Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising

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Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising is an MMORPG in development by Heatwave Interactive. The game is set in the world of Ancient Rome, and combines historical elements and enemies with mythological ones. Players can select era-appropriate classes including Soldiers, Gladiators and Mystics, each of whom could align themselves with an Olympian god.

Total Rating: 6.40
Reviews: 5

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Post Date: 19:14 14-07-2015
Rating: 8
Author: LosmiK
Comment: I will keep this short and too the point. The game is good, and creative. I think anyone could enjoy it out of the box, however I do not know what max level will bring yet. For the price it is keeping me entertained, more than your average game. The one down side is it seems to be a *ninja* great game. No one knows how good it is because no one is playing it. I am, and I must say I am impressed with the gameplay I LOVE it, but the graphics, and audio need some work. Hence can't give it a 10, older graphics on a new game. But it is fun enough I don't care.

Post Date: 19:55 02-07-2014
Rating: 8
Author: FrendlyLeBlanc
Comment: On first look this game was amazing and apsolutly enjoyed in her... Aftere few days this game was so boring... Graph is not bad, story to and give one 8 for this game :)

Post Date: 22:59 21-10-2013
Rating: 7
Author: Mordekaiser
Comment: I thought the game was great for the first few minutes but after about 40 mins i started to get really bored and disappointed sure it was fun but just not the right type of game for me

Post Date: 18:46 17-08-2011
Rating: 7
Author: Webber
Comment: Would be more fun with more people. The combat is ok if not clunky at time. I still don't know how to get minions and the few people I saw were not helpful! Summary: Great idea that will not last due to low server pops. Gods and Heroes only needs one server!

Post Date: 06:41 20-12-2010
Rating: 2
Author: Jihashi
Comment: I have to say, GaH is right as far as an acronym, and never had an acrynym fit an MMO better than this one. Before I begin my rip appart assessment of this MMO, I would like to state first that the hype that it recieved was far more than it deserves, and the screenshots of the in game images don't even match up with what you actually see in game. Now for the short and the ugly.

The engine itself appears to have been borrowed from some older MMOs, as is evidenced from the constant nagging from the in game quest questionare that pops up everytime you finish a quest. I've seen something similar in another MMO. I'd mention the name, but it escapes me for the moment. I'm sure some of you have seen this before too. Either these guys are to busy coming up with ways to humiliate their boss Jackass style, or the in game bug report and feedback systems just don't work. Because I myself have submitted a month's worth of bug reports and feedback in less than ten minutes of playing. If rumor serves, then this game was dumped briefly for another, and then picked back up again. If that's true, then there should have been a bit more polish on it than what I've born witness to thus far. From here, I'll just seperate each point that I beta tested and evaluated.

-combat was sketchy at worst. There was no you bringing the mob to you. You had to constantly run right up to the target to initiate combat. The problem with that, is that it was never you that got the first hit. Which always resulted in you getting stunned whenever you fought a humanoid NPC. The lagtime between skills, the animation interrupts, and the inability to line up with the mob in mid fight left much to be desired. There was one point where I remained stunned and couldn't get out of it, while the mob beat up on my healer. After the mob was done with him, he turned to me and finished me off, again, still stunned and unable to move.

-graphics left much to be desired, as the shading at night was just terrible. It was so dark, you couldn't see any of the terrain features. All you could see was your character as it was run through the area, and stopping short when you ran into a tree. You could see the seems between where two sections of walls meet, and look straight through into the room inside the building. Inside the buildings there was at least one whole section of wall you could look through, not pass through, but look through. There was one area, a basement inside a farm house in fact. That looked incomplete. The ramp dropped you off suddenly, and all you could see were a few items floating in mid air below the world. Getting out was a chore as you couldn't get back up on the ramp, and you were forced to waste your teleport to get out again. When you log your character in for the first time, they appear balled. Even wearing and removing a helmet didn't seem to clear that up. Character detail also seemed to take a nose dive from creation to first log on. In short, you couldn't see your character's facial features. The graphics for the armor could use some improvement. Let's face it, the ancient Romans didn't wear a loincloth with their armor, and the "skirt" that served for their groin protection was alot closer together than what they have it.

-aesthetics and historical accuracy couldn't be more off than what I saw here. The bathhouse in the first city you come to had both male and female bathers in one bath area, and the bath area itself was right in the main room. If you will check your historical references, you will notice that the main area was just for social gathering, and not batheing. Men and women didn't share a cooed batheing area. Instead they each had their own seperate rooms for that. Men on one side, women on the other. Even in the poorest of cities this remained a true constant. I won't comment on the zombies beyond the fact that there weren't any in any of the mythologies. There were, however, skeletons and giant beasts and insects.

-story line was good, it at least gave you some sort of sence that for some reason you were a slave/prisoner on board a ship that ends up sinking. Even better is that your some sort of demi god. But that's about it. But while we're here, you only get to choose between two gods for each class out of the total eight that the game offers. So instead of choosing whichever you want, you were severely restricted. The gods that you could choose from weren't even Roman gods to start with, and fell way short of accuracy on that end. If the game was named Greece Rising, then it would have been more accurate.

-the settings options could have been better, as they did not persist between log times. Not even the skills you had set to your quickbar remained there. The UI, in general, at least didn't get in the way, well, didn't get in the way to much to say the least.

So, all in all this game still does have some potential. Provided these guys take their time and fix their product before release. As it is, so far it's looking like they're shooting for it to become pay per play judgeing from the initial character creation mumbo jumbo. Do I think that's a bad idea for them to go that route? Not really, the model the choose to launch with is up to the company. Wether they go pay to play, or free to play is up to the publisher in the long run. But, I digress and there I go with yet another tangent. I'm sure once they get things fixed, this game can prove to be a smash hit. But not without some improvements first.

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