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Hi all!\n\nNovaGame; with the logic of space battles, has many features that you can not see anywhere else.\n\nThe purpose; present to you a game which has less rule for easier and wider insightful. All of our systems are completely automatic together with our stuff supports to users in the same day.\n\nSome game features:\n\n1- World\'s most improved browserbased game message system,\n2- The first time in the world, special language supported in-game forum,\n3- Almost a ruleless game,\n4- Developing systems day by day,\n5- English, German, Turkish language support,\n6- Connection and battle with all nation\'s player,\n\nand many more original innovations offer you an entertaining environment.\n\nStructurally, NovaGame\'s biggest feature is having a system which provides new users can catch the old users if they devote their times.\n\nNovaGame is not complex, you can be sure. In a very short time, you can learn game and savor the world\'s most special browser-based simulation space game. Do not forget that;

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