Moon Cannon

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Defend planet earth against huge asteroids and alien ships. Use upgrades, satellites with laser weapons and energy shield to your aid.

Total Rating: 7.13
Reviews: 8

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Review Archive

Post Date: 22:13 11-11-2014
Rating: 8
Author: paksupro4
Comment: This is nice simple flash game . You need to defend Earth from faling asteroids, by shooting them before the hit the Earth. 8/10

Post Date: 07:12 15-09-2014
Rating: 7
Author: arZ
Comment: Moon canon is a simple flash game. The point in this game is to defend planet Earth from asteroids. You need to shoot down the asteroids before they hit the planet Earth. Easy game ... nice for relaxing. 7/10 is my rating for Moon Canon!

Post Date: 03:13 19-04-2013
Rating: 7
Author: FoxWMB
Comment: This is a simple game, in which player tries to protect the Earth that seems to be not very popular in space these days, as lots of asteroids and aliens decide to destroy it, all at the same time.

The controls of this game couldn't be simpler - left mouse button is for shooting, moving mouse around screen for aiming.

Objective of the game is to achieve highest score possible while surviving for 10 levels, each harder than the previous. The player loses in case Earth's population falls to 0 at any point.

In order to achieve this objective, player needs to shot down incoming enemies. There are 2 types of incoming enemies. Asteroids, that kill about 1 billion of population upon hitting the planet, and Alien spaceships, that gradually reduce the population with their lasers. Asteroids tend to vary from one another in their movement speed along with total life, while spaceships vary from one another in total life and number of weapons they posses

To help eliminate the enemies, player can purchase upgrades after every level, with the cash earned in previous level. Each killed asteroid and alien spaceship add to player's cash amount, along with total score of game.

There are 3 types of upgrades that player can purchase.
First type is the gun upgrades, where player can increase accuracy, movement speed, reload rate and damage potential of the gun.
Second type presents defense upgrades. There are two upgrades here, birth rate upgrade which improves the speed of Earth's re-population, and energy shield upgrade, which soaks up some damage dealt by asteroids and aliens.
Third type presents purchasable satellites, which automatically fire on any asteroid or alien within their range. Player can purchase 3 of these satellites, and upgrade each one of them, for greater damage potential and greater range.

In general, it's a wise strategy to balance upgrades and get a little bit of everything

Game also features 8 achievements, each giving player a bit more cash to use for upgrades. These achievements vary from killing a number of enemies, to max-upgrading shop items.

The soundtrack of the game is ok, some players will like it, some won't, but the important thing is game allows players to turn it off in case they dislike it.

Visually, the game is nothing special, it does look ok, but nothing impressive, and some things such as alien spaceships look way out of proportion, being bigger than the actual planet Earth.

Overall, this is not a bad game, and it ranks as one of the better mini-games out there, but it's not one of the best as well.

Current rating: 7 out of 10

Post Date: 16:20 12-02-2013
Rating: 7
Author: Mordekaiser
Comment: This game is very fun first thing i loved about this is all the upgrades i was like yep im completing this dont care how long its gonna take lots of weapons also its a very simple game after you do about 3 or 4 levels you will be an MLG pro for this game i rate it 7/10

Post Date: 10:05 27-10-2012
Rating: 7
Author: PolanWalker
Comment: Original defens game :) Great fun :) 7/10

Post Date: 11:53 23-06-2011
Rating: 7
Author: KuroTsuna
Comment: nice flash game with ships

Post Date: 12:29 30-03-2011
Rating: 6
Author: Adrian
Comment: Nice flash game, I like how you can upgrade your ships, buy different weapons...6/10.

Post Date: 05:19 09-02-2011
Rating: 8
Author: EcLuD
Comment: simple game, is to defend the earth in the meteor, you must destroy them and prevent an impact, every time leveled the one you get money to buy weapons etc etc improvements wing .. 8 / 10

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