Myth War II

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Myth War Online II is a large scale MMORPG based in the magical european middle age era. Four Classes of species exist, the Humans, the Centaurs, the Magicians and the Half Human Robots

Total Rating: 8.00
Reviews: 2

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Post Date: 21:56 06-08-2015
Rating: 8
Author: LosmiK
Comment: Solid game, not bad, I played it.

Post Date: 12:04 03-06-2012
Rating: 8
Author: Thedarkboy
Comment: Myth Wars II was a very pleasant surprise in my book. I had not expected this game to be so populated and flourishing in the state it is in, giving certain hope for gamers who enjoy classic MMORPGS. Despite the letdowns I have had while playing this game, I am still very satisfied with my experience in-game.

Gameplay: Firstly, I’d have to say I wasn’t exactly impressed by the gameplay style. I liked the combat portion of the game, being a unique style of turn based combat, but the movement was very bland and the skills weren’t as amazing as they were glorified on the MWII website. However, as I’ve said, the combat is pretty interesting in game. One has many skills to choose from, and if you include all the interesting summoning and shapeshifting features, battles can be really amusing. There are four different races in the game: Humans, Centaur, Mage, and Borg. With these races, you can already determine there is some unique value to this title. I had a lot of fun fighting everything I saw for a short while, though it soon became repetitive. I assume the gameplay doesn’t stay repetitive for long, as you keep gaining new skills and such.

Graphics: Undoubtedly, this is where the game gets easily judged or turned down. The graphics for this game are way behind the times, seeing as they were all based on the older title: Myth Wars. However, some people, such as myself, are attracted to the classical gaming style, rather than the realistic power-guzzling MMORPGS currently on the market. I enjoyed the game’s graphical style, but even I found the desire to see some sort of improvement in this field.

Sounds: The sound was way overdone. In fact, they had too much extra effects and misc. sounds, that I was highly annoyed in little time. What really got me was the looping of a bird that was chirping… On that note, the background music was actually well done for the most part. The battle theme is not very fitting with the game, but it is very fast-paced and adrenaline rushing, in a certain context. It quickly reminded me of classic console RPGs. Keeping the background music on, and disabling other sound is a good choice while playing this title.

Questing: Finally, a game where questing is actually an asset to the development of your character! There are so many quests types, that I was in awe. There are: leveling quests, guild race quests, treasure hunt quests, integral quests, class advancement quests, plot quests, deific title quests, and more. Most quests are not the generic kill xx and gather xx types, being much more elaborate and interesting to follow. The rewards are somewhat mediocre, but the true reward is the accomplishment (cheesy, I know). As a result of having so many different quest types, you will enjoy following the plot of the game, as well as you will love participating with your guild for some hefty rewards. All in all, seeing how I wasn’t so impressed with the movement and overall gameplay, I can sincerely say that the questing does make up for some of the game’s drawbacks.

I must admit, judging this game is very difficult. There is a pretty fine balance between the positive and negative aspects of this game, and therefore a strong standpoint cannot be addressed. If you enjoy classic gaming, or games such as Eudemons Online, or RedStone, you will most certainly love Myth Wars II (or maybe even Myth Wars)! If you are no fan of slower paced games and turn based MMORPGS, this game is simply not for you. I, personally, was impressed with the game.

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