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Collect cute and unique pets by cloning the in-game monsters you come across throughout your journey. Your Pets become vital allies in battling powerful monsters along your path! Choose your main class, evolve your super powers with job evolutions, visit various towns and worlds, and meet new friends in this upcoming MMORPG.

Total Rating: 5.67
Reviews: 3

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Review Archive

Post Date: 09:59 13-01-2015
Rating: 6
Author: arZ
Comment: Heva cloni is a pen cloning game. Its someting like pokemon game but just with one pet, where the pet is unique and you need to evolve it and battle against other pets. Great MMorpg with a nice graphic. I rate the game with the note 6/10!

Post Date: 21:15 14-11-2013
Rating: 5
Author: redsmokeboy
Comment: As of right now unable get in game so far had no help get issue fixed seen many other's have issue so far no support on any fix to these issue! Rate game 5/10 50/50 as have not been able get in see game!

Over all from video and over look of game look fun, Do to lack of support and unable get in game leve at 5

Post Date: 22:10 07-11-2013
Rating: 6
Author: Kytsune
Comment: Heva Clonia is just out of beta and it's primarily directed towards an East Asian market--evidenced by the Korean voiceovers. As a game it's a little bit odd due to the different control scheme. Looking at the game it's got good artwork and a fair amount of work put into sounds; as well as a nice stretch of NPCs in the beginning. The game also focuses on pets (as clones) and a customization scheme permitting players to start with the same class and branch out.

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