviews: 10

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Review Archive

Post Date: 10:02 04-11-2014
Rating: 7
Author: paksupro4
Comment: this is good flash shooter/TD/RPG game.
point is to deffend your castle , you can upgrade your wepons and other thing .
nice game and 7/10

Post Date: 09:36 08-09-2014
Rating: 8
Author: arZ
Comment: Elona shooter is something like tower defense. At the begin you can pick one of the eight classes with different weapons and skills. The point in this game is to kill all enemy that want to come in the castle. Funny bud hard game.

Post Date: 21:21 16-02-2013
Rating: 6
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: This production is good example of good made def game. Game is very familiar to Castle Defense :) In game we need to protect our castle from all invaders that will attack us all the time. While castle will be defed we will be able to improve our weapons and even get new defenders to help us. Game is very good made and give big fun from playing :) I think this game is a good idea to spend some free time. I rate it 6/10 :)

Post Date: 00:47 06-01-2013
Rating: 7
Author: Mordekaiser
Comment: Great game its kinda like storm the house if you ask me i couldn't get passed level 13 its pretty hard but still fun graphics are well flash game graphics there is blood in it so beware also its harder then hell

Post Date: 21:52 19-10-2012
Rating: 7
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: Its nice for me :D Not to much real but nice :D 7/10

Post Date: 13:43 26-06-2011
Rating: 6
Author: KuroTsuna
Comment: it was okay.

Post Date: 05:49 24-03-2011
Rating: 6
Author: EcLuD
Comment: As this more or less .. the graphics are very poor and not very entertaining game to say .. 6 / 10

Post Date: 03:17 09-01-2011
Rating: 3
Author: Adrian
Comment: Fun little RPGish game, I was quite impressed by how much you can do in this game, classes are fun, just not enough weapons...

Post Date: 00:41 27-09-2010
Rating: 8
Author: RandomZ
Comment: Remember Storm The House? Yeap, another cool variation of it. But this time, you have many classes to choose and the awesome thing is that it's an RPG at the same time too. There are achievements and medals to unlock in the game as well

Post Date: 19:39 12-09-2010
Rating: 8
Author: anymotion
Comment: A really fun game. I love the classes, weapons, etc. It's a really fun game, and I would recommend it to anybody looking to play a quick flash game! I give this an 8/10

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