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Helicopter Game has stood the test of time as the best free online Flash game in history. Its simplicity and highly addictive quality can\'t be matched. You earn a score based on the distance travelled, and that\'s what keeps you playing and saying "just one more game..." It\'s the perfect time waster.

Total Rating: 7.67
Reviews: 9

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Review Archive

Post Date: 10:25 27-08-2015
Rating: 8
Author: SulzYee
Comment: Really funny and cool game, in this game you control your helicopter, try avoid walls and everything that can make you fall... 8/10.

Post Date: 13:49 15-07-2014
Rating: 9
Author: Ckalja99
Comment: This is really cool game and my dad has it on his phone. I play it sometimes when we go o a trip .You need to fly as long as you can but you cant crash into walls . From me a nice 9 :)

Post Date: 20:37 26-05-2014
Rating: 9
Author: doca8
Comment: funny game

Post Date: 00:31 20-12-2013
Rating: 9
Author: keller07
Comment: I enjoy playing this game called Helicopter. You used to repeat the game again and again to master and beat the high score.

Post Date: 22:18 13-12-2013
Rating: 8
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: Halicopter is an arcade game that I actually do enjoy playing a lot. It's probably the game that entertains me the most, together with Robot Unicorn Attack, even though the game itself is one of the simplest games that I've tried, even among arcade and flash games. Just because it is easy to learn and play, it doesn't mean that the game itself is easy though. It might be easy to learn the rules, but it's definitely not as easy to actually get a good score in Helicopter.

As I said, the rules of Helicopter is easy. You control a helicopter, with your mouse. By pressing the left button on the mouse, the helicopter rises and by releasing the left button, the helicopter descends. It doesn't get any harder than that. By doing this you can control your helicopter in the small space that's available while avoiding walls to get as far as you can without crashing, or you will lose. The further you get, the higher score you will get. It sounds easy doesn't it? But it isn't.

The game itself is easy to learn to play, and personally, I find it to be very fun to play. I don't care about that it's a simple game. As long as it's fun it's enough for me. At the same time though, Helicopter can make you a bit frustrated sometimes. If you have set a goal that you want to reach, it can be very irritating if you fail many times. And sometimes the space to get past a wall can be very small, thus making it incredibly hard to pass. It have happened to me several times that I have crashed because of the small spaces, and it have made me frustrated so many times. But it's not just bad to get frustrating. Just because I became frustrated, it made me want to keep playing the game to finally get the score that I'm happy with. And when I finally reaches it, I become incredibly happy of some reason, even though it's just a game. This makes Helicopter to a quite addictive game to be honest.

There are many different games that are just like Helicopter, with the same rules and controls except that it might be something else instead of a helicopter. It's not surprising to see so many different games of a single game as this game is simply a classic. It might not be classified as classic as Pac-man or Tetris, but for me, this is actually more fun (although I'm not exactly a big fan of playing Pac-man since I hate being hunted by the ghosts xD).

My biggest problem with the game is actually also what makes the game challenging. The small spaces. Some spaces are just too small to get through. I'm not even sure if all of those spaces are even possible to get through. They small spaces can come anytime. It varies. Sometimes they can come very early in the game while in other games, they don't even appear. I think this makes it unfair if you are playing against someone else for example. But well, fortunately you can just play again if this happens. Although I'm not sure if that positive or not.

Well, to sum things up I think that Helicopter is a very fun arcade game that everyone can get a good score in. It doesn't matter how old or young you are. What matters is how skillful you are and also if you are lucky or not.

Post Date: 22:12 30-11-2013
Rating: 4
Author: El Monstro De Galleta
Comment: Classic game where you pilot your helicopter in a 2d scrolling world. It's actually a lot harder to control than I thought it would have been.

Post Date: 22:31 03-10-2013
Rating: 10
Author: ufbre
Comment: it s a very fun game but very hard to play
going-flying up and down with the helicopter
small game very interesting and very very hard to play.
good game i like it.
i rate it 10 :)

Post Date: 23:30 02-10-2013
Rating: 5
Author: Mordekaiser
Comment: I think all of us have played this in our life time at least once its just really classic its hard and fun at the same time u gotta keep beating ur own score and there is just no end i really enjoyed this game 10/10

Post Date: 13:32 16-07-2013
Rating: 7
Author: littlejoe
Comment: a fun game in which you pilot your helicopter around objects in your way. you move the helicopter by holding or releasing your left mouse button to fly higher or lower. some parts can get very tricky but you can always get through!

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