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Ninja Saga is a casual ninja-themed web RPG in Japanese anime style. Experience the thrill and excitement which starts with the mission of an adolescent kid aspiring to learn the ways of the Ninja. Train intensively and increase your skills to challenge and conquer enemies and monsters in different villages; gain the experience, sharpen your techniques and challenge your friends in battles. Featuring 100+ animated ninja skills, world’s first real-time PvP; no installations, just a web browser and a flash player, and you can have the greatest challenge of a lifetime never to be forgotten!

Total Rating: 8.67
Reviews: 6

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Review Archive

Post Date: 19:34 06-05-2014
Rating: 7
Author: NeSsQQuiCk
Comment: This is Facebook game that seems like it is some kind of anime. In game you have daily missions that you can do to earn XP and Money. You can join clans and fight with others. You can even challenge your friends. The game is fun to play and you don't need to nolife it like some other RPG games

Post Date: 13:44 06-05-2014
Rating: 10
Author: ivekvv256
Comment: A cool game where you start by customizing your ninja. After that you start the game by completing missions and quests. You need to fight also to get gold with which you can upgrade your ninja and buy new things for him such as new clothes and weapons. I enjoyed playing it so 10/10 :)

Post Date: 18:45 30-04-2014
Rating: 10
Author: Frozen
Comment: Ninja saga is one awesome game! I still playing it and this game is based leveling ninja witch you get on start.First of all you will make your ninja (chose hair,skin colore,hair color...)Then you starting your first mision.When you finish mision you will earn gold and experience.When you earn experience you will make your ninja stronger when your ninja reach experience for this level for exemple (you get level 5 and now you reach experience for level 6) you will get level up! and your ninja getting stronger.golds do very important job in game.With them you buying skills witch make your ninja buying new clothes,new weapons,new potions and sccroles...all player are spawn in same village.
you have 10 different houses in the game: academy (you buying skills there) hunting house (you fight againts bosses there) recruit friend (you recruit firend there) mission room (you doing missions there) shop (you buying many of stuffs ther like weapons,chlothes,sccrols...) headquarters (there you chainging hair style for your ninja) Arena (there you can challenge your friends and live pvp and normal) battle (same as arena) pet shope (there you buy a pet when you reach a 20 level) clan (this is a organization where peoples fight with other clans and if is your clan in top 10 you will get nice rewards) talnet (this house you will get when you reach level 40 and there you buying special abilyties for your ninja).The max level in game is 80 for the next update they will add level have exeams for levels (20,40,60 and now will be added for 100).all thim you reach new level you will get one plus agility wiche make you faster in fight,plus 40 health and 40 chakra (chakra is using for casting abbylisties),all abbylties have game is also added tokens wiche is using for buying special weapons,chlothes,skills,hairs...
you only can buy tokens.There is a emblem too (it is like a special card for VIP players) it is using for making six chars,and all other like tokens.There is a five different type of skills (fire,wather,wind,earth,thunder) on start you choosing one of them :).when you reach level you get one point and you can add this on type you want.This is a nice rpg game and you can found it on facebook.The game is released on July 21, 2009.
Ninja Emblem
Ninja Emblem ($24.99 USD)
18,800 Tokens ($99.99 USD)
7,800 Tokens ($49.99 USD)
2,200 Tokens ($19.99 USD)
1,000 Tokens ($9.99 USD)
500 Tokens ($4.99 USD)
80 Tokens ($0.99 USD)
1,000,000 Gold ($99.99 USD)
250,000 Gold ($49.99 USD)
95,000 Gold ($19.99 USD)
37,500 Gold ($9.99 USD)
15,000 Gold ($4.99 USD)
2,500 Gold ($0.99 USD)
This is a price for ninja saga tokens,golds and emblem.
There is a also gifting center (where you can send a gift to your friend)you can also invite your friend for can to do a critical DMG which make your DMG stronger but there is only 5% chance to do it (but if you set point on thunder your chance will be higher) and that will be from me bye :)

Post Date: 16:17 30-04-2014
Rating: 7
Author: nikiwild
Comment: Ok, here we have a nice rpg game. Its about ninjas, something like naruto. I found this game on facebook, started playing it a lont time ago, and it became to me booring. Game is based on fighting, leveling, coop, and some other stuff. Game is free to play. You need to make points to buy cool swords, hats, panths, shirts, gloves and other things. You need to buy magics too, every level new magic i unlocked. Game was developed by emagist entertainment limited game is really old, but i dont know how, i dont know when it is made, and released online. Its a social game, online, and it cant be played offline. Game requires a normal pc for not lagging, and plus a good network. Otherwise u will have problems, and u dont want when u play this game to have lags. Sound in this game is not really good, because every thing is the same. Every character has same sounds, every spell has same sounds, nothing is changing, even every monster u are fighting, he is never changing sounds. Game has nice background music. It is really relaxing. When you are in the menu. When u are in a fight, some background action music is on, it really put you up fire while fighting, you make yourself alive and more stronger. Graphics, are i can say normal, nothing special, nothing bad. You can make your own character, and select his clothes. They have put a lot of hard work in graphics, but, u cant make a good game online, that does not require a download, that is a fact. So if u are looking for a online game that has good graphics, u will not be able to find it as easy as u think. Gameplay, first of all u need to make a character, that you want. Dress him like you want, clothies, panths, shirt, head, any thing u want. Next u will need to choos what u are gonna be, water ninja, fire ninja, earth ninja, wind ninja, or elecrtic ninja, and some more i cant remember them. When u choose that you will be given a spell from that kind. Then before u go on a real mission u need to fight against dummys, some kind of a practise. Then u are going on a real mission. U are starting with grade C, these are the lowes missions, kill some robber, muggler, and these kinda things, then there is B grade missions, little better then the previous one, and there is A grade missins, the hardest missions, and really interesting. In this game there are specil events, arena combat, and more things. It is reptty interesting, but for every thing u need to have lvl, you need to do a lot of missions to get to grade A. Its more fun to play with friends, u can invite them to your clan, and then u can together go on missions, that is much easyer than to go alone. This was my review of tis game hope you enjoyed.

Post Date: 08:12 30-04-2014
Rating: 9
Author: Aki013
Comment: Ninja saga is anime RPG web game.Its really good you can do a lot of stuff in this game.First you need to train with dummy, than go in missions.
You have missions A grade-the best misions
B grade-lower missions than A but still good
C-this is the lowest misions for begin and farm
Special event-this is the specila missions where you get special stuffs..


You can chose:

Fire-high DMG, can set burn...
Storm-lower DMG than fire but still high DMG, but there you good stuns
Earth-earth is for stuns and for your barier , its not for making DMG
Water- you use water element to heal yourself and your team if you recrut some1
Wind- lowest dmg in game, but wind can blind someone and than he can't attack you 3 turns or more,he miss every attack.

You can also duel with your friends,you can buy special weapons and armor.You can buy scrools too,for escaping ,smoke boomb...
You can go in Hunters House to fight with big monsters..
You can buy pets who help you in fights.

If you want to be premium buy emblem with emblem you good speical stuffs.

I like this game , but it can be bored so fast so my grade is 9/10

Post Date: 07:12 21-05-2011
Rating: 9
Author: sasuke24
Comment: One of my favorite game to play. I recommended everyone to try this adventurous game.

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