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Move Q*bert between the squares by jumping about avoiding the bad guys. Q*bert is a orange critter with a large nose. This game was one of the earliest puzle games and was largely successful on the apple.

Total Rating: 9.00
Reviews: 3

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Review Archive

Post Date: 09:42 26-08-2014
Rating: 9
Author: arZ
Comment: Qbert is an old classic arcade logic game. First version from Qbert was created for Atari. Our hero Qbert is moving in, something like a pyramid maze. Its not a simple game moving from A to B like the standard classic games,
and that is so unique in this game and unique is equal fun.

You are controlling a Qbert simple with a keyboard arrows (up, down, right, left). Qbert is a red strange looking creature with a big nose. Strange like Pac Man,
no one knows what is it.I really dont know what kind of monster he is, but I would say its an alien. So the point in this game is to jump over the squares to change the target colour avoiding the jumping purple snake, purple and red balls. The purple ball transform to the snake when it reach the bottom of the pyramid. After the ball transform
to a snake the snake is chasing our small red hero. Red balls are jumping randomly to the bottom of the pyramid but hey cant come back. Try to stay on the pyramid platform. Dont fall out of the pyramid or you lose a life.
Controlling Qbert is really tricky you need to try it two-three times to know what I am talking about and to learn the tricky controlling. On the both sides of the pyramid platform are two flying desks. Use the flying decks
to bring Qbert back on the top of the field. You can use the flying decks to bring the purple jumping snake to the death by a tricky jump before the snake catch you. After you change all the target colours you are going to the next level that is much harder. The snake is faster and
they are more balls on the field. In the early levels the changed colour will be locked, but in some levels the colour will be changed every time our red hero with a funny nose jump on the cube. That is the point when the game starts and it is really hard and tricky to play. Dodging the enemies and changing the colour of the cubes at the same time will be not so easy. But they are some helpful tools, like that flying decks and sometimes a green ball is dropping randomly from the sky to freez the enemy red balls for a few second, helps but brings not much. You need to be really fast and smart. After every level you get some bonus points and after 8000 and 14000 points you get an extra life. One more life, one more try and more fun :)

Pros: Its really interesting tricky game. You really need to think smart and be really fast to get to the next level. Fast and smart reaction is a must in this game.

Cont: Graphic, but its a really old game. I really dont like the controlling. You need to play two-three practice game to check the controlling and jumping from Qbert.

Tips: Simply move fast as possible on the field in the first level. This method will be useless in the harder level.
Its about strategy. Always leave two choices of movement when the enemy is near you. Never underrest the speed of the snake or the balls!

I recommended this game. I can play it over and over again. For so simple game Qbert can be a challenge! Who need a challenge Qbert is a game for him and its a lot of funny playing this game! My rating for this game is 9/10!

Post Date: 14:28 05-06-2014
Rating: 10
Author: 420Hairlyman
Comment: Really nice classic flash game. The goal of the game is to jump on given square and change its colour. There are lots of really funny levels in this game and its probably one of the most interesting classic games ever. Thats why I'll rate it with max points.

Post Date: 22:23 25-05-2014
Rating: 8
Author: Mordekaiser
Comment: good classic game cant say its one of my favs though i much prefer pac man and mario myself but this is still a great classic game nonetheless :)

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